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Real time action inspired by checkers!
Submitted by adriendittrick — 2 days, 9 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How well did the game make use of diversifiers?#14.3464.346
How well does the game fit the themes?#14.4234.423
How much do you enjoy the game overall?#73.7693.769

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How much time was taken?
The first build took 3 hours.
The second build took 3 and a half hours and the last hour was spent fixing a horrible bug that breaks combos.
The third build was made in 2 and a half hours to compensate.

Use of theme?
I used all 3 themes:
Chain Reaction: this is a game of checkers, you try to align the enemies so that you can chain-kill them.
Negative Feedback Loop: The game has a dynamic difficulty system, the more you win the harder it gets (the music also gets more intense) also, enemies tend to move faster if there are less of them, just like in space invaders.
Novel Twist on Classic Game: This is checkers, but in real time and with powerups.

Use of diversifiers?
- Join the Trijam Discord and read the #rules channel!
- Tweet out your game with #Trijam and @GunnarClovis for a retweet! Do the same for any videos you make!
- Upload the source code of your project to your game's page!
- Make a game with dynamic music / adaptive audio / a dynamic soundtrack! (explanation: you have a style meter, the music gets more intense as your style goes up)
- Make a real-time turn-based game! (it's checkers, but in real time)
- Make a game with an invisible tutorial! (the game forces you to use each powerup in a situation where you'll understand what they do)
- Make a game that uses randomness! (the enmies are randomly positoned when a level starts)
- Make a game that can be played with WASD, ZQSD, Arrow Keys, and IJKL! (most of my games have this)
- Make a game with a main menu! In a game jam! WOW!! (I added it at the end :p)

Did you have fun?




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Very slick, a lot better than the first build :)
It's challenging but not too hard


Well done! A lot of effort seems to have gone into this game. Pretty cool


This game fits the jam perfectly.


This game is really well made!


The first build hadn't impressed me. This however is very interesting.

Music is right. The graphic style is retro enough to give a sense of familiarity.

I like this version of the "Dama".  I never thought it could pair so well with hack'n'slash


Great controls, feels like a legit action game which is really hard to pull off in a gamejam.  Really not a lot to complain about because the gameplay felt so good :D  The levels did all kinda feel the same except with power ups, but again, just a small critique on a really fun game :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

What a great approach of checkers ! And you can still have some strategy, where you taunt specific pieces to try to align them in a convenient way for the combos.. 
The effect of power-ups were interesting, but some were really hard to use strategically (for example the freezing ones) as you need to go the the corner of the board to get them, and you don't see if current piece layout is interesting to freeze.. Maybe another button to trigger the power-up once you get it could be more effective..
Also, after one or 2 tries, I ended up spamming space to the end of the game and got like 26K. I saw your highscore and thought I could think about my moves first, so I did and tried to have some nice combos, and in the end I finished at 28K... I will definitely try again in the future, as I have room for improvement !


Very cool gameplay. The chaining is very satisfying. The teaching is very elegant.

For some reason the camera movement makes the game unpleasant to look at when in motion.


It's a really nice take on checkers and the hack and slash genre. I really liked playing it!
The enemies provide a really nice challenge. I like the fact you've added dynamic audio. I was thinking of adding that, but I am still learning how to make tracks :P


Cool spin on checkers. With that game as your classic you already have a good system for a chain reaction.

It feels great when you manage to pull of a chain reaction move, you feel like a real ninja.

The graphics and the sound are really good as well. I like that you managed to implement dynamic music.


Très bonne prise en main, concept interessant et beaucoup de plaisir en jeu ^^


Merci d'avoir joué :)


Really nice. I love the feeling of getting a good chain reaction combo. Good work.


thanks for playing :)