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Don't think the file update worked. Says it's already up-to-date, and there's no update date in the More Information entry.

The fix did work, though, as long as I'm playing in-browser (which I have been anyway because saves don't work on the client; I'm just using the client to follow progress).

Found an error. Should be easy to fix, though, just missing an = in a couple places.

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You'd definitely need to change character creation too. Even the character creator assumes you're a straight man. I actually didn't even play the game because just getting through character creation as a gay man is awkward.

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I think the option really shouldn't even be there if it's a joke. It did tell me something, that I'm apparently not supposed to like him. And it also allowed to me ask several other questions. But these things should be written into the story and explained, not thrown in as a joke option that just creates more questions than answers, especially since some people aren't even going to click it. If I never clicked that option, I would have gone through the entire current demo thinking I'm a criminal just like Jackson and that he's a friend of mine, without thinking anything is amiss. Because it's not explained at all in the story, only in this exact comment thread. (Which still barely explains anything)

In general, I think because you are coming from linear writing, you're of the mindset that mystery and suspense is important. But in an interactive game, the player needs to know stuff in order to make decisions. We don't need to know everything, but we still need to know relevant things that the MC knows.

TL;DR, the game is severely lacking in exposition and the only reason I know that is that I happened to click on a joke option.

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Wait, what was the transaction I was conducting with Jackson? That scene sounded like I was conducting an illegal transaction.

The reaction I was referring to is that I'm apparently not supposed to like him, which I didn't understand. Why am I not supposed to like him?

I feel like in general the MC knows about 8000% more about the setting than the player does, which makes it incredibly difficult to make informed decisions for them.

I have so many other questions. Why am I running? What happens if I don't? What does not leading a normal life entail, especially since I already haven't been? Who are these agents; are they also with the government, and why do they want me dead instead of not leading a normal life? How did I even meet Jackson? 

I'm pretty lost, tbh... maybe I just missed a clue somewhere in the text, but I'm not following what sort of criminal the MC is exactly. Feels like a reluctant criminal of some kind? Especially based on the interaction with Jackson (and the reaction that I'm apparently not supposed to have). But that still doesn't tell me what they do.

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You are impossibly idiotic and a massive hypocrite. I stated the opinions of several LGBT people I personally know who have played the game. I never once stated my own opinion. That is what you did.

I am not bigoted in the slightest. I am not spreading hate. I am informing you that CDPR spreads hate.

I cannot confirm whether you are or not, but if you know CDPR's beliefs and agree with them, then you are vehemently anti-trans, because CDPR is. If that is the case, then I would say you are the one setting a bad example for our community.

You also do not speak for our community. Unlike you, I stated the opinions of fellow LGBT people. you stated your own opinion. Get lost.

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...Oh, yeah, it definitely was not clear at all that this was supposed to be over webcam. I thought it was just that Bruce personally is not a hands-on type of dom.

Wait, why does chastity disable edging? It's definitely possible to edge someone who's in chastity.

I like the option to have a second set of pronouns, never seen that used in a game before. I'm neutramale, and I use he/him, but I have no problem with they/them. I'm sure many other people will appreciate it even more than I do.

Except... you're the one who said I'm spreading negativity about something that I literally am not talking about at all in the slightest... do you even speak English?

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You obviously didn't even read snark's post. Or any of the other ones in the thread, most likely.

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Sure, besides the fact that, you know, everything I'm saying comes from people who have played the game.

I'm just going to block you. You clearly don't know anything about CDPR as a company.

The only thing that  is going to get me to believe that CDPR approved this is direct proof from CDPR themselves.

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...LGBT characters is different from LGBT content.

If you think their representation is wonderful, you disagree with most of the LGBT community. And I'm pretty sure they know how they want to be represented.

Like... the only logical reasons for them approving positive LGBT representation (assuming this is positive; I'm not going to play it just to find out) are either 1) they have no clue how badly they screwed up (unlikely since it was all over the news) or 2) they know they screwed up and are trying to make up for it (which is a pretty shitty way to go about doing it).

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So... why does every single LGBT person I know fucking hate CDPR because of their extreme anti-LGBT stance that apparently according to you doesn't exist? Do you not realize they got major public backlash for it?

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Why is it that we always attend the car meet without a car? Is there a way to attend with a car?

Also, some more general feedback... I want to like this game, but I think it's trying to be two different things and not doing a great job of meshing them. It's both an incremental idle game and a roleplay sim. But there's a clear optimal path for the incremental idle game, which means it has no replayability in that mode. And as a roleplay sim, your choices really don't matter much. There's no result for a choice. Just a decision with no consequences that you don't even need to be consistent about.

I tried looking for your other game, and only found a remake by Lampshade15. Was that made with your permission? Is it the same game?

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...WTF?  Do the higher-ups at the company know this? They're definitely anti-LGBT. I haven't played or paid any attention to CD Projekt Red games specifically because the company is anti-LGBT.

No. CD Projekt Red would never give permission for LGBT content. Obvious fake.

While it's true that there are many things to do... it seems like most of them don't actually do anything. Or at least, their effect seems to be identical regardless of your choice and the outcome. Choice of job doesn't appear to affect anything besides income, even though there are multiple jobs at the same level with different incomes. (I even got a random event option to "call the police"... while being a police officer.) Your car doesn't matter at all unless you're racing. Basically, there are a ton of options that are purely roleplay choices without being able to use those choices to affect the gameplay in any way.

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They don't work with some ad blockers on the web version. That's just a Twine issue with some ad block programs, not something you can fix. Disabling the ad blocker or using the client version works, though.

I mean, yes, that is what the place is called. But it seems like I'd be very happy there.

I'm curious why the MC is portrayed as not wanting to be here? It seems like a great place to be.

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Uh... either one or both of us is misunderstanding the basic premise of the game. Pretty sure he's not supposed to be on a journey.

EDIT: Oh, you're the same person who commented similarly on GameOver. Yeah, you're totally missing the point.

I'm not the dev, but I think the point of the game is that they're all "bad" endings. Though really the only reason they're bad is that the MC appears to be trying to avoid them for some reason. Why the MC is trying to avoid them is unclear to me, though.

It seems that when you did that it also prevented installing The Archmage via the client.

I got the idea that you could probably just call the Demo "Monastery," since that's what the place is called in the actual game.

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It's more clear that there are two separate installations. Still think the Demo shouldn't be called Demo though.

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If you were thinking something similar, you would have said something similar instead of the exact opposite. Unless you are a liar.

Of course, I know you are a liar, both because your two posts are mutually exclusive and also because I am definitely not even slightly eloquent. I'm just not an idiot.

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Oh, it does. It's just that it doesn't prompt me for which file to download. I actually have to install the demo first before I am able to manage the installation to also download other files. Which I don't usually think to look for, since the other files are usually versions for other OSes or earlier versions of the game, not supplementary files.

I think you could reduce confusion by calling it something other than Demo. Though I don't really have a good suggestion for what to call it, since this isn't a common method of distribution.

Oh, I'm on the client so I just clicked the Install button and launched what it gave me. Guess that defaults to the demo.

But, why is there both a demo and a full version if they're both free?

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Korts, I have a degree in psychology. BA Cognitive Sciences, University of California, Irvine, 2013. I think I know what people who understand something about psychology would say. And every psychologist would agree that people are not able to control anger simply by willing it out of existence, and that it is not a behavior.

I am being defensive, not aggressive, and it's because I am very obviously being attacked for no reason whatsoever by people who have no clue what they're talking about. My anger had long passed before anyone even responded to me, and all of you are doing as much as you possibly can to try to piss me off again. You are trolls.

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That grammar is horrendous; I can barely understand what you wrote. English is not your first language, is it? That would explain pretty much everything about this exchange. I think you are only disagreeing because you don't understand what I said.

I know this is early in development, but I kinda feel like I'm missing something important. This game is called The Archmage, but I appear to be in some sort of seminary, with no explanation as to how I got there, and I'm not finding anything related to mages. It's possible that it's just not implemented yet, but that seems odd when that's the name of the game.

Will the stories "Hades' Kitchen" and "Neo Olympus" be linear or nonlinear?

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I won't lie, I am, in fact, very much against the military. But that doesn't detract from this game. It's not like it's propaganda; in fact, the characters themselves clearly don't like their situation and just view it as a duty. I don't imagine you'll get much flak from leftists.

Yeah, I'm realizing that the scope of a dating sim (or any nonlinear VN) is far greater than that of a linear VN. It doesn't feel like it when you first start, since a decent chunk of the story will probably be the same or similar regardless, or just completely irrelevant to the other paths. But accounting for all the variables definitely takes a lot of work. Personally, I don't much like linear VNs, but it may be a good step for personal growth (even if you don't publish it). I started with Ren'Py, but I'm seriously considering moving to Twine before even publishing anything just to cut out one aspect of development (in this case, the visual aspect).

I actually think your art is fantastic, and definitely the best part of this VN for me. Even your 2019 work is not bad, though clearly not as refined as your current art. I definitely can't draw like that, which is another reason I'm considering cutting out the visual aspect.

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1. I do not believe for a millisecond that any mentally healthy individual would not be angered by being told to do the impossible. That is a universal reaction.

2. Emotions aren't behavior. Period.

3. Why the fuck would I say something nice when I have nothing nice to say? I'm not a liar.

4. I absolutely did give constructive criticism. Not my problem that you can't read.

5. If you don't know what it has to do with the canon, you probably don't know the canon. (BTW, I've played your game. The only canon represented is the name Kindred and the house symbols. Zero proof that you actually know it.)

6. Most if not all writing has flaws. This is more than "has some flaws". This is some of the worst writing I have seen in my life.

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Or it's because they are normal humans and that is a normal human reaction that all normal humans have.

If that doesn't make you furious, you probably have a mental health condition that affects the way you experience emotions.

JsbAndroid, you are a liar and a manipulative asshole. You have done nothing but damage reputations, including your own.