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32bit please? :P

32bit please? :P

Please add "Y" gamepad to jump, tnx! The game works on XP, keep it up! :)

data folder? :)

I'm ready!

What about to make the ball bouncing angle like in the Arkanoid games? (eg: hitting to the extreme left, it should go quiet horizontally to the left)

Another way is to make the players circulars, so can be use the physics. :P

32bit please? :P

Please support WinXP!

The best way is to compile with UnityPlayer.dll v2017.2

Ti informo che da WinXP non parte, e giocato su Win7 da macchina virtuale è troppo velocizzato.

Xbox controllers connected.
Nothing happen when click "Start" or "Practice".

Tested on WinXP 64bit.

Uh, can you add a 32bit build, please? (always compiled with UnityPlayer.dll 2017.2 to keep WinXP compatibility).

Uh! A little favor: do not change the game coding asset, otherwise it will be not more WinXP compatible. Tnx <3

The rooms looks grey screens on WinXP,  can't see anything... if you are interested to fix it, a 32bit build is welcome too.. thanx! :P

32bit please? <3

Lastest UnityPlayer.dll WinXP compatible is the v2017.2.0.56737 :(

Anyway i noticed that all new games compiled without adding UnityPlayer.dll works on WinXP.

My best controls system opinion is: Up to jump, A to dash.

At least, can you add "RB" (better whith rapidfire) to dash, please?

Download? :)

FACEOFF! community · Created a new topic Download

Missing Data folder? Can you make it 32bit (or a separate build)?

No WinXP... what a mess! :|

I'd like to play on WinXP!

32bit please? :P

awesome thaaaaaaanks! :D

directx 9 compatible?

data folder please? :)

Thanx for the new build, but the crash persist. I've also tried with older gfx drivers. :\

If you are interested in a last attempt, maybe you can add a lower gfx quality option without blur/HDR/antialiasing. Anyway congrats for the game, i don't like Snake, but this concept is cool! :)

Stuck at animated loading screen on WinXP. If it will be fixed, please support 32bit! :P

I can't play WebGL, can you add a 32bit downloadable, please? :P

If you are interested to try more, I've noticed that all Unity games works for me if the file UnityPlayer.dll is missing.

Again theese fixes gives to me a Kerner error, but tnx anyway :)

Thanks a lot! Again for this kink of fix i get "not a valid 32bit app" (also on XP 64bit virtual machine), maybe it's an hardware issue but my GFX card supports OpenGL4 and the driver is updated: ...I'll give you another feedback about the game if will be solved. Thanks again :)

32bit please? :P

Please support WinXP! (32bit better) :P

  • set WindowsPlatform.SupportWindowsXP to true in UnrealBuildTool, and edit your project's settings to enable OpenGL shader support.
  • When running on Windows XP, OpenGL is automatically used instead of DirectX 11 for rendering

WinXP fix please? :P

Yuppyyyy!!!!! But the bar is ugly and the player will never look at it because is immersed in the action, better a red gradient of the ship :P

3: this can be applyed without bars,  by making the ship (or the frontal part where are the cannons) become gradually red.
I'd like it becouse adds a lot of strategy (evade, plan the attack according to enemy positition etc), instead of holding shoot all the time without a reason to stop it (quite boring! :P).

This feature has no need to be invasive or ruin the frenzy: the max overheat could be reached after 10 secs, where the cannon can always shoot 5 bullets per second, and a full refresh can take 2 secs.

3 for me :P

1. a 32bit build
2. shooting with r-stick without RT
3. overheat shoot system: more time the fire pressed, bullets frequency will low down.

Nice game Commander! ...sharing free games is much more funny ;)

Tried with mouse becouse Xbox controllers do not respond xD
Tested with 3 connected, with 2 and 1 :\

Just tried to redefine axis and buttons from launcher, also cleaning regkey HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DefaultCompany\Godcano
...still no luck. Tnx anyway :)

Tested on WinXP and Win7, Start button doesn't work (it flashes but nothing else)