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I replayed it and now a understand it better. Maybe I was misled by false expectations. It's a very nice game and I love the pixel art style.

Yes, I made it through several nights.  After a night, I can choose a new card. If I choose a building, it is added to my playable cards, if I choose an upgrade, nothing happened. So basicalli after playing my initial cards, I can play one new card at most per day but often, I can do nothing at all.

Nice idea and I like the style. But is it intended that I don't get new cards? After placing some building I had basically nothing to do because I didn't get new cards.

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Thank you!

I think, not only pressing the right button at the right time, but als switching to the correct lane is a great idea. But I agree with wChi: Switching lines with left and right would work much better for the game.
Maybe for hardcore-rhythm-game-players your control choise is more interesting. But game jam games shouldn't have a too high difficulty level, to be als attrative to player that are not so much into a particular genre.

Apart from that, you made a good job. The art work is good, the music great, the gameplay fun. Keep up the good work.

Thank you. You are right - more juice and more variation. Maybe in the post-jam version ;-)

A well designed and crafted game! Visuals, sounds and gameplay go well together. The limitation of the pallete in combination with a 3D game generate a interesting and pleasing look.

The puzzles are fun, the difficulty curve is well balanced. Great work!

I played this game much longer than intended. I like the concept and the implementation. It was really fun to play. It's a great game and I don't have many points of criticism.

What you could improve is the visual design of the enemies and their blocks.  They look a bit flat and don't integrate well in the game world.

Throwing the boomerang and destroying the enemies feels very satisfying. But the game's difficulty was way to high for me. So at the end, I quit - being frustrated that I cannot expirience mor of your game.

I really enjoyed playing your games. Gameplay wise this is one the top games in this jam for me. The graphics are simple but work well. Together with the great sound design (I love the music!) the created atmosphere fits the game perfect.

It would be great, if you continue the work on this game and make more levels.

It's so cute! And a very clever use of the color restrictions. Like darngeek mentioned - I also didn't even notice the restriction.

My biggest point of criticism are the controls / the input scheme. Jumping feels a bit uncontrollable. The movement in the air is too fast. And using 'Z' may be good on english keyboard layout. But it can be a problem for non-englisch-layout-players. E.g. I have a german keyboard and my Z is where your Y is.

But beside this, you made nice game with a unique graphic style. Thumbs up!

The pixel art in your game is really outstanding. It's unbelievable what you made with these 8 colors. I love it. Also the sound design and the amount of polish is great.

The one thing I didn't like was the keyboard layout. At least allow me to use cursor keys ;-)

The puzzle mechanics are nice, although I had to find the solutions more by accident then by understanding what to do. I didn't manage to solve all levels. Also the jumping could be kind of slower. It's a bit to "aggressive".

I really liked the graphics of your game. Also the music is pretty cool. Sadly, somewhere in level 4 or 5 an error occured. A turtle clipped through the ground and at the same moment, the music died and I had no more sound.

I had the same problems as the other players. The difficulty is way to high from the beginning on. Having no checkpoints made this worse and things like the blind jump are kind of mean to the player.

But I know - balancing a game in the short time of a game jam can be hard.

Thanks a lot! I'm very happy you enjoyed my game.

I always struggle to find the right difficulty level. The first 4 or five levels could realy be a bit faster.

After one game jam game that was to hard for most players (Living Forest), I tend to make every new game too easy.

The robot is cute. In general, the graphic is nice and the palette well used. The music is fitting the "into the deep mountain" story well. But it becomes repetitive very fast. 

I think you could improve your gameplay by increasing the speed. It feels very slow and includes a lot of waiting. More speed could bring more fun ;-)

It's a breakout clone an that's what it is. I didnt't like the indestructable blocks, because sometimes they made it nearly impossible to clear a level. But the black holes and portals add a nice twist! Sadly they where also often blocked by indestructable blocks.

The choosen colors go well together in you game.  The graphics are simple, but look nice!

It's a funny little game and the gameplay goes well together with the graphics and the music. It creates a very casual, some kind of funny mood. Well done!

It's a very simple game mechanic, so it is not a big surprise, that the game feels a bit repetitive after a short while.

The best part for me is your art stile. It looks really nice.

The pixel art is amazing. It really impressed me, what you made with these 8 colors. Not only the ship looks awesome, also the UI is great!

Your soundtrack is also great. It fits the game's atmosphere so well! I love it.

What could you make better in my opinion? The small enemies are a bit to small, also the small enemy-projectiles. They do not stand out from the background so well.
Also the difficulty level was not optimal for me. The normal is a bit to hard, the easy mode to easy. And there could be some more pickups.

But overall, an awesome arcade shooter. Great work!

Thanks! 😊

Nice tutorial. Thanks for using my artwork - pleasant to see it in use.

Thanks. Pretty good.

I don't want to spoiler  ;-)

Finally I made it to the second ending. Great game, great style.

The new .zip file includes now separate .obj files for every single object. I hope it works for you.

Thank you for your generosity. I will re-export and upload the items this weekend. I used the ships in Unity, may I ask what problem occurred in Godot?

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you use my asset, that's what it was made for. Good luck for your project!

Thanks a lot! :-D

Thanks a lot. The level, the enemies and items are randomly generated, so maybe it was just bad luck :-(