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😄 Totally my fault

One of the main issues everyone was having is that I didn't explain the "other side" feature well enough. Terribly sorry about that. If you hold down Right Mouse Button, you see the other side. Plenty of glitch effects there too. I'm glad you liked what you played, but so sorry you didn't get the full experience due to my lack of explanation in game. Lesson learned lol. Thank you for playing and leaving the feedback!!

Interesting. I definitely like the mechanics. The game feels good when controlling the player. Strange concept, but I like that too. Good job on this!

I quite liked this one!! I played all the way through and enjoyed the whole thing. I liked the shooting through portals idea. Only thing that jumped out at me is that you made the player ship blink when it got hit and that helps so much for the player to understand what's going on. I think if the enemy ships had some kind of visual feedback like that when they got hit, it would help and look even better. I thought you did a really good job on this!

Definitely agree I should've not been AS secretive about the other side. Other's agree as well. I really appreciate taking the time to play and leaving the great feedback! So glad you had fun playing it.

Certainly a different kind of game seen in this jam. Other Side theme is pretty cool. A steep learning curve at first but fun to play. 3 minutes sure is a long time when you're in game lol. Good job!!

I really liked this for a few reasons. First, as a Construct 3 developer I liked seeing someone use the swipe feature effectively in a game. The room random order was a nice touch. I did think that some of the starting positions were a little unforgiving. A couple times I was dead before I even saw where my character was located. But still a fun little game. Oh and also the ellipse transition was pretty cool too! Good job on the game!!

Cool little game. Those are some fun , big air, floating jumps! Congrats on the first jam. Cheers to many more!

That music is great! Very moody. I love how it ended for me. Unique!

Seemed like so much instruction at first. I was thinking that this was way too involved (long) for a game jam game. But once I got playing, I understood what was happening. I like the concept and I really like deck building games. I thought you did a pretty good job with everything for a week long game jam. Nice job!

I really enjoyed this! Using the down arrow to jump when you're flipped was a great call. I was getting so disoriented when upside-down and on the moving platforms with spikes on them. Really well done!! The ending sequence was perfect!

The common response so far has been about hinting the other side feature better. I certainly agree too. I was going for a little mystery but looks like I went a little too far. As for the angle of bouncing, I had this issue as well. I think it's the polygon collision shape for the ball object. I tried few things and gave it more vertices to make it "rounder". But, yeah, it went unresolved to get the rest of the game done. I think I should've made the par's a little more forgiving too. My own scores during testing weren't much better than yours lol. Thank you for giving it a play and the awesome feedback!!

I had to read comments to understand what I needed to do lol. Even after I figured it out, the difficulty level seemed a bit out of my control at times. The gameplay was nice and smooth, the music was awesome, and the idea was really cool! Good job everyone!!

Once it gets going really fast, there's not much you can do but wait until you get stopped by a square, then you just switch gravity and wait to get stopped again. I like the quick thinking part of the game and it's really pretty too. Good job!

Pretty cool game. I like the difficulty progression as you get further. This was fun. Good job!

I agree, I should've given a little more explanation in the beginning for the 'other side' feature. You should always be able to click and drag to change the trajectory, I hope there wasn't another bug I missed. I certainly appreciate you giving it a play and offering the great feedback!

Fantastic! I'm so glad someone had a clean run lol.  I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing and the great feedback!

Dangit! I hat that it bugged out like that. A week of testing and I never got that bug. I hope the restart was at least somewhat fun. Thanks for playing!! The feedback is helpful for sure.

Thanks! I'm glad the theme came across as intended. I learned a lesson on this one, 'Be sure to give good instructions early on'. I really should've made it a bit more obvious. I played out the 'secretive' part a little too much.

Yes, the rising projectiles... Free time or not, still impressive. You still get the credit lol.

I liked so much about this! The upgrade feature really kept me interested. The overall concept really worked. Great job!

Creative level design! fun game, good length. Simple to understand but increasingly challenging. Good job!

The art was really nice. The other side theme was very creative! I like the hint feature but personally think it should be a player choice.  Fun Game. Everyone did a great job!

Sorry about that. I guess more hints at the beginning of the game would've been best. And don't worry, I had a +12 run during testing and I actually made the game lol!! Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Your first game?? I don't believe that ;)  Seriously though, very creative and original. There was a steep learning curve for me. I had a hard time figuring out what was going on until I came back and read some comments. Then I was able to understand it better. Good job on everything!

Nice concept! Too bad you weren't able to make more levels for it. I thought everything looked really good and played well. Good job!

I like these types of puzzles. Good execution of theme and mechanics. Very fun to play!

There are some cool concepts happening and I enjoyed what I was able to play. I just have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. Still a good game from what I played. Nice visuals. Loved the music track too. Good job!

Really cool concept! I liked it alot! Not very good at it lol, but that didn't keep me from playing it multiple times. Nice job!

Nice progression in level design. Fun little puzzle-ish platformer. Good job!

I like it! Fun platformer with some nice challenges. Good job!

Minecraft Tower Defense in 2D. Awesome idea. Really well executed too. I had fun!! Great job!

Not sure what you were thinking when you designed level 9, but I'm pretty sure you need to punished for that! Seriously a ton of fun (some frustration).  Mechanics and theme are all there. I can't believe you made this in a few hours. Nice job!!!

Excellent delivery on the theme!! Challenging puzzles and fun to play. Great job!!

I like the puzzle concept with the shapes. The other side feature was implemented well too. But, wow, it got hard fast. I really enjoyed the game and had fun playing! Maybe if the controls were made to use 2 hands instead of everything on the left side on the keyboard?... Just a thought. Good job everyone!

Shooting and particles... 2 of my favorite aspects in a game :) Nice job!

Yep, that text was rough... But seriously, a cool game with nice visuals throughout. Definitely should be proud of what you accomplished in a week!!

I achieved absolutely nothing!!! (that means I won, right? :)

I love a fun platformer! Good job! A little music and SFX and it would've been even better!

Thank you!! Really glad you liked it! Thanks for playing and the feedback!