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Thanks! (And twitter's working now, thanks for the catch!)

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Hi folks!

As a solo developer I face the same hurdles many others do in the sense that I cannot afford to not go to GDC at this time.

Last year I participated in a game jam (TOJam) and created a prototype that I strongly believed had untapped potential. From that day I continued to tweak and modify the gameplay, taking it to six conventions in the latter half of last year to have people try the game, leave feedback, and help make it better. 

I present...Depower Ball!

Depower Ball is a democratically vindictive party platformer. 

In every match, your goal is to win three rounds. Winning a round requires you to feed treats to the hungry Dragon Queen. You use your abilities (of which you have four to start) in order to help you.

The kicker? Once you win a round, you lose an ability as voted on by other players. How much will you lose before you win?

This year I'm going into full production, and I would love people to check out the prototype and leave feedback and ideas to help make the game the best that it can be. I'm hoping, with some funding assistance, that I can bring the fully completed version to GDC NEXT year and show the world what they're missing out on. I want more people to play this, so hopefully this raises some awareness.

For more shenanigans (and if you want to follow me) you can check out my twitter here.


Cheers guys!

Very kind words sir, thank you!

Hi all!

Recently I participated in the 13th edition of TOJam, and I just wanted to share the project that my team completed over the course of three days:


The theme of the jam was "Winning is for losers" and I feel like our game fits the theme perfectly. Grab 3 friends, and you can engage in four player madness! Details are on the game page.

Cheers, man!


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Hey all, Mega Power Games here (creator of Shift and Shift XL).

I recently decided to start up my own video game company at around the same time I started planning my wedding. Itch has offered a new audience for me to show off my games, and hopefully I'll be able to build a decent following while I'm here (slow and steady I would say). But yeah, because I love my fiancee so much, I wasn't able to make GDC this year due to appointments and finalizing all the details for the big day. (she's worth it though :) )

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Nearly every team that I've been on that wasn't a jam team has fallen apart for many of the reasons listed above. But if you can find a team that has the same level of ambition and passion to make a game, it is a fantastic experience you will have compared to working by yourself.

Entering game jams is a fantastic way to meet new people and to get a feel for working on team if you have no experience. Especially if you're #notatGDC

In reference to OP's post, all of the scenarios you've mentioned seem to be worst case scenarios that you've built up in your own head. You should at least "be the bad guy" and bring up the subject of missing deadlines to your team. If they get mad at you for even mentioning something like that, then it's likely a team you want no part of anyway. Regardless of how passionate you are for a project, it will be negatively impacted due to toxicity within a team.  But I would try having a constructive conversation about the deadlines and see where you end up. If it's not meant to be, then you can always move on to your next project.

For anyone working with a new team, you could even try to design a loose "contract" that basically outlines expectations. Getting an agreement in writing makes it much easier to deal with team members that aren't sharing the workload or hitting their deadlines.

Hi folks!

Last year I released Shift, a puzzle game for mobile devices. In my quest to take over the world I am now proud to announce that Shift XL, the PC/Mac port is officially available on itch as of TODAY! Features the original Shift levels plus some larger levels tailored to larger screens.

Shift XL is a fast paced PC puzzle game combining old school graphics with new school gameplay!

Experience the newest puzzle game on PC/Mac! Click to clear clusters of blocks, shift in one of four directions to change the game board's gravity. Shift takes the traditional top to bottom puzzle game and turns it on its head (and sides)!

Usually $1.99 CAD, I'm running a launch week sale where the game is 50% off!

Get it here:

Hi folks!

A couple of weeks ago I released my new game Shift to the world on all Android devices! I've now brought it here to itch! Click through the link to check it out!

Shift is a puzzle video game where you tap like-coloured blocks in order to clear them before the time limit expires! The game allows you to change gravity in order to set up new combos of blocks!

- 500 levels (with more coming down the line)
- Retro feel
- Modern gameplay mechanics
- 2 modes!
- Global Leaderboard (needs to be unlocked in game)

Shift Launch Trailer

Go to to download now!