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Hi there, very glad you're enjoying the game.

I'll definitely check the video out!

This game is a personal project that I'v been working on (alone) for the past year, I intended to release the game for free however to keep the online servers running, I must pay a fee each month (rental costs) and thats why its not F2P.

Updates for the game will be somewhat slow due to my current state, however I still welcome any and all feedback!

The game can be completed (hopefully with no issues) so I hope you enjoy the game!


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thanks for the reply very good game for being one person working on it if you decide to work on any projects in the future after ashore I'd be happy to do some videos on the new game either when it comes out or ahead of time just let myself or Brandon know he's the other one in the vids.  I'm a small streamer and youtuber and would live to work with up and coming devs to help promote their content.

Very kind of you, thank you very much I really appreciate it!

All the best with your streams & videos!


also I would say this as a finished product should not be f2p easily worth a 9.99 price tag if the bugs were fixed and a few adjustments that we talk about in the video.  That's all it would need to be worth 9.99 easy, but has the potential to have so much more added to it!