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Please add a 32bit build if it is not! :P

A downloadable build, please? (WebGL is not XP compatible)

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Damn crappy world :P ... Anyway, if you care, can be fixed it by compiling with the last XP compatible Godot build? Also I found this about HexaFixel:


Not XP compatible :(

Funny! Played on 64bit virtual machine, but can you add a 32bit build one, please?

Not XP compatible :(

a Win32bit build, please? :P

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Can't play on Windows XP... if you can, please add a 32bit build, tnx :)

Now the game works, dunno why. Instead of mouse I preferred  a simple key that attack in the direction where is moving at the moment of press. Maybe you can add an option like it? Hey... hands down from my XP workstation!!!! :D

Created a new topic Loading

I have long time loading on Win XP 64bit (it's a virtual machine, but all other games works at full speed like my actual XP 32bit). In menu I choosed "Training", the screen says "loading", the (beautiful) song gets over after a few minutes, the clock continues to animate, and I surrended after 10 minutes :\

Yes! Now the arena size is perfect. I've got 2 ideas:

1. More bouncing force for arena and survival.

2. In arena mode, the player that stand at the centre without take risks can easy win. The solution is to change the aim of the game: unlimited lives and 1 point for the player that knock out a rival. The winner is the fist who reach 5 (eg) points or also, if you like, who get the highest score after a limited time. In case, just remember to include score draws possibilities or else, because 2 or more players can knock out the some rival at the some time. Dunno what is the best choice about all this, but the score system is important. Agree? :P

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Tnx, this v0.8.1 works (for your interest, the GameJolt version worked also for me). The game is fun! There is a bug in Arena mode when selecting 4 players... see what happens by yourself :) ... A favor: Can you add a size selectable option for the arenas? I think that a smaller size can make the dynamics more fast, strategic, and intensive :P

Can you add a 32bit build, please?

Can you add a 32bit build, please? :P

Ok but I don't want to downgrade my XP workstation with that crappy new ones, better to wait for ReactOS. The game says "it's not a valid Win32 app" that sounds like a kernel compatibility problem. It's too tedius to compile the game by another language code like Unity? Btw thanks, and remember: XP is the true actual OS, until ReactOS ;) https://www.reactos.org/

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Limited ammo is the best choice for this kind of games, and the arrows idea is very good! :D ...OK, now the bad: the first gamepad (4th becouse in Unity the order is reversed) control all the chars together, all other gamepads doesn't work. Please add "Y" to jump, so it can be played with Y and B buttons (I play with jump button at the top, covering both buttons with the thumb). Jump should be on the top, it's logical, I can't understand why the world won't correct this trend (???). If the gamepads give some difficulty to fix, you can consider to disable them, and make 4 layouts keyboard, so it can be played via Xpadder. Tnx n cheers :)

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Not XP compatible :(

A downloadable build, please? (webgl is not XP compatible) :P

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Hi :)

I have a suggestion about the punches to make the game more interesting and challenging: max 1 punch at once on screen. If you don't like the idea, can you add this as an option, please? Also rapidfire should be a good thing for this. And some for the prequel "Super Fist Dude", please! :)

Can you add a 32bit build, please?

Some here, I think that an option to disable gfx filter effect could solve this issue.

Aaaah, beautiful...

A fullscreen option is planned? I'd like to play at 1920x1080 on my 42 inc TV! :)

Issue: this is a selfextractor that run the homonym "gzone.exe" located in the %TEMP% folder. The problem is that sometimes the game window opens and closes in loop at the first screen (it's necessary to kill the launcher from TaskManager to stop it all). No issues instead when launching the game from the "real" exe. All the other previous builds (the old CartoonF1, F1Spain and F1Urban) worked fine.

32bit build, please?

Hi, please don't forget to add downloadable builds, so we XP users can play! There is a weblink page for downloads?

Trouble! Not XP compatible!!! D:

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Tested... the problem persist. BTW I noticed that the steer input is digital, not analog! In that case the right deadzone value is 40%. So, actually, is perfectly playable via Xpadder.

PS: I'm praying for the sideview cam, no need to make it a fullscreen fixed size, but neither too close.... oh pleaseee :3

Please, can you make the game XP compatible too? https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/UnrealBuildSystem/Configura...

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This game is fun and the concept is good! :)

I have 2 wishes: the first, a less brightness backdrop; the second, keep throwing while the button is hold down.

A 32bit build, please? I played it on 64bit virtual machine, it's very difficult but fun :D

To clarify, the second favor description is my request of an extra selectable control mode, the inputs works well!

Hi! An XP compatibility solution planned? Controls are editable? Because I'd like jump button in top position instead of bottom, usually I play with  Y=jump B=action A=special RB=dash LB=defend (or better, when the game permit Jump by moving up, then X=action A=special.

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A dark theme with light contrast for eyesaving will be apreciated! Anyway thanks for the sweet game :)

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Nooooo please!! XD ..it's a simple option to add a cam view! I agree, it lose in action, but gain in comfort and strategy. And who like me plays on big a screen (mine is 42inches) is not a problem. Here why I care about it, maybe you know Punaball, the Turbo Sliders mod:

Sorry but english is not my native idioma (i'm from Italy) :P ...I try to explain better the favor 2:

In another words, when accel+brake button are pressed, the brake input becomes the handbrake input.

As result, Accel+Brake becomes Accel+Handbrake.

Edit: becouse in your game is important to see the heightness, the cam can be positioned at sideview, like PES and FIFA style...

reupload please? :P

Game is gone? Reupload, please? :P

Data folder download missing! :)

A 32bit build, please? :P

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Finally a Rocket League clone without that studid flips! :D ...and this is very well coded! Just some notes here...

Gamepad issue 1: no deadzone (impossible to go straight forward), usually 10% is good.

Gamepad issue 2: Due to crappy Unity, gamepad IDs are reversed (1P=Gamepad4, 2P=3, 3P=2, 4P=1). If it can't be fixed, can you make a gamepad number selection in controls menu?

Favor 1: can you add a full size fixed top view? If yes, don't forget to disable split screen in multiplayer. :P

Favor 2: an option to activate handbrake instead of brake when accel+brake buttons are pressed.

Thank youuu! :)

windows precompiled exe please? (source only in the zip)

Damn good game... also the gameplay is perfect. Is worth to add AI. :)

PS: the games on your website are not downloadable (click make no effect).