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Dirty Trucks 4x4 2

Local multiplayer isometric racing game (4 players). · By LoneWolf E.I


A topic by tito76 created Feb 02, 2017 Views: 109 Replies: 1
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Like it!

Surely needs checkpoints lines or unvalicable objects to definine where the track can't be cutted.

But... why so slow? Also air physic will match right by increasing overall speed.



I agree, i was planning on adding flag poles with a flag for each corresponding truck color. The next pole for you will be indicated by your flag color.

It's slow at beginning because the the level of the truck items are low. It's more like a street truck at first. But after racing a couple of traks in the racing series you can earn cash and increase this levels. The actual racing model is all items leveled up. But if this is anoying i can make it different.

Like to see more feedback!

btw i added a demo version for free but with just one track.


Gabriel Campitelli