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"Run game" and then "Play"... You don't see these options?

Mainly concerning the UI, it's imposible to play unless I'm in full screen since the play button is too low. And in your description reads press space to paly, but that's somewhat confusing considering the game says "Play" at the beginning. Should I press space to start the game? What does the space do? It's confusing but afterwards all the levels seem well designed and I had no trouble with it.

So fun yet simple. I really enjoyed it.

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That was actually pretty good. You lost in probably one of the two hardest parts so don't feel bad. I was the tester and it got even me quite a lot of tries actually.

And sadly yes, as it is so short checkpoints would take away from the difficulty. Because the jumping itself is not hard, the hard part is doing it after everything that came before it. So, we thought to better not have them and have a difficult game rather than a boring one  : )

Yes, most collision boxes are fixed so it makes a little bit harder to predict. But still glad you enjoyed it : )

Thanks for the comments : )

I couldn't get past asteroid. The shooting was way too unreliable. It shot whenever it wanted so I couldn't really rely on it that much and seemed to never end. Nice idea though

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you had fun with it! 


Thank you for the feedback. After the initial submission we actually thought of re-adapting it to be a fully "blind-friendly" game given most of it's core gameplay is based on auditive hints (that's why you might have found it somewhat dark).

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I did understand it but it was kind of an implied sub-theme and not in the spotlight for the player to see. I think it just wasn't the main theme of the game.

I agree with nns2009 that the game feels quite slow and it makes it hard to play.

I did play the browser version... There was a connection to love but love is almost present everywhere and the "blind" part is seen nowhere (to my knowledge)

The relation to the theme seems rather forced if any at all. The graphics is amazing though considering it's for a Jam. Perhaps it seems a little too much story-driven so as to be this short.

It seems to me most people don't understand how to play. You DO need to accelerate so the snake doesn't catch you. This may need clarification because it is not obvious. Regarding the gameplay, it seems a little rough and simplistic but enough for a game jam nonetheless.

I'm afraid you answered none of my questions. Before participating in meetings one would like to know more about the project status and basics.

Are you planning on a more timed project (Not a game jam), or expanding this one after it ends??

Hey I'm interested. What do you have already made for the project? Do you have a Basic Design so as to know a little bit more about the game? Thanks

Hey, I'm a semi-experienced programmer in Unity. Are you working on a particular proyect or what's the idea? In other words, what will we be working on if we joined the team? Thanks.

Thank you so much for the feedback. Indeed, there are many things we'd like to perfect in the future so as to give the best posible experience. 

And also thank you very much for pointing out our design details... I lot of time went into design every level amd decorations in them. Hope you liked our game.