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I have some ideas but everything about 3D in C3 kept changing, so I decided to wait until it slowed down. Once it slowed down, I started to lose interest in C3 3D. I might get back into it... Is there anything specific you'd like to see??

My absolute favorite part is the action words when squishing a bug!! The sfx were a perfect match too! I thought the concept was really well crafted. The art, sound and gameplay all meshed very well together. Fantastic entry!!

This works so well on so many levels! The artwork and effects used really sells the theme(s). The whole experience legitimately felt like watching an old film reel with scratches and wobbly frames. Your storyline had me laughing and made the game even more enjoyable. That music clearly matches the artwork... perfectly! The simplicity of the game allows you to enjoy the show while still satisfying a nice little boss battle. A job well done!!

Very clever idea. Your use of Cherry Blossoms sure made everything that much better! I've only seen them twice in person & they're absolutely beautiful. The pace of the gameplay was perfect. I thought some of the balance could use a small tweaking, but it definitely didn't take away from the experience. My ONLY issue is that there was not a fullscreen option. Not that big of a deal, but us old people can't see that well lol :)  I like your take on the 2 themes. This is a quality entry. Good luck going forward!!

Well, I guess I'm not original in saying the pixel art is amazing... I mean, the atmosphere you built here does it's job and does it well. Something about the button clicking felt oddly satisfying. Especially that big green one!! I was genuinely looking forward to what my new combination was going to bring. It's games like these that remind me of how non-existent my own memory is these days. Seriously though, a very well crafted project in all categories.

Thank you!! Everything except the particles were AI generated. It was a fun (and exhausting) experiment. I hope I can use it more often in the future.

Thank you! I hope I get another chance with this game in a future round. The AI learning curve was certainly steep for me. My first time using AI imagery. Thank you for playing my entry!!

Thanks for playing my entry. I appreciate it!

Thank you very much for your feedback!!

First off, Peglin has consumed more of my time than I'd like to admit. A very high quality product imo.

The AI was an experience to say the least, but I think I'll try to keep using it in the future when applicable.

As for the behaviors, I used physics in a golf game I made for a jam a couple years ago. It was a disaster getting things to work the way you'd think physics would interact. With that in mind, I tried making my own movement system for this project by manually changing vectors on each hit... My advice: don't do that! Ultimately, I tried the Bullet behavior and it worked better than I could possibly imagine. Tweaking the acceleration and gravity had the most impact on all the "orbs" characteristics. I had 7 different orbs to choose from and they all worked surprisingly well only using the Bullet behavior (due to time constraints, I picked 3 orbs and left it at that).

The sound and theme implementation was definitely my greatest learning experience this time around. Since art was more of a priority, I abandoned way too much to focus on the AI aspect. I knew better, but I harp on things that should be let go every second of my life lol. The "spectacle" theme is what prompted the use of space/sci-fi elements. "Fusion" was supposed to be 'fusing other orbs together' for more powerful orbs to use. And we all see how that part turned out :(  Maybe I'll get a chance to revamp the project in a future round (fingers crossed).

Again, thanks for the feedback. Best of luck t you as well!

Using AI in this capacity is... interesting. It's crazy how good the quality of the outcome is. For me, learning how to write descriptive prompts that get the specific response you want, was rather difficult. I tend to obsess over fine details, so this made things take up most of my time. I found out that I really like the idea of using AI art for projects like this. I do NOT believe it takes away from creativity. For example, I heavily edited every image in Photoshop before placing them in the game. This took a great deal of software knowledge, knowing what I was looking for, and most-of-all... patience!

My reasoning for using AI art ultimately came down to 2 thoughts. One was me wanting to try something new that, as you mentioned, is currently in hot debate. Just to see if I could make it work in this specific type of environment (game jams). The second thought was simply the uniqueness. So much talk about AI in game development lately, and I didn't see anyone talking about it in Discord discussions, so I thought I'd try my hand at it.

Other than it being extremely time-consuming - as well as somewhat limited if you use free versions of AI imagery, which I did - I found it to be VERY helpful and VERY high quality. Even though it was stressful trying to make my way through the clutter, I actually enjoyed the process and plan to keep using it where it fits.

Clever use of the 2 button modifier. This element adds a new perspective on simple space shooters. The idea of a leaderboard in a game jam game is nothing short of impressive. Great job!!

Ah, my favorite GM2 developer! I was very interested to see what you did with the new particle system. Great job on all the visuals. The mechanics of the game (controls, knockback, etc.) felt just like I expected them to. Great work as usual!!!

Not sure why I laughed uncontrollably at the different endings. But it sure added to the experience. I love the art and theme for this. Everything works really well together. I felt bad for killing the king after he rewarded me, but I guess times were tough back then...

Great job!!

I might be showing my age, but... I grew up on the GB and I gotta say, you nailed it!

The art not only looks like GB graphics, but the art itself is beautiful! It even plays like a GB game. I enjoyed all the mini games (once I figured out what I was supposed to do). Great job on... everything!!!

Love the visuals you've created. Feels like alot went into this. There's so much to get used to, mechanics-wise. I can't say enough about the leaderboard implementation. Brilliant idea! A really fantastic job all-around.

I agree, I should've added a simple win condition at the least. I appreciate your response :)

Thank you! Yeah, time was definitely not on my side this last week. Tons of unfinished elements :(

But that's how game jams tend to work out for me lol. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!!

Thank you for your constructive response. You are correct that my focus was entirely on visuals and not so much polished gameplay for this round. As far as the theme, Spectacle is indeed intended to be the wild unknown that is beyond our atmosphere (and also the craziness that is AI). However, Fusion was planned to be 'fusing other orbs together to make more powerful orbs to use'. This was going to take place between levels. I simply did not make it that far. But as I've suggested to others in the past, "always submit something!"

As for your technical issues, The bullet step was added early on in development. I did not experience any of the clipping issues you speak of when I was trying to "break the game" during testing. So, thank you! It's great to have feedback like this. I now know where to direct my focus in future development (on the technical side). I wonder if different devices could affect some of these issues in one way or another. Interesting! I'll have to experiment.

I clearly should have added a winning condition. I'd like to blame it on running out of time, but it's an element that would be so easy to implement and I dropped the ball (or orb) on that one.

Again, thank you very much for your response and info!! Very helpful :)

I love this concept!! Your artwork is always so good! The different combinations make this game re-playable. Your games are always nicely polished and fun to play. The controls took me a minute to get familiar with. But after awhile, the feel of everything meshed well together. Great work!! (as usual:)

Weird. I didn't notice that before. I deleted it :)

Excellent job with the narration and effects . You nailed the 'atmosphere'. I clipped through a wall and couldn't move anywhere. So I didn't play all the way through. But what I did play, was really well done!!

Love the atmosphere! Your pixel-art-game is always on point. You did some really interesting things with the path finding. I like it! Doors/gates opening on their own is a nice touch too. I was looking forward to see what you'd come up with in the 1st round. Did not disappoint :)

I always go for green... Everything green!!

Very cool! Got a little intense there for a second. Nice theme integration. Fun game!

Nice job on the cards and animating them in & out. Something about the cymbal crash and screen shake that made the whole thing feel satisfying :)

Fun! Steep learning curve lol, but becomes fun after a few tries. I especially like going into a drift and seeing the skid marks :)

What you have is really nice. The art gives me "Another World" vibes. You've created an eerie atmosphere, and I like it!!

Really cool idea! The parkour mechanics work exceptionally well. Love the environment and openness you get to run around in. Fun game!!

Love to here it!! Also would love to see what you come up with :)

Hey thanks! This was the most fun I ever had in a game jam!

Awesome puzzle elements. A fun way to make someone plan out a strategy. I really thought it had unique ideas to add to the overall challenge. As far as "fun factor" goes, this one ranked at the top of that list for me. Great job! Good luck.

The visuals are outstanding and feel very polished. I did find it very interesting but I don't think I get the full idea of the concept. I played through multiple times and had fun doing so. I can definitely tell there was a great deal of effort going in to this one. Great job! Good luck.

I wasn't sure about the direction you decided on for a final game. But the further I got into the story, the more this one became a favorite. You created story, puzzle and environment that all have a purpose in the game. Definitely made an improvement on the first version. I've really enjoyed your work throughout this tournament!

I wasn't sure about the direction you decided on for a final game. But the further I got into the story, the more this one became a favorite. You created story, puzzle and environment that all have a purpose in the game. Definitely made an improvement on the first version. I've really enjoyed your work throughout this tournament!

For the criteria of making a previous game better, you  absolutely smashed the competition! As for the game itself, that story got to me. In the beginning I was really questioning the path you were taking for a final game. But it grew on me so much that I had to take a minute after finishing - before I voted. Truly a great job!

Ah I see. That actually makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. It didn't take a way from enjoying the game, I just wasn't putting it together at the time. As for the shooting, I didn't figure that out until I had played several times lol.

It seemed like some of the collectables would keep adding up in the score until I moved away from the original collision location. Some instances did this, some did not. I assumed each collection was only supposed to count once? That might be the only bug I encountered (I forget easily lol. I also played 10 other games at that time. They could've all been running together in my head). Nothing major or game-breaking though.

I like the FNAF feel here. Fun concept and eerie atmosphere. Also, any game that uses my likeness gets an automatic 20 star rating to start with. I guess we need to bring that up to Xanderwood ;)

Not often you play a game jam game that has a good (and complete) storyline worked in. The music, the timing of the voice, the dialogue... All of it! great job!