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I really enjoyed playing the game. The storyline was really nice, and i didnt expected the plottwist to work out like this. Even though i missed CG's bc it wasnt possible to "collect" them (expect for the ones for the bad endings)  and maybe an "Extra-Button".


My heart literally shattered in million pieces after the first time my character woke up in the hospital. I was just like "Omg, what did just happen? Don't tell me Vern and the others are dead." My mind started to explode, but luckily i kept playin and i received the good ending for all characters :) 

My personal favourite is Vernon even though i don't really like shy dudes, but he was just adorable in his own way and  his route worked out the best for me, except the fact that i was kinda sad that in his route the other brothers weren't mentioned again (like in Viktor's route, where our character is eavesdropping on the nurses, who are talking about the awakening of all of the brothers.)

While playing the game a question came up and i wanted to ask since it was making me crazy not to know what happened x3

In Vernon and in Viktors Route (dont remember if it was mentioned in Vonns Route too)  the main character started to talk with the boys about the "tornados" and they came to the conclusion that these were the voices of their loved ones. Our main Character hears them too, and since she's comatous i assumed that she was able to hear the voices of the people which were sitting beside her bed in the hospital, hoping for her to finally wake up. But, what i don't get is, that both Vernon and Viktor mentioned that they were able to hear the voices in the beginning too, but they slowly started to fade and now they couldn't hear them anymore. While i was playing, i started to build up a theorie why our Character was able to hear the voices, but the boys weren't. I assumed that either their parents decided to turn of the devices that kept them alive, or that their hearts simply stopped pounding and they died while being in a comatous state. 

But then (i got the happy endings) it was made clear that all of them were alive and safe. But, when they were in the exact same state as our main character, why weren't they able to hear the voices anymore, but our main character was? I'd be really happy if someone could explain this to me, since im pretty confused if i missed a dialogue or something.


komae <3


When our main character asks victor why they didn't want to let her inside the house . Apart from replying that they thought she was a ghost, he also said he was afraid she would lose hope. According to me I think he was implying that he and his brothers had already lost hope of returning home thus the reason they could no longer hear the voices of their loved onces.