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Looks like some engine issue, because it doesn't even initialize. Try running with verbose flag "-v".
Btw what gpu do you have?

Can you try running the game using command line and send the output?

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As a temporary fix, delete recent_file.json from %appdata%/Godot/app_userdata/Textreme2

We will patch the game a bit later to fix this issue for good.

New update fixes the issue

If the game doesnt connect in the first couple if minutes, it means an some error has ocurred.
Try reloading the page or using a different browser. 

Networking was quite a challenge. A couple hours before the deadline we found out that https websites (like itch) forbid insecure connections (like our networking), so i had to speedrun any% SSL certificate registration in the middle of the night.

Issue will be fixed in the next update

Windows 10 has this feature called protected folders, it forbids thirdpary apps to write to the certain folders, by default its configured to the list i sent. Try disabling protection for the folder you want to save to or save to non protected folder.

Which directory  are you trying to save to?
Is that directory in this list?

Is this bug caused by having text effects on screen?

What window manager are you using?

This is definitely a bug

Thanks for reporting the issue.
Godot 3.2 indeed had some issues when loading fonts, it looks like they are fixed in 3.3.
I updated steam and itch downloads for OSX to work with Godot 3.3.

Main download is updated with a workaround

I've added a download for an old version of the osx build.
Once bug is fixed i'll update the main download.

I'll post here once fix is available.
BTW did the previous version of Textreme2 work for you?

Thanks for the feedback!
About the sway effect, it is by triggered by symbol |.

Corresponding key is located near the enter key.

Hello, i made slight adjustmets to Dave the Dev's dialog player to support richtextlabels, bbcode is added directly in the dialog editor, although godot's default richtexteffects look rather ugly, but custom effects are supported in godot.

Fork of Dave the Dev's repository with modified dialog player

Textreme 2 community · Created a new topic Issue reporting

Report any encountered bugs or problems here

Godot is a very intuitive engine to use, has a good documentaion and is very version control friendly.
Our game is a driving arcade with lots of hardbass and a bit of memes

Its really hard to play on keyboard, also its kinda a shame that it has no sound at all, other than that its a nice game

Awsome game with clearly defined mechanics and good puzzles.

What a shame its so short, btw theres a bug, music starts to play multiple times when you restart sometimes

Thanks for feedback!

P.S. Html version is post jam

Thanks for playing! Were you playing the jam or post jam version?

Its a bug but new build(post jam) has it fixed

Does it actually work? :D

I didn't expect this game to be so fun. I spent around half an hour playing thius non-stop! I'm sure if you polish it up and add better visuals it will be a great arcade game.

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I d like to see improved mouse sensitivity or perhaps a way to choose it. Also the 64 by 64 resolution dosnt seem to work out that well on pc screen that sits right there in your face and would better suit mobile games. Maybe 128 or even 256 would be a better choice of resolution that would still preserve the games's artstyle. 

By the way, will you be posting this games' raw files so that godot enthusiasts could take a look?

P.S. Would like o see this this game with antialiasing on just for fun.

I suggest changing your previev to at least a more high res one, as at the moment it is one of the most repulsive previevs I've seen during this Jam.

I suggest changing your previev to at least a more high res one, as at the moment it is one of the most repulsive previevs I've seen during this Jam.

This is basically windowframe done worse.

Unfortunately I was unable to play this game as it only showed me pure black in fullscreen mode. This might be due to my monitor not being  16:9 aspect ratio