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32bit build, please?

Hi, please don't forget to add downloadable builds, so we XP users can play! There is a weblink page for downloads?

Trouble! Not XP compatible!!! D:

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Tested... the problem persist. BTW I noticed that the steer input is digital, not analog! In that case the right deadzone value is 40%. So, actually, is perfectly playable via Xpadder.

PS: I'm praying for the sideview cam, no need to make it a fullscreen fixed size, but neither too close.... oh pleaseee :3

Please, can you make the game XP compatible too? https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/UnrealBuildSystem/Configura...

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This game is fun and the concept is good! :)

I have 2 wishes: the first, a less brightness backdrop; the second, keep throwing while the button is hold down.

A 32bit build, please? I played it on 64bit virtual machine, it's very difficult but fun :D

To clarify, the second favor description is my request of an extra selectable control mode, the inputs works well!

Hi! An XP compatibility solution planned? Controls are editable? Because I'd like jump button in top position instead of bottom, usually I play with  Y=jump B=action A=special RB=dash LB=defend (or better, when the game permit Jump by moving up, then X=action A=special.

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A dark theme with light contrast for eyesaving will be apreciated! Anyway thanks for the sweet game :)

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Nooooo please!! XD ..it's a simple option to add a cam view! I agree, it lose in action, but gain in comfort and strategy. And who like me plays on big a screen (mine is 42inches) is not a problem. Here why I care about it, maybe you know Punaball, the Turbo Sliders mod:

Sorry but english is not my native idioma (i'm from Italy) :P ...I try to explain better the favor 2:

In another words, when accel+brake button are pressed, the brake input becomes the handbrake input.

As result, Accel+Brake becomes Accel+Handbrake.

Edit: becouse in your game is important to see the heightness, the cam can be positioned at sideview, like PES and FIFA style...

reupload please? :P

Game is gone? Reupload, please? :P

Data folder download missing! :)

A 32bit build, please? :P

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Finally a Rocket League clone without that studid flips! :D ...and this is very well coded! Just some notes here...

Gamepad issue 1: no deadzone (impossible to go straight forward), usually 10% is good.

Gamepad issue 2: Due to crappy Unity, gamepad IDs are reversed (1P=Gamepad4, 2P=3, 3P=2, 4P=1). If it can't be fixed, can you make a gamepad number selection in controls menu?

Favor 1: can you add a full size fixed top view? If yes, don't forget to disable split screen in multiplayer. :P

Favor 2: an option to activate handbrake instead of brake when accel+brake buttons are pressed.

Thank youuu! :)

windows precompiled exe please? (source only in the zip)

Damn good game... also the gameplay is perfect. Is worth to add AI. :)

PS: the games on your website are not downloadable (click make no effect).

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Thanks man! btw is not xp compatible whitout that coding mod :\ ...you hate meee! XD

An option for smaller pitch size? Because often the action is focused at midfield, and goals are too distant to reach. BTW, great control system and fun!

ahah, quit living under present commercial rubbish chaotic scams, XP is the still pont of reference until ReactOS: http://reactos.org/

Also thanks if you like to make the game XP compatible! :) https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/UnrealBuildSystem/Configura...

a 32bit build, please? :P

Tnx :) I think it need VSync and gameplay fixes: Jumping horizontal speed and walking speed should be the same. Gamepad buttons: X=Shot, A=Drink.

Data folder download missing :)

Tnx man :) ...meanwhile i want to contribute with a suggestion: to add a "free" mode, where the players can move within own half pitch. This would be better then "air hockey", because the goal cannot be covered (yes, all airhockey games are wrong!). Based on this, should be non too difficult to add a 2v2 mode also? Players could be placed alternately in 4 limited sectors, and like in the original Pong soccer mode, the ball bypass the striker players:

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nope... just tried on 64bit by virtual machine, but the massage is the same (other games have the some behavior too). On vm i still play many other games, some of them also declared non xp compatible as well. If your game is coded under unreal engine 4, this seems to be the solution: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/UnrealBuildSystem/Configura... ...in any case, really thanks for your time :)

is the game still alive? can't see anything... maybe becouse some pico8 game are not XP compatible... in this case, can you make a downloadable build, please?

can you make an XP compatible build, please? https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/UnrealBuildSystem/Configura...

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Uh, sorry for the delay :P ..Yes I have all netfs compatible versions for xp installed (from v1.1 to v4extended), plus all other runtimes like visualc, xna etc. The error, instantly on double click, say that it's "not a valid win32 application". For my knowledge, it depend by the kind of the engine code.

downloadable build, please? webgl don't like windows xp :P

eheh, the main clue is the accel+up control method, the confirm is the fuel :) I didn't know about game ports, i'll go to find out...

Question time: In RallyBike, the fuel is the time, so there is no strategy to preserve fuel by using less or more the "+up" movement. But in your game how it works? because i've configured the gamepad (via the xpadder prog) with accel+up in a single button, and i'm afraid to consume more fuel :P

can you make it XP comptatible, please? also in 32bit, if it's not too mutch annoying! :) https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/UnrealBuildSystem/Configura...

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Fun, challenging, variegate, well coded and better than the similar arcade RallyBike that is ruined by too mutch high game speed :)

A downloadable build, please? WeGL is not XP compatible :\

Created a new topic Gameplay

Sexy look! but, where is the difficulty? :) it's all about hold down the accel button (only very few curves need to release it just a moment). hope you will fix it! if you need more inspiration, here is Turbo Cars (actually the best slot game) http://www.freegamearchive.com...

funny :) multiplayer planned?

I did't noticed the correlation about camera POV and attack.. well, it that case you're right on all. Really good exhausting explanation, no doubts anymore. You are very smart and I'm in totally in your hands! :)

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True, with left/right you can decide to slash from 2 directions.

For cam I was thinking to centre focus it on the enemy when LClick is hold down, or auto focusing on the nearest enemy.

My perplexity about extra moves is only about the risk to lose the natural feeling gived by the simplified handy control. Here becouse I proposed to use the mouse like handle a sword and use Space to defend.. BTW I thrust on your choices, thanks a lot for your patience! :P