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Demo version is up!

A topic by Ashore created Jul 21, 2017 Views: 112 Replies: 3
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Hi everyone,

A (free) demo version of the game has been added.

(Alpha v:1.8.8)

I recommend trying the demo before purchasing the game; to at least make sure it runs without any issues.

The difference:

I think about buying this game... I was looking closely to the updates, watching some videos, reading a bit in the topics and now the demo finally allowed me to test this game myself so first of all thank you for that !  I noticed the same bug I saw somewhere, someone mentioning it on one of the posts. The black ground and hills, whole textures are black, house you can build looks fine and so do the trees and metal/stone nodes. The grass you can destroy with rake and water looks normal too its just the ground. 

I also wanted to ask you something, were the crafting possibilities limited in the demo too ? I see on that chart above what was limited and what wasn't but the moment I started playing I noticed on the workbench, crafting table, campfire and the furnace... there was only limited amount of things you could craft in comparison to what I saw on the other  videos.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Hi! Everything is the same expect for the things I mentioned in the chart, as for seeing certain items;

There's 3 ways to craft items:

1-Player crafting menu: craft very simple items

2-Crafting table menu: mainly to build better tools and a workbench

3-Workbench menu: craft more advanced items (Requires blueprints)

Regarding the terrain texture; it is something that I'm still waiting for a fix my self, hopefully I'll be able to find something as soon as possible.

Sorry about that, I'll make sure I post about it when I manage to fix it.

Thank you for the comment + feedback!

Ok it seems I solved this problem for myself by downloading pre updates and the platform update itself for win 7 sp1. Just like you mentioned in one of the other topics about this problem. But I gotta say it should work even without that update since it doesnt change that much, at least from what I've read