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I still haven't figured out how to get a heart with most of them. It may just be grinding?

...Wow. Growing up I had a hard time finding anyone with a shirt *on* most summers.

Ah, ok. I played through once with saves at most of the choices, then decided to go back and replay with the other choices since the game isn't too long yet. But I was confused when the differences were pretty minimal.

BTW, I do really like your writing style. It's written like someone would actually talk, even in narration, so you can really feel what the MC is feeling. Most VN writers don't have much success with that.

Do the  choices in the current build matter at all further down the line? They don't seem to make any difference currently.

I think the awkward part about it is that it feels much less like an RPG, where you *are* supposed to optimize combat to win, and a lot more like a puzzle game, where you figure out what the correct arbitrary sequence is.

Well, the only way to survive for 5 turns is by guarding, which combined with heals makes your health remain above 50%.

Well, it's not set to last 5 turns correctly, because I went for 20 turns and she was still there.

Hm, is it abnormal to be shirtless in public where you live? I don't really get why the characters made such a big deal out of it.

Oh, that is what I was missing. I did not realize we weren't supposed to attack her.

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It may be, and I may just be missing something. I don't think her dealing more damage than I heal is necessarily a balance issue. The balance issue I see is that whatever her health is, the bar doesn't appear to move regardless of how much damage you deal to her, which means either the bar is visually bugged or her health is insanely high.

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I mean, I can try to keep my HP up, but 1) I still heal less than she deals and 2) I am not dealing damage if I am healing. Also, item or two? I am definitely missing something if it's possible to buy two items with the amount of money you get.

I may be missing something, but it doesn't appear that it's actually possible to beat the first combat. She just does way too much damage and you do basically nothing. I even tried buying some equipment first, which kept me alive 1 turn longer, but that's it. Still saw no difference in her health bar even when I *did* deal damage.

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I'm rather confused by the fact that this is supposedly an 18+ game and yet the MC acts like he's 8 years old? Or more like the other characters act like the MC is 8 years old.

Ah, ok. So there will be meaningful choices, but my choices early on aren't going to suddenly impact something several chapters later if they don't change anything immediately.

Currently it appears that choices only impact the dialogue immediately afterwards, but you claim "your choices will open up or close routes and scenes depending on the choices you make." Am I just not seeing it because there technically aren't any routes yet?

It's still very early stages, so not much *to* enjoy just yet, but I will be following for updates.

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I don't have a third party antivirus installed, it's just Windows Defender. Knowing what I know about Windows, they would either tell me immediately or give me zero information, but I can try to check.

EDIT: Yeah, it's telling me absolutely nothing.

Redownloading it did work. I'm not sure what the problem was before.

Yes, I did. There is no such file. I checked every single subfolder as well. The executable is missing.

This doesn't appear to include any type of executable file, at least for the PC version.

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Quiero sugerir que uno pueda seleccionar el idioma antes de la adventencia sobre contenida adulta, o que esta advertencia se presente en ambos idiomas.

I am using the client. It's supposed to tell me when there's an update. I'm not sure why it wasn't telling me...

Oh, I didn't realize there were events at night. I stopped trying it because it just said that nothing much happens at night every time.

Are there prerequisites to the "Fun with Everett" scenes? It's not listed for me, but I may just not have met the requirements.

So... I'm a bit confused by the fact that this only today showed up as not being up-to-date for me even though it's been being updated every 30 days? I last played six months ago and no updates have been showing up until now.

...I can't even imagine how you could figure out how to code that to work, but it does.

The fact that keyboard shortcuts are active even while typing inside text boxes makes it pretty much impossible to use text boxes without doing something you didn't intend to do.

Ok, so in that case either the vast majority of the game simply isn't implemented yet, making most choices completely obsolete, or I simply  have no conception of how to get hearts. I know the latter is true, but they may both be true.

Wait. Are you not able to get hearts with anyone else once you have 3 with someone?

That would explain a lot. I just figured 2nd and 3rd heart was only implemented with Bernard. But apparently it's just my choices.

...I didn't even look at preferences at all. I never do until I've actually started playing the game, because I assume the default settings make sense, which I can't during the intro if it's unskippable. No one puts intro skips in *preferences*, mainly because intro sequences aren't normally four minutes of zero content. Just allow anyone to Return or Esc through it. That's far more intuitive.

Hm, ok, it did work this time (even from the client). Thanks for letting me know about this issue.

Using the desktop client on Win 10.

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Insanely long unskippable intro? I didn't realize this was Skyrim. That was literally four full minutes of just a random meaningless slideshow.

This gives me an error when I try to download it. It says it's "undefined".


"...all you manage to observe is a fat guy jogging past in a close fitting lycra suit that´s practically soaked in sweat. This is not what you are here for..."

Do not attempt to tell me what I'm here for. Fat guys are hot.

That alone is plenty of reason for me to uninstall this game.

Or... he could... be in a relationship that's not monogamous, like a normal person?

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No, I don't think they're talking about a save error. I got the exact same error they did in the exact same location trying to play from the launcher, and it had nothing to do with saves. The Loading error is not loading from a save, it's that the portal dungeons fail to load playing from the launcher.

I think I know why people are getting an error. Some of your assets are stored online, and not on the disk, so people who download the game and play it off their disk don't have all the assets. You need to play the game from the browser.

So... I've only done one playthrough so far, but I noticed a few odd things. First of all... it's clearly intended to be player-choice based, but enough of the story is linear that you kind of have to... figure out parts of the MC's personality in order for your choices to make any sort of logical sense. It's more like the player is trying to get the correct answer than trying to roleplay a character they've created, which is further emphasized by the fact that there are apparently bad endings.

Which brings me to the next thing -- that's... not a bad ending. It may just be because of what I said above, that the MC definitely does have a personality and not just what the player creates for him and they may not mesh very well, but I really feel like a relationship between the MC and Diego is a pretty toxic relationship, so them "breaking up" (not that they ever even started dating) is probably good. I get that Kyrex isn't actually a datable character, but honestly? Myself, I'd just start dating Kyrex in that situation. It's also pretty weird that the MC doesn't realize he's Diego's ex, because that was really obvious to me. No reason to give up and take the bus home just because your best friend has relationship issues that you don't understand how to fix and end up making worse.

It's also evident now after getting to the end that the side-stories really are *not* side-stories that are only there for full completion, but actually have a huge impact on the storyline and it's very relevant that they must occur before the main storyline if at all. This wasn't clear to me initially. I guess they're only considered side-stories because you still do have to do the main storyline, regardless of whether you do the side-stories or not?

Oh, ok, so just a work in progress like everything else.