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Thanks and glad to hear you enjoyed it!  If you play it with sound there is a singing narration of the intro text, so feel free to check that out if it sparks your interest, also just as a heads up, pressing the spacebar will skip the intro.

I did not have high expectations looking at this game, but it plays really well, and the vector art direction really works well with the simple concepts that you are conveying :D  Great job, wish it was longer but that's a game jam for ya :)

Thanks :D  We had a lot of fun coming up with the crazy story and intro.  You game has quite a bit put into the story aspect too lol RICH END is my favorite so far :)

Chain reaction?  I guess we can go with that lol The game is fun, physics, destructibles, what not to like right?  Seriously, lots of good stuff here, I do wish that there was something besides getting more links though, just a thought, maybe having glowing crystals that you need to collect?

Fun little game with a refreshing take on the pixel art style :)  I am not sure if Angry Birds counts as a classic game lol but I guess I'll let that slide lol

Great controls, feels like a legit action game which is really hard to pull off in a gamejam.  Really not a lot to complain about because the gameplay felt so good :D  The levels did all kinda feel the same except with power ups, but again, just a small critique on a really fun game :)

Lol not a bad thought, we did have an idea for a special power up that would make you invincible, but sadly it did not make it in.  Dodging is really half the battle though, so it can be a good idea to not destroy them all at once :)

Bingo :D  That was fun, though that last level was a bit of a challenge even after figuring out where you needed to go lol  I like challenges though so I definitely preesh  :)

Really fun little puzzle game that I could totally see being great for mobile players!  They would pick it up thinking "Could this be even better than Candy Crush?", and be like "Bingo" :D

My brothers and I made a space invaders themed game too, so obviously you have a great taste for classic games :D  The match three aspect was fun, but since the enemies did not drop down it felt a little too random for my liking.  Still fun while it lasted though so great job with getting it all together!

Fun take on a great game :D  It took me a sec to figure it out, but with this kinda thing in mind you could almost make some kind of a turn based side scroller!  The AI leaves something to be desired, but the fact that you put it in is still awesome so thanks for sharing.

True, you don't want to make it too easy... what if you tied the movement of the paddles to the mouse so that the up and down keys could be used for your projected angle?  Otherwise if it is too easy you could always try to influence the direction opposed to setting it.  Just some thoughts.

The invisible enemies were the moving type, and I believe that they started spawning after the Red moving enemy tier.  It was pretty late in the game, I think I maxed out most of my stats lol  Kinda hard to put it down when you can keep leveling up :D

Lol yeah, it does add to the dynamic feel of the game so it is far from being all bad, and I'll bet it would help a lot with making some pretty sweet videos :D

No way, you took inspiration from Space Invaders too :D  Plays well, and it feels like it is set in a dystopian future where the aliens have already destroyed the planet, and you are desperately trying to survive out in space.  Fun while it lasted, though the difficulty did not seem to ramp up very much, so that might be fun to play around with.

Looks great, plays well, all in all a super solid game :D  The camera does not seem consistent, which might be kinda problematic for a kinda precision based game like this, but when it looks as new and shiny as this it is hard to complain :D

So, a quick thought for the controls would be to make the angles controlled by where your mouse is pointing.  All in all though the extra layer of control really adds to the skill of the game, and allows you to ramp up the chaos which helps keep the game interesting in the later levels.  I am not sure if the invisible enemies were supposed to be invisible or if there was something wrong with a sprite or something, but the number of enemies you put into this is pretty impressive, so thanks for sharing.

Thanks, we do enjoy the classic game, and the whole dodging falling ships thing really creates some intense situations :D  We appreciate your suggestions, and will probably implement them if we update the game because they are both really solid!  I just checked out your Pong RPG :)  It took me a long time to get used to the controls, they are kinda complicated, but I will drop you a message later on after I get a closer look at it.

Thanks!  We had a lot of fun making up the crazy story and all, and then we had the idea of singing the into which was fun too :)  Glad to hear you liked it, and nice job with your retro snake remake :)  I like the puzzle twist that it gives the game.

Great idea!

Plays really well, though the hitboxes on the spikes are not very generous.  I guess that plays into the retro feel though, so good job with keeping it simple and fun.  Kinda felt like a bouncing meatboy or something :D

Thanks for the compliments, and glad to hear you had a fun time with it.  The audio balancing is probably something we will look into if we end up updating it so thanks for pointing that out.  As far as the intro goes, it should be skippable if you press the spacebar, we could probably point that out with a bit of text or something though :)