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yea I was playing just now and to have a lid crate you have to put just anything in the crate. You put just 1 single ore and then option to left click to close the lid appears. Anyway the horse is still so bugged, after riding it with 3 boxes of ore getting back to my house I flew into the sky and when pressed right click I was halfway in the ground. Tried saving and loading back so maybe it would be fixed but no... Now I have to start the game over again.

oh yeah I had that happen too, I was playing around with seating and riding - ended up freaking out

I didn't save - just went to either menu or desktop, can't remember, and reloaded back when I saved after resting (wasn't long before it happened)

as for the lids - yea, I see that is the case now. I must not have realized right away that I had shoved my lantern in the first crate and lidded it shut - Btw, You should get used to doing that, carrying your lantern in the crate, lidded - works as a basic "I can still see where the flip I'm going" light thx to the gaps in boards - and that way you ain't gotta choose between carrying ore and seeing.