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Preventing the launch of unknown apps is exactly what SmartScreen does. It's not actually a virus scan. It's just saying Microsoft doesn't know what it is. Microsoft Defender *does* have virus scan capability, but that's not what SmartScreen is. Honestly, I'd say you should just turn off SmartScreen, because all it will do is prevent you from opening apps *even if* they've already been virus scanned and are clean.

Completely agree that the rolls are meaningless and should be removed. Uninstalled after reloading like 15 times and never once seeing the enemy roll below a 15, while having at minimum a +6 bonus, while my highest bonus is +4.

Ah ok, I think it's a previous version issue then. I seem to be getting 90% default scenes.

So... I'm playing the new update... and all I'm getting is Fabien, Fabien, Fabien, everywhere. I'm not sure if I somehow accidentally got on a Fabien route? That definitely wasn't my intention. Or maybe the game is more linear than I expected, and you always get with Fabien? I'm not sure what the character scores are for, in that case.

If the die result is supposed to inform what I do, and there are only a limited number of interactable systems, then I do not understand the game rules. Perhaps they need to be rewritten more clearly, because as is, the only rules I see are the fail conditions.

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So is this a turn -based game, where each turn consists of choosing a miracle to attempt, then rolling a die to discover the results?

Still not entirely sure on the map, but maybe I'll try to read the rules for The Quiet Year and see if that helps.

[EDIT]: I read the rules for The Quiet Year. TQY seems to be a narrative TTRPG that uses the map as a visual aid to remember what decisions have been made and what actions have occurred. I feel like even in TQY, this could easily be a textual list, and even more so in God Die as the game actions have no impact on the map.

Furthermore, actions in TQY are semi-random; in God Die, they are deliberately chosen -- the only randomness is the die result. Because the population starts at 1 and you can always choose for the population to never reach 0, the only actual loss condition is 20 Floor. This makes the entire game "roll a die until your Floor hits 20." Why would you not choose every miracle to be "decrease your Floor to 5"? The only reason I can conceive of is not wanting to be bored, because the game is, in fact, incredibly boring. The main issue with this game is that there aren't any rules besides a loss condition.

I'm definitely missing something. I read through the rules, and there doesn't appear to be anything prompting when you roll a die, except for certain miracles... which only happen after you roll a die. Furthermore, the map appears to serve absolutely no function whatsoever except as a potential reminder of some of the things you've done already. No interactable objects are placed on the map and there is no map movement. I don't see the point of it.

That's odd. All I need to do is close the window that says your trial has ended. Though, I have noticed occasionally that if I click too fast and try to use a function (like virus scan or extract) immediately after closing the notice window, WinRAR just crashes. But you can just re-open it.

WinRAR is technically trialware, but it's a noted example of unlimited trialware -- its functionality is unchanged after the trial period ends. So... technically you aren't supposed to use it after the trial period ends, but everyone ignores that.

That's... not a description I expected for this game. I mean, nothing is too bara for me, but also... this game isn't very bara? Sure, it does technically belong in that category, but there are hundreds of games that are far more bara. Maybe you just haven't seen them because it isn't something you look for?

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Yeeeah I'm gonna have to check those spoilers on Discord because I see exactly zero mechanical ways for it to be even possible to do one of those things and the other relies exclusively on random chance. But, I don't know what your Discord is. (EDIT: Oops, just noticed the Discord link is inside the game itself. However... it also doesn't work.)

Also, if there are several ways to get there, I have no fucking clue what the goal is, because the only goal I was aware of requires the correct action on three consecutive days, and there are simply not enough days in the current build for there to be "several" solutions.

Unless I'm extremely confused, what Charlotte tells you to do is literally impossible unless you 1) already did it and 2) are allowed to do so by random selection. So if the information is there, it's definitely not clear.

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Er... well... if it's possible to do anywhere close to everything right, I don't have the slightest notion of what I'm supposed to do. Especially since the available activities rotate apparently randomly and the thing I think you're supposed to do isn't always an option.

This may be a case of the developer thinking there's enough available information but not realizing it's because the developer has all the information already. Not a slight against you because this happens a lot, just pointing out that it may be what's happening.

Is it intended to be possible to get a good performance review, or is the conceit of the game that you cannot? If it's the former, I believe that would require more than one work activity per day; currently there is only one. If it's the latter, I'm not sure what the reason for the work activities and performance stats are. Perhaps this will only be illuminated in later versions?

Will this remain linear, or will it have choices in later builds?

Oh, I see. I most likely did have negative health without realizing, since it just shows zero.

Hm, how long do I need to wait? I tried waiting a couple hours to test it out, and nothing happened.

I'm not aware of any way to rest or restore health. Is that not possible? Or is there some way that I'm not seeing? The game didn't end when I hit 0 health, so it seems odd that it just stays at 0.

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If you intended for "all the starting events that "skew" towards attraction to women" to be skippable, the game is bugged, because most of them absolutely are not skippable in any way. Meeting all the teachers, who are all female, is required and the MC is attracted to every single one of them without any player choice.

Furthermore, loving your mother in a familial way and wanting to do the tutorial to learn how the game works do not in any way imply that my character is attracted to women, except the game absolutely assumes I am if I make those choices. In fact, it assumes I'm attracted to Hinata before I make a single choice in regard to her.

Either you are still very, very, very confused about what sexuality is, or you have not playtested your own game. Given the fact that you keep going on about dating as if that has the slightest relevance to sexuality -- which it does not -- I assume it's the former.

It's possible that a heterosexual person playing this game wouldn't notice how completely in your face the MC's obvious heterosexuality is, but as a gay man myself attempting to play it, it could not possibly be more obvious without stating it explicitly.

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Uh??? Yes it is forcing me??? Constantly? It's being shoved in my face at every single fucking turn without making any choices???

MC is aroused by every single woman in the game without fail and zero of the men. All of the flavor text points to interest in women. None of it points to interest in men. All the porn is straight porn.

Do you not know what LGBT means or something? Being a gay man does not mean "a man who only dates men." It means "a man who is only sexually or romantically attracted to men." A gay man would not be fucking aroused by every woman around him and none of the the men. That is not how sexuality works. What, do you think gay men go around saying "Wow, that woman is really attractive! I'm gonna ignore that fact and go date someone else I'm not attracted to."?

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Um. The fact that this has the LGBT and Queer tags makes it exactly the opposite of obvious that the MC starts out completely, totally, 100% straight with no options for sexuality whatsoever. You may want to, I dunno, fix the tags.

I'm a bit confused. I know this is just a tech demo, so it's very early stages, but it seems like there's only one available option for each choice? That... doesn't really demonstrate much, even, so I'm not sure if it's bugged or I'm missing something?

Does the compliance route for police station no longer exist...? It just doesn't end, at all. On my first playthrough they just eventually let me go because they couldn't legally hold me any longer. I'm waaay past that point now and there's no sign of it. Still says that you can in the Quest menu though.

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Found a couple of bugs with the De Mevius conversation: Sero/Serafina's pronoun tag appears as code instead of text (this seems to happen in several cases, actually), and even if you've already talked to the De Mevius', you need to repeat the conversation to progress unless it's the last group you talk to.

And some more: There are *several* errors that pop up with talking about the customers and the bar, and they just loop between each other. Can't progress past that point.

Will this have choices in the future or is it going to remain linear?

There is Interactive Fiction in the Book category with a million times more interactivity. This is very much miscategorized.

This isn't a game.

Huh, okay, so I've now been on a Tuesday... It seems that M/M content is *only* as a customer and if you're working  on Ladies Night, all the NPC customers are women?

Also, a weird bug -- after paying for sex with a man, for some reason after the session ends you suddenly end up back in your apartment with a woman.

Well, as far as I can tell, money isn't technically required anyway yet, so it's probably not a big deal yet.

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Ok I definitely misinterpreted what "Ladies Night" means :P I figured it would be the exact opposite. I specifically went when it *wasn't* Ladies Night because I'm not a lady and not interested in ladies.

It does? Is it a randomizer? If so it may have just happened to randomize to all female NPCs for me somehow.

I can't really comment yet because so much of it is clearly not implemented yet. But I would suggest moving the "Be straight, gay/lesbian or bi." out of Features to The Future until you actually have multiple genders of NPC.

You're the idiot. It didn't say Upcoming. There's a thing called editing a post.

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It's not even a chapter. You literally cannot do the first quest because it isn't implemented yet, but you still are forced to progress past it without being able to do it. Then you go to the next day and there are no possible actions. You just wander around doing nothing because there is nothing to do.

Also, you've already demonstrated at the beginning that the MC is attracted to women with no choice and there is zero indication of the MC having the ability to be attracted to men. Why the fuck would you add male romance later after proving that it it's a continuity error? Like, have you ever written anything before? You have no concept of plot.

Ok, there is something seriously wrong with you.

Features of LustfulPath:
- Engaging Storyline: Dive into a captivating narrative filled with twists and turns that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

False. The story makes no fucking sense. It is full of plot holes.

- Interactive Gameplay: Your choices matter! Make decisions that impact the relationships, outcomes, and overall direction of the story.

False. There are almost no decisions and no stats, and the story is extremely linear despite being free roam.

- Romance and Relationships: Explore deep connections with a diverse cast of characters and experience a range of romantic possibilities.

False. They are all women.

- Beautiful Artwork: Enjoy gorgeous illustrations and beautifully crafted scenes that bring the world of LustfulPath to life.

Ok, true, this is subjective, but I don't like the art at all.

- Multiple Endings: Discover multiple branching paths and endings based on your choices, providing a high level of replayability.

False. There are zero endings. The game railroads you into a softlock.

It's rather unclear before selecting the option that "don't trust her" means "do what she said anyway but without her help, potentially putting yourself in danger." I kinda figured it would mean "ignore her and go back to the police." After selecting it it's obvious that you *have* to go with her for the story to progress, but the reader wouldn't know that yet, so the way the option is written isn't clear.

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After the wedding, the game is repeatedly looping through asking Hawk questions and explaining the MC's pronouns. If other people haven't seen this loop, it's probably related to gender choice... so, if it's relevant, my MC is male but isn't sure that's quite right, and Hawk is male.

Ohh I see. I was just confused by the family's assumptions. I kept restarting to try to fix it and never got past that point.