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This is a really interesting and unique environment, very fun place to explore. What a fun  entry! I love the postit notes and marker pens and other flourishes that really sell this space.

Really nice entry. The environment is interesting and the art is great. I know this isn't a gameplay round, but the gameplay is also really cool, I love using your little robot buddy to traverse different obstacles.

Hi :)
This is a godot 4.0 issue, it needs to be run in Chrome, I get the same errors when I run it in Firefox.

Love the music queue haha. As others have pointed out, I had some minor issues with the rope grabbing, but that's not super relevant to round 1. I did finish, but I didn't get the chest.

The environment was I think interesting, I really liked how you did the layers of the inside and outside of the ship to make that cut away effect, it's really nice.  Nice entry!

I love this color palette. The ground terrain sprites, and the leaves are really well done. The waterfalls look great as well. Combined with the particles (Sakura leaves?) and music it builds a very contemplative space, which it sounds like you were going for.

Great work!

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I beat level 1! I feel like I cheated a bit using the solid red walls to bite and launch haha :)

I like this game. Inside the body is definitely a unique environment, lots of room to take this further for sure, and I would definitely be interested in playing more levels. As for constructive feedback, If you want to take this forward I think you could definitely look into what kind of visual juice you can add around background textures/layers, particles (especially things like fluids etc), camera stuff, etc.

I know this isn't a gameplay round, but I did enjoy the mechanics, it was difficult but not super frustrating, I think you got a good balance which can be difficult in a gamejam.

Great entry! And congrats on your first solo jam!

Gorgeous. The parallax layers and reflection off the salt flats look amazing. Really evocative night time palette as well with the purples. I always appreciate when people add that extra level of polish and juice to jam games like the audio queues for the title card and the particles. Nice Work.

I accidentally spoiled myself by reading a comment before I played so I was ready when the clouds came up, but even being ready for it I found it quite tough, definitely an interesting mechanic!

Oh man, that's a good point. I can't edit the game but I'll add the controls to the description.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks :) 

Thank you for the kind feedback :) I'm pretty proud of the music, I've been learning piano since xmas and this was the first piece of original music I've written on it (Though it's a super simple little song).

I really like the environment concept here with the starstuff or asteroids etc flying along in the background. A good feeling of momentum and atmosphere. Lots of great visual juice (Musics good too). Nice job! 

Haha this is such a great concept for an environment, I love it!

The effects are nice, I especially like the shallow depth of field blur of the environment outside of the tub, the boat and it's particles look great too :)

Cool environment. I liked the use of fog and particles and color to make it feel very "other worldly". The voice overs are also a nice touch and contribute to the atmosphere.

Nice entry!

This concept is wild haha. I was able to get to the next platform, but I can't for the life of me get to the third for some reason my guy won't jump high enough. 

The environment itself is crazy and this is definitely a unique concept! I like it!

Cute character and an interesting environment. I love the sunrays breaking through the canopy and the different background/foreground layers. Nice!

I really like this concept, like a starship graveyard on a desolate desert planet or mars or something. I liked your use of the geometry to break up the terrain into a more interesting level layout with culverts and angles and turns. Would love to see this taken forward :)

Stunning art in this entry, I love the use of different layers to add so much depth to the scenes. Really beautiful work. I know the gameplay is kind of out of scope for this round, but that mechanic is really interesting. Once I had to chain the bird and money to bird again it really clicked and felt pretty great. The different animals also looked fantastic. Great job!

Really like the art of this entry. It looks fantastic.

I am the new reaper!

This is amazing so many juicy touches. The dash lighting changes, the particles, the respawn animation, the cool looking skybox and pixelate shader. Really really cool.

I finished it, but I had to slow down as the smaller monoliths(?) were difficult to see when I was going super fast, took me 135ish seconds :)

Interesting other worldly landscape and I love the huge looming thing in the sky it was a cool sci-fi oppressive feeling kind of level. Nice! 

Love the colours and the crazy alien plants. The waterfall also looks pretty. Nice job! It's also really neat that you included your concept art!

I'm not to sure about the gameplay, I really am not quite sure what I'm doing in terms of combat, I just seem to die straight away.  

However, I think the visual style of the game is extremely cool and I'd like to see this fleshed out. 

This game looks really good, the background and sprite look fantastic, the particle effects on the grass is a really nice touch, there are diverse areas and even a sewer and water area which is a lot of content. The world itself actually is MASSIVE, there really is a ton of content, an impressive amount actually but maybe a bit to much for a gamejam. The swimming animation is super cute btw.

Transitioning the music (And showing area names on screen) between areas is a really nice way to split them up atmospherically (Is that a word?). In general there is a lot of I think meta polish to this entry, lots of little touches that make it feel like a complete experience, even optional collectibles.

My primary feedback is on the physics of your character controller. Some minor feel touches like coyote time and a few other bits of gameplay feel juice would have been good, and the jump arc feels a bit to abrupt to me, gravity accel needs to be applied gradually imo to get a really nice feeling of hang time, but a lot of this is personal preference or minor tweaks that don't detract from the experience at all.

Really nice work, a fantastic entry! 

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The visuals on this game (Especially the destruction and the dithered smoke coming from the destroyed hulk of my tank that I saw quite a few times) are top notch. The controls are actually pretty cool once you start to get the hang of them, but holy moly do I suck at this game. I literally cannot get to 99 seconds. I just run into walls get stuck overwhelmed and die, I do okay as long as I can kind of have good spacing and pick up monster hearts (Nice animation on the monster guts btw, the pulsating is a nice touch). The use of the low resolution available is really impressive, at no point did I feel like my view of the map was constricted, and the minimap was a fantastic way to distill critical information into a tiny package. 

 I think part of my problem is how small some of the paths are between structures I always just end up ramming into them, but this is totally a me problem the game itself is really well made and fun to play.

Awesome work.

Really fun game loop there with a nice even difficulty progression. The music was on point and the game sounded great. 

Great use of the tiny available res to still give the player enough room to react to the debris and each different debris having different mechanics and speeds is really the key thing I think that makes this game fun to play. 

A fun game, and a great entry!

wew over 12 mins haha. I actually really liked the mechanics, I really enjoyed the skill based jumping and I think the death clock was balaced well. I did not like having to single press the movement keys each time I wanted to move, my fingers got sore haha

Once I unlocked the ending I felt like a boss, that was a ton of fun.

Visually it looks great, I liked the way everything got more and more intense as your started to dry out. 

A really fun entry which is hard to do when you're making a rage game for a jam, awesome entry!

I really like the art, the parallax effect is really nice and the art itself is very cool, the frog animation is adorable considering the tiny res.

The movement is a bit slow in my opinion, but that could be a design choice or an issue with the web version or something.

Wind and fire crackling effects are subtle and evocative and at least sound like they have some degree of random variation, I actually think it was a good choice not to drown it out with any music, maybe a really subtle ambient track but anything more would I think detract. 

The narrative is pretty sad, with the frog trying to survive the bush fire. Pretty intense.

Nice entry, good work!

Love the dodge roll,  both the mechanic and the animation. The combat in general is fun, and the enemy variety kept it interesting. I really enjoyed baiting out the spear charge and then iframing through to attack from behind. It definitely got a bit hectic at the end there! 

Nice entry!

That is one very cute turtle :D

This game is a lot of fun, wasn't quite sure what happened on Wave 40 but I saw on the gamepage that it kills you straight away, which is a shame because I would have liked to get a win screen or something haha

Visually the game looks really nice, the frogs are distinct and easy to tell apart, even as you upgrade them and the colours change. I appreciate the little bits of foliage and decoration as well. The font was a little hard to read, but that's the nature of the jam, everyone's text is hard to read haha Couple of things that really stood out is the wave progress bar on the side, it's unobtrusive but really good information, and the title screen animation which looks great. Nice level of polish on the visuals. 

Audio was good, music was relaxing and I loved the voice acting XD. I was worried the shooting sounds would get a bit jarring but even when I had a lot of spicy bois going in the later waves it was fine, the actual placing noise was a little high pitched and sharp for my boomer ears, but you only hear it like 10 times a game so it's all good. 

The only feedback I would have really is balance based, which is always going to be a challenge for a jam game.

Great entry! Good job to the team!

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Holy moly that was intense. I killed the Kaijū with only 4 hp left on my blue building phew

It took me a bit to grok what was going on and how to build other types of buildings, but once I did I had a great time. I think some sort of tutorial would have been helpful, but it wasn't the end of the world I was still able to win on my first try.

Visually it looks nice, I liked the little bouncing tanks they're cute and the plane and tank shots landing on the Kaijū were satisfying.

Oh and I think I said this on twitter but that is one juicy ass laser beam BRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Nice entry!

I'm terrible at puzzle games, but the simplicity of this mechanic made it quite easy to grok what's going on, and you seemed to be able to get a ton of variety out of it.

The game looks great as well, fun to play, good job. 

So this isn't going to be anything new because we talked in discord but frankly I find the actual procgen systems here extremely impressive on a technical level. The maps you're generating here look really natural and have a bunch of really immersive natural terrain features like hills and disconnected islands, areas of increased vegetation, lakes and ponds, and peninsulars. 

The gameplay itself however is kind of difficult to understand. The dig function seems to oscillate between 1 pixel and an area and I'm not sure what the objective is.

However, the technical achievement of the procgen system, especially after you uploaded your fix is really something else. I think you focused pretty heavily on that component and really did a fantastic job building that system. 

Nice work!

This game is incredible. Lets go down the list

  • Visually, it looks fantastic, the animation of both characters is really cute and the level of juice around things like trails and particle effects is really next level. Even the character pulling out their space club is just really smooth and looks fantastic. The opening and closing cutscene have so much character and charm, there are so many subtle visual touches like minor screen shakes, screen flashes, changing the lighting of the scene, animated transitions, just a ton of thought and polish put into them.
  • The music is whimsical and thematically appropriate, evocative, and also varied throughout the different game states. Really well done, it fit perfectly. 
  • The zoom-out mechanic was a genius way to mitigate the resolution constraints, it really opened up the whole concept with so many more options for multi-screen and long range puzzles.
  • The actual mechanics of golfing the critter felt great. Being able to zoom in and out was critical to give the player situational awareness and the physics worked pretty much how I expected. I never felt frustrated or anything.

I really don't have any meaningful feedback, other than maybe the controls would work better if it was less of a "click to stop the rotating target to chose a trajectory" and more of a traditional aiming mechanic, just to make things feel better mechanically, but that's entirely personal preference. 

I'd really just like to see this fleshed out with more puzzle mechanics, a longer story, maybe ditch the res constraint to make it a bit less visually messy, etc. I just kind of want to play more lol.

Fantastic job!

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Oml a low res mini-gold metroidvania, I think I'm in love, looks like I did in 67 strokes XD

I did find I got better quickly once I started to learn the strength and trajectory of various pitch and strength settings. The visuals were good I think, they fit well into the theme and I could figure out what was going on for the most part (With the exception of the sand tunnel in the roof, that could use some tweaking). The bgm was very quiet, but otherwise unobtrusive and I think fits the type of game well (From what I could hear) but it needs to be louder. The swing/hit sound was satisfying.

Most of all though it's just a really mechanically fun game, well done!

Edit: I did paste my end screen in here, but I can't see it on the page. 

Oh one other thing I wanted to comment on was your thumbnail, it's really good. It drew me straight into your submission page when I saw it in passing. It explains the concept well at a glance. Made me realize my one was terrible haha.

Okay interesting entry. Like a bombing run in the a stars photosphere followed by a frantic escape like a mix between lifeforce on the NES and the attack on the death star haha, that last level was really tense, it seemed I moved faster when I was closer to the right of the screen so I was frantically managing my shots and dodging, that was a cool sequence. 

The cutscenes were a big standout for me actually, well specifically that first cutscene between the first asteroid level and the stars photosphere, the undulating solar flares and music was really emotive. I did wonder how you did the ones after that and it sounds like you maybe down res'd some stock footage or something? 

In terms of feedback, the movement and shooting was pretty slow for me, I wonder if that's a web version or browser thing rather than what its like at full speed, I also didn't quite understand what I needed to do in the 2nd level until I failed so maybe some sort of context, instructions, objectives displayed to the player would be helpful. 

Good effort!

The stomping monster is awesome. 
I also really like the mechanics of switching to the different forms to have different abilities. I think I may have cheated a bit by making heavy use of jumping and then turning into the flower as I fell and shooting everything haha

Really fun concept.

First of all even the itch page is gorgeous haha the game looks and sounds amazing. 

I appreciate level of finesse that's gone into this entry, things like having different background/level tiles lining up with buttons off screen to help the player orient, the use of negative level space to show tutorial messages, and the inclusion of a free look feature to mitigate the res constraints are all a level of polish above. Great work.

There is also just a TON of content, I didn't time myself but I think it took me nearly an hour to beat it haha I don't know how long you spent designing levels, but it must have used up a fair chunk of time. The puzzles have an obvious internal logic and so they're not frustrating or anything, and I had fun playing it. My only feedback would be the progression is a little off, you spend a fair chunk of the game with a few mechanics and then the game introduces a bunch more but only uses them for a few levels. Not a big deal, probably just down to the nature of jam games and how hard they are to balance.

All in all a very strong entry, fantastic work :D

This game is mechanically really fun, the wall jumps feel sticky and deterministic. The BGM is very subtle and unobtrusive, I think it gives a good cadence for jumping, almost like a rhythm mechanic. The monochrome visuals are attractive and a little bit nostalgic as well, like one of those "100 in 1" hand held games from the early 2000s. 

Some of the levels I got after level 7 were basically impossible with how the spikes and blackholes were positioned so if you take this forward that will need to be fixed, and obviously the little chap maybe deserves a happy ending one day XD

All in all a really tight and polished entry, great work!

This is a very cool entry.

It took me a while to figure out what was going on because of the low res but once I did I had fun with this game. However, I did find it very difficult, specifically because of limitations in placing my soldiers, I felt like there wasn't a ton I could do to bolster the defense of one of my mines and I didn't quite understand if I was supposed to be able to move my soldiers or buggys/bikes. I did get a cannon down in a great position on level 1 that went to town on the aliens though, and that felt great haha. 

Visually I think it looks fantastic, especially with the lighting effects and all the different colours of soldiers and aliens and projectiles around the screen, and the music is atmospheric and engaging. 

I think there is a cool game here, it just needs a bit more polish to make it clearer how to play, but the core concept is really fun. 

Great job!