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Hey thanks! This was the most fun I ever had in a game jam!

Awesome puzzle elements. A fun way to make someone plan out a strategy. I really thought it had unique ideas to add to the overall challenge. As far as "fun factor" goes, this one ranked at the top of that list for me. Great job! Good luck.

The visuals are outstanding and feel very polished. I did find it very interesting but I don't think I get the full idea of the concept. I played through multiple times and had fun doing so. I can definitely tell there was a great deal of effort going in to this one. Great job! Good luck.

I wasn't sure about the direction you decided on for a final game. But the further I got into the story, the more this one became a favorite. You created story, puzzle and environment that all have a purpose in the game. Definitely made an improvement on the first version. I've really enjoyed your work throughout this tournament!

I wasn't sure about the direction you decided on for a final game. But the further I got into the story, the more this one became a favorite. You created story, puzzle and environment that all have a purpose in the game. Definitely made an improvement on the first version. I've really enjoyed your work throughout this tournament!

For the criteria of making a previous game better, you  absolutely smashed the competition! As for the game itself, that story got to me. In the beginning I was really questioning the path you were taking for a final game. But it grew on me so much that I had to take a minute after finishing - before I voted. Truly a great job!

Ah I see. That actually makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. It didn't take a way from enjoying the game, I just wasn't putting it together at the time. As for the shooting, I didn't figure that out until I had played several times lol.

It seemed like some of the collectables would keep adding up in the score until I moved away from the original collision location. Some instances did this, some did not. I assumed each collection was only supposed to count once? That might be the only bug I encountered (I forget easily lol. I also played 10 other games at that time. They could've all been running together in my head). Nothing major or game-breaking though.

I like the FNAF feel here. Fun concept and eerie atmosphere. Also, any game that uses my likeness gets an automatic 20 star rating to start with. I guess we need to bring that up to Xanderwood ;)

Not often you play a game jam game that has a good (and complete) storyline worked in. The music, the timing of the voice, the dialogue... All of it! great job!

I kept playing it over and over just knowing I'd figure out the sweet spot. That C3 physics system can be tricky sometimes. But you did a great job with it. The little details are what make this one so fun. Hitting the objects on the beach and the different sounds you get from EVERYHTING in the game. Great job!

A completed version would be quite fun to play. I like the simple concept of turn-based mini games to deal attacks. Unfortunate you couldn't complete it. Good job on what's here.

Great job for your first 3D game!! I really like the mechanic of the game. I couldn't think of why it reminded me of something until I read your description of what inspired the game. You did it justice and made it your own too. There are some interesting bugs here and there but I was still able to enjoy the game to the end. Good job!

I'm still not sure what the bottom left graphics are for but still able to enjoy the game. I eventually discovered the secret to not missing any of the items on screen and my spacebar is very tired now :D I think the time different between a tap and a hold is what stumped me at first. The tap gesture isn't very forgiving, but I figured it out after a few tries.

The music and backgrounds do a great job of setting the mood! Nice job!

Really like how the jump audio plays into the background track (or maybe I'm just naturally in tune with the rhythm of the game;)

Nice and simple with detail to the contest requirements. Good job!

You nailed all the points! Audio is great and is affected by gameplay. The one button restriction creates it's own challenges for the player. Love this one!! (also, I like jazz)

This whole game felt polished! So many things I really liked about this one. Not only is the audio featured perfectly, the art style adds so much to the experience as well.

Very clever way to implement the mechanic. Changing the beat mid game was brilliant. As hard as some parts seemed, I just kept playing :)

The story you tell with the atmosphere is pretty damn deep! Fantastic job!

Hey thanks! It's a good little starter project :)

I love your work! Every game of yours I've played has a unique reason to keep playing. This one is so creative. Your art and animations are great and I love how you put comic book style cut scenes in your games. This was alot of fun as usual!!

This so cool the way it works! I watched your devlog before playing (no reason, just happened that way). But I think I enjoyed it even more after seeing how you put it together. Really cool project!!

I just like the fact that patting my head is worth 178 points

I think I saw Randy yesterday. Didn't realize we lived so close to each other. Perhaps he can take a look at my car?

Nice start. All kinds of directions to go with this. Good luck with the next round!

I laughed myself into tears. None of your creations have ever disappointed! Can't wait to see where this one goes :D

Impressive! The spine animation turned out great. I love those distortion effects as well. And the lighting effects really make this look like it was made in something other than C3. Great job in the jam so far!!

Hey thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. This was a good game jam to be in!!

Again, thanks for showcasing my project in this episode. A great series for gamedevs, if anyone out there hasn't seen one of these videos yet ;)

What a creative concept for a very specific theme. The story is fun but eerie. The art is, as always, on point! I love the look of this game. Your audio doesn't disappoint either.

I will say: you kept with your tradition of difficulty levels ;)  But seriously, another incredible creation from you!!

Nothin' like making a deal with the devil...

And it's always the first thing I disable... except in that game lol!

I can't say enough about the art style you chose. Awesome!

The atmosphere is amazingly creepy and eerie feeling. The music and sounds fit in well. The only critique I have is how difficult it was. I don't think I would mind difficulty as much if there were a checkpoint here and there.

Otherwise, a perfect Halloween game!! Love it!

You two really sold the story in this one! Such a great creepy feeling when playing through this.

The story is great and includes a little humor. The music and art is fantastic!! And fits the theme perfectly! I thought I had beat the game , but instead I was murdered in the tech room. "Tech" that's fun to say...

The ending was not what I expected but delivered so well. Great job to both of you!!

Loved it!! multiple endings that all tie into the main storyline. Your actions affect your experience. And the atmosphere is nice and eerie. Nice idea to let the player live out the story from all perspectives.

Great job!!

Fantastic job on the atmosphere. Everything felt very spooky and creepy. I like the concept, but the "park" is soooo huge. Finding all the diamonds would take hours. I found 3 before I had to move on.

The police do not look very friendly lol! Great job. Thanks for making a game for Halloween!

In true Mightyjor fashion...

Did not disappoint!!

In true Mightyjor fashion...

Did not disappoint!!

I sense a little bias here LOL!

Total FNAF vibe!! Even though the game played much like FNAF, it felt unique enough on it's own. I love the play style of these types of games. I was genuinely creeped out from the beginning!!

I wasn't able to get past the 3rd stage. A scary looking monster appeared to be drilling into my body and I was unable to shake him :) I'll give it another try later.

What a creep Henry turned out to be!!

Perfect mood setting atmosphere. I enjoyed the story and the twist that your neighbor might not be who you thin they are. Still not sure how I feel about the dog grave though :( . .

Seriously, great job on the theme. I enjoyed the story and the spooky feeling!