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I don't really know what i'm supposed to write here, but i guess i'll just begin from the start.

I really liked the art in general, but  the CG's looked like they were drawn by another person? Idk if thats true, but it was kinda another style and i didn't really liked most of the CG's because of that.

The storyidea sounded cool to me in the beginning, but as i continued to play Mer and especially Zels Route, i felt like the story was just being rushed and it started to become flat and boring. I could predict almost everything that happened, and nothing made really sense, to me it seemed like the author just wanted to reveal all the secrets as soon as possible and finish the story. A lot of dialogue missed to complete the story and i started to get bored.

The only route i liked was Prince Snow's route, because his route didn't seem so rushed to me and it wasnt that predictable. 

I'm sorry if i'm just writing mean things rn, im not trying to offend someone but this is my opinion on the game so far. I'm interested though how everything'll change when the development progresses cause i liked the basic story and the characters.

Greetings and plz don't take this comment as hate,


It seems like it was rushed because they made it for a game jam. So, the full version will be out with less rushed story-routes. 

As for the CG's...idk.

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(Just a note to start off with: This is the writer of Lads in Distress / Catfish Crew. I'm just using this account for our new VN studio to answer comments because I have added this account as a contributor to LiD project, and it's easier to monitor all our games under both CC and EG from this account alone.)

Hello! I must apologize for the late reply >_< I don't log on the CatfishCrew account anymore as I'm usually on this EG account to keep track of our new games under this account, so I didn't see the notifications about new comments.

First, to answer your question, yes the CGs were drawn by three artists in the team who stepped up to finish the CGs together after our initial CG artist left so that we could actually release the old version on time for NaNoRenO. As a result, there will definitely be art inconsistencies; sorry to hear you didn't like them! We have a new CG artist now responsible for the CGs of the full version, so hopefully that helps!

Secondly, thanks for your critique on the story! The script was extremely rushed because we wrote all 75k in the span of 30 days for NaNoRenO lol. Sorry to hear you didn't like the game, though! Those issues should be improved upon in the new version.

Thanks for the comment and interest anyway :)