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Yep, but Windows XP only is compatible with my titanic portable games collection!


I see. Unfortunately I do not plan to support XP, as even Microsoft dropped support for it in 2014. 


Agree, but a 32bit build should be enough to play on my XP.

Forgive me for being blunt but, you need to get the fuck off the internet if you're still using WinXP.  Your computer is likely already compromised and used to commit cyberattacks against others even while you're completely unaware of it.  It doesn't matter if you have the latest patches or whatever, WinXP by design is broken and not suitable for internet activity of any kind.

If money is an issue, grab Linux Mint and use WINE or PlayOnLinux to play games.  Steam also has their own version of WINE that is more compatible with certain games so if you install Steam then you can play games with that as well.

TLDR:  Upgrade your OS by whatever means necessary or GTFO the net.  32-bit is dead and asking indie devs to cater to your outdated hardware that actively hurts EVERYONE on the internet is not required.