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This was a big grass delight! Really enjoyed the art, music, and gameplay of the demo!!!

Very cool. Very well animated.

From a creator of the Flappy Bird Dating Sim!

Dang you were an hour late for the newest update. Maybe a new route was added hmm?

Insanely well done. Part puzzle, part drawn-to-life. Very meta!

Oooh super awesome aesthetic!

Pretty neat concept. It took a while to understand the tight/slack rope concept and the physics were a little wonky, but when I found it really neat!

Still waiting for the dating sim mechanic ;)

First :) Love the idea of this game!

This is the perfect role reversal. There I said it. Literally does the opposite of a cookie clicker, but still has the gameplay and addicting qualities of the original that make it an evolution on the original concept. 5 stars all around!

Thanks for putting together this detailed review! I think we like to stand by the usage of Role Reversal being towards the concept surround the theming/story of the game, but I totally see what you're saying from a mechanics perspective. We had a similar response from Lena Taylor in the comments below (also dorito-based polls, but thats irrelevant) you could check out regarding our take on things, but I really do appreciate all of the different angles to how people see this game such as yours!

Such a cute and clean game! I love drawing! I guess it does fit the theme!

Nice puzzle game. I did find it a bit too easy though.

Dude the polish on this game is insane. I would love if it was more than the tutorial. Please let me know when you release a full game :)

The mechanics are fun to use! I love reversing bullets and rolling my way past obstacles. The presentation has some really nice bits too. Like showing the clock reversing (though at first I was confused about what was happening). As a bit of criticism, I do feel like the roll and reverse mechanics didnt mesh well, or at least the levels didnt highlight their pairing well. I know it's a way to have a literal meaning to "Rolls reverse", but i'm wondering if there could have been more puzzle-like elements to the game with reversal, rather than just rolling to the end and occasionally utilizing the reverse to dodge bullets.

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Super cool presentation (you have an animated icon too!). I was pretty confused with the gameplay at first. Once I understood it, I did start to have some fun avoiding the ghost hunters and trying to prevent the objects from hinting at my existence. Though it also did start feeling tedious as things went on, and that dialogue didnt really help either. Still, this game looks amazing for 48 hours and clearly has a lot of heart and though put into it!

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You're still a ⭐for playing our game. Trust us, its worth it in the end, even if you're going down the small score route :)

Dumpster of Gold :)

Make-this-into-a-full-game Update

Clothes Update

Sex Update

POLL: Sex Update or Clothes Update?

Optional love interest?!?!?!?! Confirmed in the sex update clothes update!

This was indeed a cannon event

Bruh, your game was so flappin good!

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What Fumple said, plus I really think a "Flappy Bird dating sim" led to a slew of ideas, like the top/bottom pipes being your gender, a school of apps, how the ending would play out, tons of puns, etc. What I find interesting is most of the ideas we made (and axed) for alternative games were made by other jammers, like a gun-in-a-dungeon game, and funny enough the slew of flappy bird, but you're the pipe, games. ALSO, as EST folk, we didn't have much time after work, so Friday was really an idea day, with the remaining Saturday and Sunday morning to finish up. Lesson learned, take your time to come up with interesting ideas. Find out which idea basically forms the mechanics, story, fun on its own (the flappy bird dating sim had the most bullet points/worked with our team dynamics).

No, YOU are amazing!

Thank you kind stranger!

We have to represent all nations of Dorito. Vote Cool Ranch Or Nacho Cheese below!

Nacho Cheese

Cool Ranch

Super Duper Dorito POLL: Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese?

Pretty cool mechanic and puzzles. Had to wrap my brain around a few tough ones, but it felt so satisfying (and insane) at the end!

This is insane. It looks better than actual Vampire Survivors and puts a cool spin on the genre. Kind of feels like a new take on Tower Defense! Five stars!

Love the aesthetic. I did get stuck sadly, but its such a cool concept!

I have officially MADE THE GAME



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Super Duper Dorito POLL: Top Pipe Or Bottom Pipe. Please like your pick! (also share with friends!)

This game is so funny and so fun!