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LoneWolf E.I

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Ops i just made it free, hope  at least those .99 cents were worth. I agree with the fact that it needs to get to Steam, but for now i need to be able to generate more art content for it and as a programmer that is a tad difficult. But the idea is to have it on Steam Greenlight some time "soon".

Hi Toobs!

I'd love to get to a point were i can publish on Steam. Steam Greenlight would be the first step. But since i do all the developing single handed, the artistic part has a lot of work to do for a Steam edition. Not to say more tracks and more vehicles.  But it's on the plans. Also in the plans to make a 3d edition too.  I try to keep up the web updated with my current work. http://www.softdimensiongames....

I'm really really glad you liked the game!

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"Tried the demo and, well... you should remove the youtube video!"

You say the video doesn't make justice? :)

It's true, the potential of the game is on the vehicle driving experience and the video can't tell that. But i hope gamers will give the demo a go. I'm very glad you liked it. i beleave you are the first official play outside the testing subjects :) Make sure you play it multiplayer with friends some day as it's even more fun. The AI needs to improve a bit more before it can make a real challenge to a skilled gamer.

Was it complicated to install / configure controls?

"A question: it's a problem to make a win32 build?"

Not a problem, will add a win32 version.



I agree, i was planning on adding flag poles with a flag for each corresponding truck color. The next pole for you will be indicated by your flag color.

It's slow at beginning because the the level of the truck items are low. It's more like a street truck at first. But after racing a couple of traks in the racing series you can earn cash and increase this levels. The actual racing model is all items leveled up. But if this is anoying i can make it different.

Like to see more feedback!

btw i added a demo version for free but with just one track.


Gabriel Campitelli

Hello i'm Gabriel Campitelli developer of the game and founder of LoneWolf Etertainment Initiative.

Game: Dirty Trucks 4x4 2.0 PC


This is my first PC release and looking to rise foundings for this and other games focused on local multiplayer and co-op modes via any Periferical inputs. The idea is to make adventaje of the fun factor of playing with friends physically in the same place as in a console. Plug 1 to 4 USB controller of any kind and configure the controls as you wish. Keyboard can also be used althou the keyboard buffer limits and the ovius incomodity makes it dificult for more than two players. I personally use this game with friends and family with four very cheep USB game pads connected to the front USB hubs of the PC.

I hope to rise enough founding to kickstart the creation of games with this aprouch. Many allready in prototype stages.
So please buy at the low price of $0.99 and share to support the developments.

Thank you very much.