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Dirty Trucks 4x4 2

Local multiplayer isometric racing game (4 players). · By LoneWolf E.I


A topic by tito76 created Feb 02, 2017 Views: 233 Replies: 4
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Tried the demo and, well... you should remove the youtube video! The game is totally different than appearances.. really great offroad driving feel (appreciable with analog steering only), very addicting and (I can't believe what I'm writing) better than the arcade gem SuperOffRoad!

A question: it's a problem to make a win32 build?

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"Tried the demo and, well... you should remove the youtube video!"

You say the video doesn't make justice? :)

It's true, the potential of the game is on the vehicle driving experience and the video can't tell that. But i hope gamers will give the demo a go. I'm very glad you liked it. i beleave you are the first official play outside the testing subjects :) Make sure you play it multiplayer with friends some day as it's even more fun. The AI needs to improve a bit more before it can make a real challenge to a skilled gamer.

Was it complicated to install / configure controls?

"A question: it's a problem to make a win32 build?"

Not a problem, will add a win32 version.


i agree with the statement that the video does not do the game justice...

i seen this one IndieGameStand... and i love top down racing games, so i checked it out...
and by watching the youtube video attached, i almost just ignored the game, because it looked EXTREMELY slow for a racing game...
but being there was a demo attached i decided to give it a go anyway... and i'm glad i did...turns out it isn't exactly slow driving, but more that the off-road physics are realistic...
im about to purchase it now... for .99 cents this purchase is a no brainer... im hoping to one day see this game on Steam...but i can't seem to find a Greenlight page or anything else like it, so im guessing you have no plans for that...but oh well... i'll still buy it as is... which is a rarity for me...i tend to stick to games that can be installed through Steam or similar platforms...

so congrats on making a quality game, i wouldn't waste my time with a small indie that is not free otherwise...


Ops i just made it free, hope  at least those .99 cents were worth. I agree with the fact that it needs to get to Steam, but for now i need to be able to generate more art content for it and as a programmer that is a tad difficult. But the idea is to have it on Steam Greenlight some time "soon".

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actually, i hadn't even purchased it yet. was waiting until i get paid this week coming up. was just playing the demo before lol. so, thanks!
im going to donate anyway.