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Talk to her instead of hiding the gun

*Gay screaming intensifies*

Got all the endings for both of the LIs, and they're both so lovable! I giggled way too much for both of the routes. I kinda wish that Enchantress's route was a bit longer but it's still awesome. Thank you for creating such a quirky and fun game.

 10/10 game all around

It seems like it was rushed because they made it for a game jam. So, the full version will be out with less rushed story-routes. 

As for the CG's...idk.

I think someone asked the same thing a bit lower in the comments. Catfish Crew replied and told them instructions on what to do on Mac. Hope It'll work

I will!

I know I'm not exactly part of this, but, if it's going to be over 5-7 hours of gameplay, then I recommend around $6-8. (depends on you tho)

Not yet. It's said to come in the next

I wish I could donate to you! I love your games lol. 2018... I'm going to collect $10 for this! Funny game though. The "hopeless tsundere", Henri, (lol) is possibly my favorite character. Awesome art.

I loved it! The ghosts from the last game

Thanks for making me cry...

I loved it! Anton's route was so...sad..? Well, I laughed too much at Florien and Yvin. Florien's route was so cute!...and funny. I haven't had time for Yvin's route..YET. Ima go check out your other games.



I played this game some time ago, but I never wrote a review. Anyways, I LOVED IT! It was cute. All the routes were cute. This might also be biased because it's my first visual novel. 9.5/10