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Most of the errors are failure to find the living room images. All the art was replaced, so my best guess is he just mistyped the new file name or something like that.

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I may have just missed the correct sequence of choices, but it appears it is *not* possible to go to the vault on... the second important day... if the password on the first important day was both correct and relevant? (Trying to word this without revealing too much :P -- then again I could be missing more than I know, which would make this description not useful to you either)

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This is getting even more interesting than it already was. Starting to realize you actually need to play multiple routes to know exactly what's going on, not just the same route multiple times (which of course is necessary for the game to work at all).

Do updates affect the usability of prior saves?

Wait. What? "the right choice"? There are wrong choices in this game?

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It's a visual novel, so yeah, it kinda is a book. Some have zero choices. Some have choices that impact nothing. This isn't nearly as bad. And I don't think you even get to the character choice in 40 minutes, so you haven't actually played the game yet.

It does have a lot more story than I'm used to in VNs, but I mean... it doesn't have any less gameplay. It's just really quite long.

Ah, I got it. I was doing the right thing at the wrong time, which I didn't realize was possible :P Or maybe it wasn't possible on the other routes.

No, I don't get an end of demo screen at all. It continues to the bad ending after entering the password.

Hm... I think the update created another Orlando bug. I don't think it's supposed to be continuing past day 6 yet, since you say it's done until day 6, not day 7. But it continues to the end, and the correct password doesn't actually change the ending.

Ah, ok.

Meanwhile I was attempting to actually find the code to help you out with the search, but I am way too new at Python to figure out anything you're doing :P At least I can make a die roller?

Yeah, that is interesting. It mentions Orlando by name, and even though his death is supposedly similar to Sal's, the text is different so it's not just a name variable... so clearly you've programmed the conversation in somewhere, and it just wasn't supposed to actually be possible in the demo.

When Oz is talking to you.

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I'm not confused about it being a demo. I'm confused about it saying that I saved him, when I did nothing to save him.

Is it just there as a placeholder because of the fact that that's there in every route? Although you aren't the creator so I don't know that you'd know the answer to that.

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I'm getting them now. Haven't done all the routes yet, though.

Though... I'm even more confused with Orlando's route, since I apparently "saved" him... without entering any passwords at all. Like he doesn't even have a bad ending. Maybe a coding error?

I do have a savepoint right before the character choice that I've been using for multiple routes, but I don't *think* there's any password entered there, and if there is it's definitely not specific to Orlando. And it would have to be pretty early.

...Ok well the hint in Tyson's route was a lot more obvious, so I got that one... but I think the main issue is I've literally never played a game that works like that, so I was completely not expecting that functionality to exist.

(1 edit) has a desktop application (download from It recognizes the games you've downloaded from the application and has the ability to one-click update a game if there is a new version available. Unfortunately it won't recognize it if you didn't download from the app, even if you move it to the appropriate folder, so you would have to redownload once from the app. But then updating is easy from then on. (And Ren'Py is quite intelligent with saves, so you'd actually keep all of them even through any re-downloads.)

Ok, what the fuck? INSANELY long unskippable intro that PAUSES when you aren't in the window? Are you a fucking sadist? I'm uninstalling right now. I haven't even begun to play. But nothing is worth this. I don't care if it's the best game ever, I fucking despise YOU.

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I haven't really gotten any information. I'm actually not entirely sure what the goal is. The password and dating aspects seem to be completely separate and parallel to me, but maybe I just haven't gotten far enough for the link to be apparent.

It's also supposed to be a murder mystery, and both deaths I've seen so far appear to be suicides, so... I'm definitely missing something.

Somehow I seem to only be able to get bad endings so far... Clearly I'm doing something wrong but I'm not sure what it is or at what stage of the game. How early can bad endings be triggered?

You do if you download it from the website, but not if you download from the desktop app.

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Is getting the ticket currently the end of the demo? I'm not finding anything else to do, but maybe I missed something.

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out.


So uh... What is the reason for the options? I haven't played through fully with every possible choice yet, but... they don't seem to affect the story... at all. Not even a teensy bit. Why have options if they don't matter?

I was actually wondering about this, it's been updated since I last played and I haven't bothered to re-download.

But since there's going to be another update pretty soon I'll probably wait until then anyway.

I've only played through once so far, but this is... really different from anything else I've played. It's certainly a novel concept (or I just haven't come across anything else like it). There are lots of places where, one the one hand, player choice would be appreciated, but at the same time, with the story it kind of feels right to not have any choices. And then when there are player choices, the extent to which they either do or don't much seem to affect the story is... unexpected. But again, only played it once, it may feel very different on a different route.

Ah, ok, so it's just that the later Acts aren't started yet. True, even in Revisted most of the relevant choices are later on. Revisited is actually faster to get through, even though it's more complete, so it's just more clear that it remembers your initial choice.

Um... do your games not work on Windows? I've attempted to play all of them. None of them run. It's just a black screen. But apparently other people have been playing them. It's only yours that do this...

I agree that the story actually makes more sense in Homecoming. It just kinda feels less like a game, because player choice isn't as relevant. I know it's supposed to  be a visual novel, which isn't always quite a game, but usually visual novels that don't care about player choice as much just... don't ask the player to make decisions. There are decisions that the player makes, they just aren't particularly relevant in the long run. It's kind of like it's trying to be two different genres.

Hm... it kinda feels like Homecoming doesn't have any storylines. Or rather, just one main storyline, and you can pick the next scene from a small selection... but it doesn't seem like your choices actually affect the overall progression. It's kinda odd to me.

Okay... so I've never played the original Morenatsu, but... I'm pretty confused why Revisited and Homecoming are... so... different...? Is it just because Homecoming is at an earlier stage of development? Was the original Morenatsu not very clear on some things?

Literally the only way I discovered that A actually means Ctrl is that I hit ctrl+alt+delete to end task.

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Well, I still have almost nothing besides the grammar tables and a small number of words. I suppose this was kind of a speedlang challenge, but I wasn't taking it as one because it was longer than most speedlang challenges. But, I will definitely continue working on Centahenti, so I'm actually just going to submit what I have and it'll continue to update, even past when the Conlang Jam ends.

Edit: ...Ok how the hell do I submit something that's not a game? I'm not a programmer, I'm a conlanger...

This challenge has meant that Centahenti has taken a bit of a different path than most of my conlangs. I usually don't even try to make grammar tables and have ~100-150 words before I start slowing down with vocab. For this project, since I'm supposed to actually show something, I've finished with all my grammar tables and only have 33 words.

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I'm very confused. It mentions needing to do something with a candle, but I don't see any candles anywhere.

Edit: Ok, I found it. It just doesn't highlight like the other interactable objects.

It's still quite new, but there's stuff I'm planning but haven't gotten to yet. I'm intending for certain allophonic rules in conjunction with ablaut to make some forms superficially appear suppletive in the romanization, when in fact they are totally regular.  This is because the only way the romanization makes any sense at all to an English speaker is for the characters to lack direct matching to the native orthography (which I haven't developed yet). e.g. I want one case form (probably dative) of cent [t͡sɛnt] to be gont [gɔnt] in the romanization, but the native script would use the same character for the first letter of each, because t͡s>g/_ɔ is purely an allophonic rule.

Ok, so I just started a conlang called Centahenti. I'm going to be using ConWorkShop to  build it (as I do with all my other conlangs). There's barely anything there so far and everything is subject to change, but I'll drop the link here and you can see it whenever you want (you'll never need an update link, but you may need to refresh to see changes if I make a change while you're looking at it):


I saw John make a post about this on Facebook, and I'm interested in joining but it seems like it has already started. Is it okay to join at any time during the event?