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when can we expect a full release on Steam? and have you already been Greenlit? or you reeleasing after Greenlight is shut down, and just paying the fee?

Created a new topic Amazing little game.

i love it. bring on the steam release. nao pls.


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actually, i hadn't even purchased it yet. was waiting until i get paid this week coming up. was just playing the demo before lol. so, thanks!
im going to donate anyway.

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lmao@the anger in here from people who cant figure the game out... git gud IQz

would love to see more development on it...

also would love to see some online multiplayer through SteamCloud... that would be legit..

Created a new topic Steam release?

Will you ever be attempting to put this game on Steam? I am going to purchase it regardless, love the feel of the driving in this game... but i would love even more ot have this in my Steam library...

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i agree with the statement that the video does not do the game justice...

i seen this one IndieGameStand... and i love top down racing games, so i checked it out...
and by watching the youtube video attached, i almost just ignored the game, because it looked EXTREMELY slow for a racing game...
but being there was a demo attached i decided to give it a go anyway... and i'm glad i did...turns out it isn't exactly slow driving, but more that the off-road physics are realistic...
im about to purchase it now... for .99 cents this purchase is a no brainer... im hoping to one day see this game on Steam...but i can't seem to find a Greenlight page or anything else like it, so im guessing you have no plans for that...but oh well... i'll still buy it as is... which is a rarity for me...i tend to stick to games that can be installed through Steam or similar platforms...

so congrats on making a quality game, i wouldn't waste my time with a small indie that is not free otherwise...

so this is your favorite genre as well then, huh??

any suggestions for me?? whether free or retail games, makes no difference... always looking for more to add to my collection.,..

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this is without a doubt a REALLY GREAT game. im a huge fan of top down/isometric view shooters/hack'n'slashers....ESPECIALLY with RPG elements, or rogue-likes...

ive been scouring itch.io and gamejolt for freebies that fit that criteria lately.. this is definitely one of the best ive come across yet... cannot wait to see a full finished product...would most definitely pay my hard earned money for this game... just went and gave you a greenlight vote... cant believe this isnt already Greenlit...

only one thing i couldf say could use some work in this game... the movement feels a little odd...i guess its more the way the animations responds to your input but... thats a tiny issue...and not something that ruins the game in any way...

keep up the great work... will be following your development closely... i have a hard on for this one...

awesome, thanks.

you really missed an opportunity here for punage.
Disorient on the MURDER EXPRESS????
the joke made itself here...
Disorient on the Orient Express.

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i cant seem to get the download to start, from either mirror. which really sucks, because this looks amazing. its hard to believe something looking this great is an itch.io freebie.