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Took me three walks to make them happy. Beautiful game. Love the artstyle.

Good work :-)

I love this. Keep up the good work mate.

Very nice and relaxing experience :-)

That *%&!?§ TV doesn´t work! *throws laptop out the window*

I watched Lucy while she was sleeping.  :-o

Wow! This is so polished! I loved the original game on the Amiga as a kid. This makes me nostalgic :-D. Very impressive remake.

10 out of 5 stars for the sound :-D. I love that the pedals trigger actual effects in the loop. Very cool.

I restored the power in 22 days! You have clearly a talent for story telling. I liked the atmosphere a lot.

Being able to walk on the web was my original idea for the game but I ran out of time for that. I might keep working on this and implement that :-).  Or using the web lines as a shield against enemies could be interesting.

Thanks for trying my game !

Oh nevermind! I started the game again and all of a sudden it runs smoothly. NOW it´s fun :-). Love it.

How on earth did you create such a polished game in such a short time?! I would pay money for this game. It´s awesome.

This was great fun! Awesome visuals and humour. Performance was a problem though because I played this on my laptop. Gotta try this again on a better computer :-D.

Nice platformer and sooo hard :-D.

Awesome visuals and great idea <3

Cool and unique game!

Interesting and fun gameplay. I love the artstyle.

Perfect game for this jams theme. I had a lot of fun and the art style is very charming.

Nice game!

Absolutely love this. Helen & Toby = Relationship goals

Awesome and original controls. And really intuitive. Great game.

Excellent platformer with cool abilities! Wow!

thank you! ♥️

Thank you so much! 😊

Sooo lovely! Makes me wanna go to Amsterdam.

This is sooo impressive. Love the Graphics and the setting and will check that Twitch Stream out since I´m very interested in engine developement.

This was much too addictive :-D. Good work!

Yes I played to the end! Oh I didn't recognize that the ship in the end was built out of the mechs! Really cool!

This was just awesome. I loved the simplistic graphics and the writing. It really felt like being stranded on an alien planet.

This was fun. Cool music, nice color pallete and I love that you can actually control the mechs after each level.

Very cool! I like the eerie athmosphere.

Thanks a lot! Oh yeah, I loved Earthworm Jim 2 on Sega Mega Drive. Would have liked to make some wonky animations for this game jam but ran out of time :-)

Thank you so much! :-D

I didn´t know I needed an IKEA simulator in my life but it seems I do! Very cool simplistic style. I too had a bug at the end of the shelf assembly so I couldn´t finish but still very cool!

Cool! I really had fun playing this. It reminds me of the Amiga game "The Spy who loved me". Someone should remake that.

This is insane. This game is incredibly fun, looks amazing and meets the game jams theme perfectly well. Love it!

I like the difficulty and that it has multiple levels, that´s really impressive in such short time!

Wow! This is such a charming and witty experience! And so polished for such a short amount of time!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I had so much more planned but had to cut more and more since I only had limited time. But I'm still very proud since this was the first time i actually uploaded something for a jam ♥️

Very beautiful on the outside and very beautifully written.