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Thanks for reporting it. I'll make sure it's fixed in an update.

Glad you got it working!

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You are not annoying at all. I really want to get to the bottom of what is going on. By the way, I actually found some nasty bugs with the config and will upload a new version shortly.

As said I do not know. There has been many many changes between the demo and v1.2. I think the only way for me to fix it is if I can reproduce it myself. You said the game runs too fast, which doesn't make much sense to me as there are both options to enable vsync (which should sync to your monitor refresh rate at the vary least), and to lock the frame rate to 60 fps, and both are on per default now.

If you press F1 in game you will get a debug overlay that will show information about FPS, UPS (updates per second), RAM usage etc. Perhaps you can try to get it to show. FPS and UPS should be 60 normally.

I honestly do not know what is going on on your machine. But I've uploaded a new version with an engine update, which changes the way the game loop is handled to get a smoother refresh rate, and it has support to lock the frame rate (on per default). Might solve things for you.

The file is called DeathStrike.conf and is next to the executable.

I see. That is a pretty old CPU, and I do not even have anything that old that I can test with. Anyway, I've uploaded a new version that contains a config file for the game where you can tweak things, like testing with OpenGL instead of DX10, or windowed mode. 

Sad to hear that. It would of course be interesting to know what kind of specs you have.

You got it working, nice! And I'm happy you seem to enjoy it as well.

Interesting. Could be a focus issue. If you add command line parameter –native it runs in windowed mode with the native resolution. It's not a great experience as the resolution is so small, but at least you can try to focus the window and see if that fixes the input.

I've uploaded yet another build that should output more diagnostics in the error window. At the moment I do not really know what the problem is and have been unable to reproduce it I'm afraid.

I've uploaded a new build that prints a little bit more on errors. If you want to try that, perhaps I can understand what is going on. Also the log file will also print other useful information that can help, such as graphics card vendor.

That is a pitty. If you can share the exact message of the box, or the content of the log file next to the exe, it would help. Thanks!

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Glad you enjoyed it! All games I make is just a small hobby thing I do on my spare time, so I have no plans on ever charging for it.

Well Aseprite is only for the graphics when I do my pixel art,  the actual engine itself is made by me, and it depends on very little.  The reason for going with my own engine is that it's a lot of fun to make things yourself, and I want to program in C++ so Unity and the likes have never really interested me. My current engine is somewhat similar to Unity, but made for 2D pixel perfect graphics and allows you to do all your work in C++, even scripts, which is awesome.

I started a Linux port of the engine some time ago, and got pretty far, but then I kind of lost interest and felt it was better to continue making the actual game instead, so I put it on hold. It's definitely something I want to do at some point in the future, especially so I can get things more easily running on Mac.

I'd love some feedback if you have time and energy to give some! I've sent a DM on Twitter.

I see. Unfortunately I do not plan to support XP, as even Microsoft dropped support for it in 2014. 

What operating system are you using? As 32bit is quite uncommon these days I opted for 64bit to gain more memory available in my editor.

As the source is available here, a Linux build should not be that hard to make if you want to. As I currently do not really have a proper Linux installation, I cannot supply one at the moment.