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Same. I installed it and my computer detected a virus. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS! Im currently searching after the problem and i'll have to destroy the virus if i find one, i really hope that this isn't  a real one, that'd be dissapointing.

Yeah I had to scan it with both Avira and Malwarebytes in safe mode and delete all the temp files because both programs only quarantine so I had to delete them manually. I didn't know this so when I just scanned normally the first time I ended up getting more "backdoor viruses" long story short just make sure you delete all the files in temp if you have Avira. My computer seems okay now... I do think it's a real virus. Sucks because I wanted to play the game.

My anti virus programmed scanned everything and deleted the probably infected files, i scanned the others manually but there wasn't something suspicious, but i can't delete three left  pyton files even though im the administrator which is really weird.. I researched about this game but i couldnt find anything ..