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Cool aesthetic here,  love the hands and the magic particle thing (Though it's a touch to big, takes up a lot of the screen). Gameplay is fun, dodging projectiles and blasting eyeballs mechanically feels satisfying.

Boss battle was well done I think, apart from not actually being able to shoot the eye after killing the hearts, the fact that you setup a multi-phase boss battle is pretty rad for a jam game. The art on that guy was sick too.

I really appreciate the effort you put into your itch page as well, it looks fantastic, and the fact that this is your first game is very impressive.

Well done on a great entry!

Man what an interesting idea. Took me a few tries to figure out that there was like a global timer that I could predict. I died from debris quite a few times, and I think the mechanic needs to be explained a bit and maybe some work done in the UI (I didn't figure out at first that it bounced back and forward) but concept is really cool and pretty trippy too.

Definitely could do some polish, sounds, etc because the actual visual vibe is also quite intense but it's missing something. Theres a strong vibe here to build on.

Great idea, and one of the more unique gameplay mechanics I've seen for sure. Nice work!

I destroyed the pyramid :)

Man wow, what a rich atmosphere. At first I thought the movement was way too slow, but in retrospect I think like tank controls in other games it actually added to the creepy survival horror aspect, it could still probably be a bit faster but the slow pace of moving through was on-theme for the underwater horror aspect.

In terms of visuals and audio I love it, so spooky and crunchy. Those body bags at the end are super creepy. I also got a fright the first time I faced one of the faster enemies (Siren I think?) and they rushed at me. Some interesting environmental story telling as well, like the spear in the dudes side that matches the audio log.

I was a bit confused whether or not my attacks were registering on the enemies, but they eventually died so I guess they were. That would be my primary piece of feedback, adding some more juice so I know when I connect.

Really cool entry, well done!

Interesting idea with the traversal mechanics, though I found the grab frustrating until I figured out how it works. Maybe some more UI feedback on whats going on with that would be helpful for smooth brains like me. I'm not sure if there was ever a situation where I wouldn't want grab to be enabled.

The rest of the movement is snappy and feels good. I really enjoyed the jump. I definitely over shot a few times and had to circle back, but I again I just had to slow down and be more deliberate with my movement. The fact that it unlocked a bunch more of the level built a great progression to the game.

Strong presentation with the vibey opening and closing cut scenes and the presence of the cute little robot dude. I think this game looks and sounds really good, the environments are varied and the space is large and logically consistent as a kind of mine or something.  There was also just a ton of polish and variety and environment art that made the space fun to explore, it wasn't just a bunch of corridors. I especially liked the cafeteria with the posters and tables and stuff, then to come back and be able to jump across the rafters was a cool way to revisit the space in a new way.

Overall a very impressive game with a ton of content, a lot of polish, and some really interesting gameplay ideas.

Take that Apophis!

This is such a fully formed experience with such a strong style it's actually kinda nuts. The story and dialog and stuff was on-point, I also want to uppercut anyone that blocks my way with riddles lmao. The characters had personalities and the fact that it was so strongly themed was really impressive, I actually feel like I kinda learned something about the mythology, though I didn't fact check that at all :D

Combat was well implemented, though to be honest I did rely heavily on just attacking but that's pretty standard for me unless the combat is difficult enough to require using abilities, that's more of a commentary on how difficult it is to balance jam games and my own laziness than anything though. I did have to use healing and debuffs in some cases.

The levels were fun to explore, they weren't to large and maze like to outstay their welcomes and the objectives (Liek the buttons) were super clear so I didn't worry to much about missing key things. That last level is gorgeous, with the space tiles. In general the visuals are very well put together, obviously heavily "sand" coloured but that makes sense given the setting.

Audio was good as well, I appreciated that the audio was reactive and changed when I went into battle and stuff.

I think this is just a really strong and complete experience. Well done!

I burned the idol :)

I definitely see what you were going for here, and it was a huge experience you were trying to craft. Multiple large locations, an open world hub with the swamp section. It's a shame you didn't have a chance to finish it because the concept itself is cool.

In terms of whats there, when actually exploring the movement felt good however the the sheer size of moveable area meant I wanted the option to move a bit more quick (Like being able to spam forward and speedup/skip the move tween) just to help getting around, especially where I need to backtrack. The actual environment design that is in place is really good, It's clear that had you the time these environments would have been filled with set dressing and interesting immersive spaces to explore.

In your description I see you're planning on taking this forward post-jam, and I definitely think you should because you've clearly got a complete vision and just didn't have the time to execute.

Good effort!

Interesting ideas at play here, with the changing layout and the health/madness mechanics. The fact that there is an internal logic to the level changes is fantastic, because I was able to learn how the dungeon "behaves" which is really cool, as opposed to just random layout changes which would have been frustrating.

I will say that moment when you pick up the book and the music hits that kind of 80s power rock bass line starts going and the synth kicks in, is RAD. 

I wasn't quite sure if I did the right thing to finish, I found what I think is the boss but I wasn't able to kill them before I died. 

Some really cool ideas here, a good entry. Well done!

Interesting. Part puzzle, part dark souls, part metroidvania with a really solid progression that feels rewarding. 

Nice use of verticality, the world was more of a core part of the puzzle than a place to explore which I think fits this games mechanics well. The inclusion of traversal abilities is just a really interesting idea that I haven't really seen to much in this genre.

Enjoyed the combat, a little simple (Understanding given its a jam game) but I like that kind of positional combat and the ! made it easy to choreograph the attacks as opposed to having to read the animations or learn the specific timings which can be frustrating. 

Not sure if you pulled the background music loop from a CC0 source or its something you put together for the jam itself, but its nice. Really relaxing and chill vibe. At the beginning I thought it was maybe an odd choice for the game, but once I started to kind of click with the game as more of a cute tactical puzzle crawler, it resonated a bit more.

Beholder defeated, nice.

Super nice lighting and textures here, the space itself is very varied and has easy to recognize shapes and landmarks so I found it pretty easy to kind of figure out when I'd been somewhere and kind of familiarize myself with the dungeon. Verticality was awesome, there have only been a few games so far that I've seen really implement that well and this is a great one. The different height levels broke up the space really nicely and provided enticing glimpses of areas I wanted to get to and had to figure out how. I also appreciated that the paths to the higher areas was logically consistent and I didn't have to like do a massive loop of the dungen just to get to a high place in the same room.

Combat was pretty straight forward, though for some reason I found it super easy on the run that I actually finished the game. Prior to that I got wrecked pretty badly by some of the first enemies I came across, so I'm not sure if maybe there was a bug? There was also a minor bug where I couldn't walk forward after a fight, but that was easy to work around (I thought it might be like overlapping battle triggers or something?) In any case, I liked the tatical party based approach to the combat though it could use a bit of polish and juice if you make a post-jam version. 

The fact that you can create your own party and there is a bunch of lore was a really nice touch that is over and above what I would usually expect for a jam game! (Though I ended up winning using a premade party). 

Really well put together entry, nice work!

I escaped!

It took me a few goes round to solve it, but I figured it out. Really cool concept, and visually it looks fantastic. Really well done for 3 days!

Awesome job!

I had a bug which stopped me progressing (I wasn't able to access the power console), but I watched someone elses play through the production quality is really great and I was not expecting it to go as hard as it did at the end! I think it's really interesting how cinematic you went with the structure story and the progression, just a really cool approach and something that is very challenging to pull off in a jam environment.

Really well done.

Crushed that heart baby.

I feel like I lucked into the switch to enable to press (Though I didn't know what it was), and then spent the rest of time just mapping out the section after the teleporter. I did wonder what some of the raised plates were? They made a sound when I stood on them but they weren't pressure plates?

I enjoyed the juciness of the combat, I'm not exactly sure how the progression works but I was just wrecking entire groups of bad guys the whole time with relative ease, and because I explored a ton I had so many potions (Other than the ones I used to weight down some pressure plates) .

I liked the dark creepy under-mountain aesthetic with the depth fog and ominous heights of the cavern, I actually had a great time exploring the space but I would have liked a map or something so that I could keep track of where I'd been, it did take me quite a while (about 35-45 minutes or so) to find my way through the space and find the heart and everything, but I'm also quite bad at that kind of self directed space awareness.

My absolute favorite part about this entry is the verticaility. It added another level (pun intended) to the exploration, and the implementation of going up and down different heights of block was really well implemented and fluid. The level itself seems like it must have taken quite a bit of time to put together because there is a lot of different buildings and pathways and stuff!

Really well made entry, nice job :)

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I found the skull :D

I definitely encountered quite a few bugs with the chests and enemy and prop placement, but I was still able to finish it and honestly I think the style you've put together here is really cool. The chill exploration background track and pixelated visuals in front of this expansive skybox with the towers in the background. I really think you nailed a very cool aesthetic and I didn't have a problem being engaged enough to persist through the bugs and find the ending.

I really enjoyed the triple throw attack, that felt really juicy and fun to use. 

Not without issues, but really nice work! 

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Really really interesting visual style. Super creepy and cool. I like it!

I didn't really understand the combat to much, I think it's possible to do specific combos? I spent a lot of time mashing managed to stun lock enemies I think. I also got super lost, I was trying to navigate by reading the coords, but I think I'd need to break out the graph paper to find my way forward!

I found the ancient well!

It was a nice complete package with nice visuals and sound effects. I enjoyed the combat and balancing my stamina to keep my self healed. I ended up just speccing super heavy into high attack and I nearly died to the final boss, but was able to just get him down.

I would echo what others have said about the movement speed, especially since I kind of explored the first area a bit and then went back around and fought all the enemies to get money so I ended up backtracking quite a bit which took a while, but that's really just a minor gripe and something you can easily fix post-jam if you decide to take this forward.

A well put together game, great job!

I won!

Nice short experience with quite fun arcadey combat, though still quite tactical in it's positioning (I would like strafing, but that's just a personal preference thing I think). I would often anticipate the enemy pathing to put myself in a good position to take shots. I also quite liked the little robot sounds (Though I imagine they may get a little grating if the experience was too much longer).

Cool game! Nice work!

I found the comet!

I know there are a few missing features, but what's there is solid I think. The actual dungeon visuals with the distance fog and the emission/lighting applied to the monster looks really good! The textures are nice as well and it performs well for a godot (I think) web build.

I think there is a really good base here to build from! Nice job!

My first couple of runs weren't great, but I had one that was sick and I got like 450 attack or something and had heaps of food, but I died to something in the pressure plate puzzle room (I think I was just a bit smooth brained), I was trying to let my sanity run out cause I was ready to face the boss but I died instead, probably more of a me issue I think though.

The graphics and sound are really good, hearing the enemy sound cues is a really nice touch and adds to the creepy ambiance of the ruined dungeon. The inventory system worked flawlessly and just the general retro dungeon crawler vibe is super strong. All the sprite work was also really nice, this game is just nice to look at.

Usually I get a bit confused with instant step, but I didn't have much trouble here at all and the combat is really really juicy. I think this game probably nails that retro dungeon crawler vibe more than any other ones I've played.

Well done on a nicely polished and well put together entry!

Visually this is probably my favorite game of the jam that I've seen. All the props and textures, the crunchy skybox and ominous water it just looks phenomenal. It also sounds phenomenal and the vibe is on point with that innsmouth lovercraftian 20s/30s fishing hamlet feel, the spooky droney background music and nautical bells ringing in the distance. I cannot stress enough how cool I find this world and how much I would want to play a full game set here. It's a very impressive environment for a 9 day jam.

Gameplay wise I enjoyed it, I would echo other peoples issues with the bump damage but honestly after a while I was just more careful so it didn't bother me too much that being said there seemed to be a few hidden areas (Like where the chain gauntlets are) and I might not search for them as much with the bump damage mechanic. Combat felt nice and juicy, and I love throwing stuff at enemies. Movement was responsive and felt good.

I did encounter a few bugs. I was able to clip through the rocks in the small cave at the beginning and bypass the 3 fish quest, I was also able to pick up the library notes infinitely. After fighting the spider, I seemed to teleport directly to the under temple, after getting hit by the trap and then standing on the spinner, a few quest trigger things (Like the boulder being gone but the fish quest coming back),  after one of my deaths the sea seemed to clip through the terrain (or maybe it didn't generate) so there was a sea block in the middle of the path to the cave, and lastly I was able to move around the under temple when I was dead in the main menu. I could even access the inventory and pick up items.

Really impressive that this is all running on your custom engine and just a really visually striking and immersive space. This is probably one of the few cases where I 100% would play a post-jam version for my own entertainment that's had some of the bugs fixed, I'd love to finish it.

Great entry!!

Really well made game, very polished and complete. The art and sound is really well done, and I found the combat engaging and tactical enough to be interesting without being overly complex for a shorter experience, especially the exert system which let me kind of tactically yolo extra attacks in some cases.

The only thing I would really like to see is filtering/ordering of actions, if I select attack twice it would be cool to be able to just spam space to use those actions, rather than have to scroll down, very minor personal preference thing.

Really well put together entry, nice work!

I did watch the combat tutorial and I eventually figured it out, I was able to come to terms with 4 memories I think before I went insane. I think I maybe spammed a bit to hard when brute forcing for gaps.

Interesting approach to the theme!

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I've watched a few people play this on stream and now I've played it myself as well.

I absolutely love the art, a big highlight is the crazy evil eternal evil in the sky but most of all I love the cave grubs <_< but all the art is great, the books, the tiles, the sprites, etc. The beginning cutscene was awesome and the kind of yawning void of the endless library once you get past the gate gives me very otherworldly dimension/liminal space vibes.

The games systems are also really interesting, the fact that each story has a unique world that crafts your character with skills and equipment, the stories changing once you fulfill the quest in the book, even without the overarching narrative I think it's such a cool concept. The wider story provides a really interesting narrative structure to what your doing as the librarian as well. Really cool. 

I had a few bugs. Wasn't able to equip some stuff, I had the teleport bug, but not a big deal for a jam game, especially one with this breadth of content. I also wish I could drop items, but that's really about it.

Really well crafted entry, nice job!

I especially liked the attack animation and the UI design, the character getting more and more injured as you lose health is a nice touch, and the mini map looks really good. However my favorite thing was the actual animations of the enemy sprites, there was so much life and bounce in the animations, very cool. The music also added a lot to the ambiance of the ruins.

Great art, great sound, fun gameplay. Nice work!

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Big fan! Derek sure isn't an overly modest guy, but he got the job done :D

I love the vibe of this game, the kind of 20s/30s noir PI kinda thing is a really cool space to play in (the car was more modern, and the dude was wearing a football jersey so I'm not sure about the actual date but the vibe is there) and the level of detail put into the house with bloody footprints and things written on walls (Whats with that bloody triforce super high up? An easter egg?) and placement of furniture and the little floaty particles and the fog outside was really polished and consistent, especially for a jam game. Obviously that VO work was amazing.

I think in terms of scope it was really just right length as well, a tight narrative package that stayed fun and interesting through to the end.

The only minor issue I had was some times I felt like I should be able to move into a space, but the movement grid didn't extend there.

Really well done entry, nice job!

Oh man that eye is so cool. I love being able to look out the windows and see the structure of the station as well as the swirling ring of ships. The environments are varied and that droning background music just gives the whole thing a very cool horror vibe. I'm not sure if it's intention or just luck but a few times I'd go through a door with a double window facing it, and it would look like the eye snapped towards me looking at me through the window which was awesome.

I died super fast a few times (The balance was a bit weird for me, but that's standard for a jam game and I think part of it was not quite groking the combat until my 3rd run) and then got super lucky with a bunch of upgrades and a ton of ammo (I think I ended with like 137 ammo or something) that kind of trivialized the enemies, I was able to blast them from like 5 tiles away.

I actually did end up finding all 3 keycards and get to the core, but it just flashed a quick scene with the eye and then restarted me so I wonder if I accidentally skipped something.

Awesome entry, I really liked it a lot.

Just like last years entry, your visuals are so striking. Really well done. Just so stylish and evocative of those earlier dungeon crawls. Really well done!

Man what a cool tight experience, and the art is sick! No notes really,  super cool.

Strong and Spooky atmosphere.

I played intro and the transition once you gain the sight is really cool :) I also found the dialog funny.

Game-play wise I really enjoyed the crossbow for sure. It's a very satisfying weapon because the bolt feels like it's got a lot of HEFT. I also thought the movement felt responsive, there was a small adjustment period while I got used to the aiming, but after that it felt natural to move around and turn the character while also aiming manually.

Great entry!

No I only had the 1 stim until I found the captain and he gave me 4, unless I unintentionally picked them up somewhere else?

The art and sound design in this are great (Though the mix is a little weird, some of the sfx like the rock fall were way loader, but that's a minor thing). I really liked the aesthetic of the world, the varied heights and textures of the walls and surfaces and the creepy monsters. A fun place to explore, and one my favorite looking games I've played so far.

The game-play was good, movement felt snappy and responsive and the combat was pretty juicy. I actually died the first time, because I'd burned my stim way to early, but once I varied my approach I made it to the captain and didn't have any more issues. I never used the radio.

Strong narrative as well, and a really cool approach to the cutscenes.

Really strong entry, I enjoyed it a lot.

Made it to level 2 but got wrecked by some eyeballs :( I'm not sure if there was a way to recover fallen party members, maybe I missed an item or something, but I ended up going down the stairs with both the main character and the vampire unconscious.

Incredible amount of polish and juice, the music and art is all really cool, a solid narrative as well with that nifty opening cutscene. That jumping puzzle was a fun break from walking the halls. There was also a wide range of skills and enemies, and just a ton of content in general.

Really well made entry!

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There's a lot to like about this game it has a strong narrative through line with a sad story, the controls are tight and the positioning based combat is super cool (I'm glad I got the range upgrade early). It took me a few deaths to get the hang of it, but once I found it very satisfying and tactical.  I also liked the art.

However i got super lost in the 2nd cave I entered. It was HUGE. I got lost for like 10 minutes, died twice trying to speed run my way to the end, and then went I got to the area with the 3 bats I got wrecked so unfortunately I didn't finish, which is unfortunate because I was quite invested in the story :(

Performance was great, I played the web build.

I also like that you included an asset disclosure. It's nice to know which assets were made during the jam.

Great entry!

I beat the final boss, but I found a bug in that even after using my health potion I was able to spam 2 and use it again haha

I wasn't able to nail the parry mechanic on anything but the bats (I think I just didn't quite understand the timing) but the juggling of the upgrades was an engaging gameplay loop as well as the ability to us the hammers to find hidden items. Combat was fun and juicy (With the slash sound and the cool dissolving death animations). I also really liked the creepy ambient background track.

Nice work!

I played through to the end! I didn't really understand the puzzles, so I ended up just hitting all the switches and killed the bugs and zombies until I found the end :) The models are endearing in a way, but the music is a bit repetitive.

The game performs well (I tried both the windows and web versions) and the lighting/camera distance fog/whatever looks really nice.

A good effort!

Cool game. Looks and sounds great! Gives me big gungeon vibes for sure and the lighting is really atmospheric.

However, I ran into a bug I think where collision on the bullets stopped working so I couldn't progress past the second enemy. I was able to kill the tutorial turret and then dodge through the bullets (Nice diegetic tutorial as well), but then when I went into the second room my bullets passed right through the green guy and the little red guys.

Hiya :) I bought this game back before AppLab and haven't played it since, but there is no oculus key on my itch page so I have no way to redeem my purchase. How do I go about getting my key?

Hey thanks for the feedback, and that's a great point!

It was originally designed for a phone resolution and midi controllers, but I think you are 100% right so I've changed the default mapping to QWE IOP. It's a bit awkward on the more compact pad layout, but that's designed for touch screens anyway so it just makes sense.

Thanks again for the feedback!

So good, really funky and the tones really do evoke that kind of neon pinball vibe, so you nailed the theme for sure.

Some really interesting structure too, there's a few reprieves that introduce some different melodies before that main melody comes back in that sound really really great.

Oh man I love that melody that comes in at 47ish seconds. I also really liked that arpegio that's subtly mixed into the background around there as well. There's a lot of depth but the overall vibe is still very relaxing and calming, it's easy to listen to. 

My fav is defo the town theme, but both are interesting tracks for sure.

The use of water and water adjacent sounds is great, definitely getting hot springs/onsen vibes for sure. That bellow like ebb of steam coming in and out is especially a really interesting addition.