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Dirty Trucks 4x4 2

Local multiplayer isometric racing game (4 players). · By LoneWolf E.I

Steam release?

A topic by Toobs created Jun 06, 2017 Views: 207 Replies: 2
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Will you ever be attempting to put this game on Steam? I am going to purchase it regardless, love the feel of the driving in this game... but i would love even more ot have this in my Steam library...


Hi Toobs!

I'd love to get to a point were i can publish on Steam. Steam Greenlight would be the first step. But since i do all the developing single handed, the artistic part has a lot of work to do for a Steam edition. Not to say more tracks and more vehicles.  But it's on the plans. Also in the plans to make a 3d edition too.  I try to keep up the web updated with my current work. http://www.softdimensiongames....

I'm really really glad you liked the game!

would love to see more development on it...

also would love to see some online multiplayer through SteamCloud... that would be legit..