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#notatGDC because I'm getting married! :)

A topic by Mega Power Games created Mar 20, 2018 Views: 148 Replies: 4
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Hey all, Mega Power Games here (creator of Shift and Shift XL).

I recently decided to start up my own video game company at around the same time I started planning my wedding. Itch has offered a new audience for me to show off my games, and hopefully I'll be able to build a decent following while I'm here (slow and steady I would say). But yeah, because I love my fiancee so much, I wasn't able to make GDC this year due to appointments and finalizing all the details for the big day. (she's worth it though :) )

Wow, congratulations!



Congratulations. Sorry I didn't get to your post sooner. I'm keeping the collection up on the homepage for a little longer, so I put your game up.

Cheers, man!