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so this is your favorite genre as well then, huh??

any suggestions for me?? whether free or retail games, makes no difference... always looking for more to add to my collection.,..

Hmm as far as modern twin sticks I of course love Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon. Brigador is looking really hot but I haven't played it yet - definitely one to watch. Gauntlet is pretty solid too (specially co-op). Infested Planet was a great game, really great mashup of gameplay. Hammerwatch is probably my favorite couch co-op PC game and it should be right up your alley. You've probably played or own a lot of those already though!

I am obsessed with the 16-bit era of my teen years and so if you do any retro gaming I also have many recommendations. Top of the list would be Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Soldiers of Fortune, and S.M.A.S.H T.V. (all SNES).

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