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Wow, i really loved the demo, even though she was pretty short and the menu isn't at its final state yet, the whole game  seems already so great. I've instantly fallen for the hunter, damn man. 

The artwork is gorgeous and i'm already so excited for the full game to be released, since i'm pretty sure i'll buy it if it still meets my expectations.

But i got a little question, judging from the Main Menu Backgroundpicture, will this Visual Novel only contain Kalen's Route or are there other maincharacter-boys to choose from?

(EDIT: I already read the info about the game, but i didn't get a safe answer from that)

Greetings and keep up the great work,

komae :)

Hi Komae! 

Apologize for the delay answer, we were busy with final exams and real life stuffs and couldn't check the comments sooner.

Thank you for your encouragement, we are glad that you like the game! We will be trying our best to improve the UI/UX design (and of course keep the artwork quality up!)

Yes there will be other characters to choose from (The hunter is one of them haha XD).  Forgive us from saying anything else about the cast, we feel it's a bit of a spoil to say how many you can choose from. We still have a lot to learn from this experience so if this point proved to be a bother, next time we would make sure to state it clearly.

Thank you so much again for your support!