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I think this isn't ever going to be published right? :/

Im excited :D


there weren't any news from you for a long time. U okay? :)

I'd like to know about the release date too. Originally, it was planned for mid-august but it seems as if this didn't work out. Their facebook page also didn't update since July and on here there aren't any news either. I'll keep coming here to check about ToS though :)

Wow. I played this game quite a long, long time ago and just noticed that i actually never left a comment about it even though i could have sworn that i did. To be honest, i don't remember much of the details anymore but i just wanted to thank you for creating such a great game. Cuz even though i may not be able to talk about small details, i remember how much work you obviously put into this game and how much i loved all of the characters, especially Reska since he's still one of my fav characters out of all the hundred otome games i've played so far. The story or at least the choiches that you, as the maincharacter, could make didn't always make sense since i was obviously just interested in Reska but still had to go trough many useless conversations with the other boys and missed out opportunites to talk to Reska, but this may be just my fault cause i could have made one wrong choice and caused these unneccesary events though this. Still, this really is a great game and i'm so gonna play it again these days to fresh up my love for Reska, haha. Thanks for creating this game, seriously! :)

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I played the new demo today and i can just say that the game reached a whole new level. The dialoges aren't that short and random anymore and it's really nice to see all of the new features and characters available in the New Demo Version. If the full game turns out to be as great as this Demo than it was clearly worth the wait! I guess i can also say that i liked this short demo a lot more than the old full game, so im pretty excited for u to launch it since it'll surely be hella awesome! Thanks for recreating the game! :)

No, it won't be free.

The version which was uploaded on Steam is probably not the same as this

It isn't. I got a virus through downloading.

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Got a question. So, the main character that we're playing is Chester, but the characters he interacts with are also boys, so is this BL or does this VN not contain romantic content?


komae :)

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i got the Tears Ending first and my heart's literally broken rn lol. Btw, is it possible to get all of the CG's (Kiss CG 'n stuff) but DONT get the Romantic/Happy End? Because if Tear's supposed to be the romantic end, that'd be even more heartbreaking considering that they're not together ._. I'd appreciate it if someone could explain this to me :)

Second request, could someone  explain me how to get the other endings? I just can't seem to get them and i didnt find and walktroughs in the internet..

(Sry that i'm just asking questions, once i got all of the endings i'll write a proper review of the game, but first i want to enjoy full-game-experience haha :D)


komae :)

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Wow, i really loved the demo, even though she was pretty short and the menu isn't at its final state yet, the whole game  seems already so great. I've instantly fallen for the hunter, damn man. 

The artwork is gorgeous and i'm already so excited for the full game to be released, since i'm pretty sure i'll buy it if it still meets my expectations.

But i got a little question, judging from the Main Menu Backgroundpicture, will this Visual Novel only contain Kalen's Route or are there other maincharacter-boys to choose from?

(EDIT: I already read the info about the game, but i didn't get a safe answer from that)

Greetings and keep up the great work,

komae :)

1. Are you enjoying Neil's route, do you still like him/hate him?
2. What are your thoughts on Dimitri's first two chapters? Do you want to read more?
3. Who's your favourite guy out of Neil and Dimitri? Or perhaps Alex?
4. What's your favourite CG?
5. What's your favourite chapter or scene?
6. Which part was the most romantic to you?
7. Out of all of the side characters, is there anyone you would want as a date option?
8. Did you at any point get stuck on a loading screen? 
9. Were you able to create clothing using the “Design” button? 
10. Did you encounter any bugs while designing? 
11. Were you able to dress up your avatar using the “Outfit” button? 
12. Was everything easy to use, or were the menus too complicated? 
13. What did you like more, creating clothes, dressing up the avatar, or reading the story?
14. Most importantly, did you enjoy the game? :D

First answer incoming ;p I actually loved Neil since his first appeareance in the game. I dont know, but even though i really can't stand kids (not even in games lol) i kinda fell in love with the dirty Kiddo with his cute violet hairstyle. As i continued playing, i just started to love him even more, since arguing with him is kinda funny and the reactions i could chose from were exactly the same as mine in reallife. Best boy ever haha

Second, i have to be honest and say, that i didn't want to play Dimitris Route yet, since i'm pretty sure that it ends with a cliffhanger and my mind doesn't want to explode yet ;-; When there r more chapters, i'm pretty sure i wont be able to hold myself back anymore, but now i prefer waiting till the story continues a bit further.

As i mentioned before, i haven't played Dimitris Route yet, but since i read the character profiles i assume that Neil's still my favourite :)

My faviourite CG was, obviously, !SPOILER! the one with the making out on the counter, lol. The perverted side of my mind awakened at this scene, and the CG was just perfect. But i also loved the CG where !SPOILER! Neil is sitting in the cafe and tries to hide from our main protagonist behind his laptop. In general, i think your art is fantastic. Everything looks perfect to me, the lightening, the coloring and the way you drew the characters faces. At first, since this is a free VN, i expected not much, but as i started playing i began to understand how great everything is lol.

Well, as mentioned, the counter and the cafe scene ;)

I guess the whole progress of their relationship is kinda romantic, even if they're mostly fighting with each other. But i loved the !SPOILER!  first-kiss-scene at the ball since beside their passionate kiss the atmosphere was really cute.

Nah, since the only side characters i've got to know so far are Sarah and Neils Sis and i'm not really into GxG VNs :)

No, i didn't have any problems with loading screens.

Yeah, it worked out for me.

No, i didn't encounter bugs :)

Yeah, i was able to do that.

I thought it was pretty easy, if u got the principle once.

Hard choice, huh. I guess one of the many facts i'm pretty fond of the game is because it's unique. I played countless VN's but i never played one as yours. The clothing-stuff made the game felt less like a simple VN but more like a really professional game with more than just the mechanics of a VN as a base.

'Course i did ;) Im already excited for the updated Beta Version


komae :)

I really loved the game.

Amazing storyline, and i instantly fell for both of the characters and shed tears at all of the endings. The whole game had a mysterious aura and since i played every single ending i can say that this is one of the best short VN i've played so far (and i have played many). Do you consider to make a sequel or is this the ultimate end of the game?


komae :)

I don't really know what i'm supposed to write here, but i guess i'll just begin from the start.

I really liked the art in general, but  the CG's looked like they were drawn by another person? Idk if thats true, but it was kinda another style and i didn't really liked most of the CG's because of that.

The storyidea sounded cool to me in the beginning, but as i continued to play Mer and especially Zels Route, i felt like the story was just being rushed and it started to become flat and boring. I could predict almost everything that happened, and nothing made really sense, to me it seemed like the author just wanted to reveal all the secrets as soon as possible and finish the story. A lot of dialogue missed to complete the story and i started to get bored.

The only route i liked was Prince Snow's route, because his route didn't seem so rushed to me and it wasnt that predictable. 

I'm sorry if i'm just writing mean things rn, im not trying to offend someone but this is my opinion on the game so far. I'm interested though how everything'll change when the development progresses cause i liked the basic story and the characters.

Greetings and plz don't take this comment as hate,


I enjoyed the game, it was awesome in its own individual way.

I really loved how our characters switched between the Game and the Real World, and since all of them have their own little secrets to discover, the game is exciting till the end.

I liked the stats system, even though i had to play the whole game over five times because i missed one CG and couldnt find the right way to impress the boy for the last CG ;p

All in all, a pretty unique game with beautiful art (and CG's) a nice stats system and many other cool features. :)



My anti virus programmed scanned everything and deleted the probably infected files, i scanned the others manually but there wasn't something suspicious, but i can't delete three left  pyton files even though im the administrator which is really weird.. I researched about this game but i couldnt find anything ..

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DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME YET, the possibility exists that one of these files contains a virus. 

Same. I installed it and my computer detected a virus. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS! Im currently searching after the problem and i'll have to destroy the virus if i find one, i really hope that this isn't  a real one, that'd be dissapointing.

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I really enjoyed playing the game. The storyline was really nice, and i didnt expected the plottwist to work out like this. Even though i missed CG's bc it wasnt possible to "collect" them (expect for the ones for the bad endings)  and maybe an "Extra-Button".


My heart literally shattered in million pieces after the first time my character woke up in the hospital. I was just like "Omg, what did just happen? Don't tell me Vern and the others are dead." My mind started to explode, but luckily i kept playin and i received the good ending for all characters :) 

My personal favourite is Vernon even though i don't really like shy dudes, but he was just adorable in his own way and  his route worked out the best for me, except the fact that i was kinda sad that in his route the other brothers weren't mentioned again (like in Viktor's route, where our character is eavesdropping on the nurses, who are talking about the awakening of all of the brothers.)

While playing the game a question came up and i wanted to ask since it was making me crazy not to know what happened x3

In Vernon and in Viktors Route (dont remember if it was mentioned in Vonns Route too)  the main character started to talk with the boys about the "tornados" and they came to the conclusion that these were the voices of their loved ones. Our main Character hears them too, and since she's comatous i assumed that she was able to hear the voices of the people which were sitting beside her bed in the hospital, hoping for her to finally wake up. But, what i don't get is, that both Vernon and Viktor mentioned that they were able to hear the voices in the beginning too, but they slowly started to fade and now they couldn't hear them anymore. While i was playing, i started to build up a theorie why our Character was able to hear the voices, but the boys weren't. I assumed that either their parents decided to turn of the devices that kept them alive, or that their hearts simply stopped pounding and they died while being in a comatous state. 

But then (i got the happy endings) it was made clear that all of them were alive and safe. But, when they were in the exact same state as our main character, why weren't they able to hear the voices anymore, but our main character was? I'd be really happy if someone could explain this to me, since im pretty confused if i missed a dialogue or something.


komae <3

Yeah, btw, i just saw that i didn't even tell u that you were reading my mind while creating this game, lol.

My favourite animals are 

wolves, foxes and ravens.

And we hav a Wolf, a fox and a raven dude over here, this is quite funny :'D

Whaa, i'm so sad rn lol. I downloaded quite a few games and game demos today, so i didn't remember that this was just a demo and not the full game. My heart broke at the "The Demo Ends Now" Screen, literally xD

So excited for the finished game now, i really hope i don't have to wait that long.

Btw, i fell so hard for Arya :'