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Thank you!

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This is probably the game i played the most so far, it's really good! I just wish i could play the browser version in fullscreen. The desktop version doesn't seem to have a leaderboard.

Really good, you put a lot of effort into this! I got confused for a bit when the npc man suddenly was at the other side of the map + changed into Jane's mother but then i realized it was someone different ;)

The vibes i'm getting from this game are awesome.  I never owned a PS1 myself, but i think you did a great job replicating it ;)

The conrols/camera were a bit weird at first (mostly ran in circles and against walls) but i got used to it after a while.

That must have been a lot of work. I's been a while since last played a 2D RPG and i immediatly felt like i was playing Pokemon on my old Gameboy again. Good work ;)

The map is huge (maybe even too huge) + all the dialogs and the suff i didn't even see. I felt like you could play this for quite a while. 

I already played and rated your game, but i gotta say now that i really felt for the stone! Great story ;)

Sound and animations were also very polished.

Thank you! The monsters can't hurt you. They're just there to make things more creppy. Sometimes Tatl says somethig if you get hit but it doesn't trigger on every hit. Glad you didn't give up ;)

Really well done. I don't know how to say it best without sounding creppy but the modles/textures look so yummy that i almost want to eat them lol.

The puzzles are also quite challenging and the theme is spot on.

I loved it. The character design/animations reminded me of Dead Cells at times. For a jam game really good...invisible walls are also totally accebtable ;)

I struggled a bit defeating the boss, but a discovered that he can't move past a certain point at the checkpoint where you can hit him, but he can't reach you. 

Really beautiful artwork! Also the jump animation made me laugh pretty hard the first time i saw it (in a good way) :D

I tried it and failed as well :D I got past level 1 but had no idea how to continue. I really liked the shift from 2D to 3D and the overall style. Also the character animation in level 1 was very well done. Will replay when someone figures out the solution to Level 2 ;)

That was fun! One time i hit a tree in full speed and was catapulted across the whole map almost directly into the vulcano (maybe make the ball less bouncy or gravity higher?).  I would have also made the camera rotation enabled all the time, not just when pressing the right mouse button. Other than that, great game ;)

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Sure, there's a link on the jam's main page here on itch ;)