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Honestly this is what I was worried about haha.

 I didn't test on another machine until the last day and the performance was awful. I tried to implement some quick LOD by splitting the island into 3 sections and disabling nodes in the other sections but there was a physics bottleneck I couldn't track down in time. I appreciate that you played my game and I think the next 3d game I make for a gamejam I'll focus very heavily on performance.

I learned a lot during this jam about systems like dialog and event triggers and navmeshes so I think my next game will be better, and this wasn't wasted time. 

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Wow what a fun game haha. The explosive pumpkins are a....blast. It took me a few shots to figure out I could move around to increase the shot power, but one I figured that out I was having a good time. I tried a BUNCH of times to hit the far away target and I nearly got it a few times but it's just to hard to time for me.  The theme was on point as well, got a real harvest festival vibe. 

Awesome entry. 

I like the concept, but I think the daynight cycle broke for me. Once it went night it never went day again and I got lost looking for the village. 

Nice take on a classic. I like the look of the isometric maps and I wasn't to bothered by the leaves and snowflakes, could be tweaked but I think the effect itself adds to the vibe. Nice music as well. One thing I did notice is that if I held W and and a direction and then pressed the other direction while up against 2 blocks I could clip diagonally between two blocks I didn't use it to solve the puzzles though :D

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Great visuals and mood. On Theme for sure. I liked the concept of rebuilding but I did get a little bit confused how to get a weapon. I collected so many leaves!

Cool game, shooting feels good and accurate with the crosshair. Looks and sounds cool. The enemies passing through level geometry give me flashbacks to medusa heads from Castlevania :D

trippy game with some good juice. I ended up using powerful boom A LOT haha.

This is awesome. Love the pallete changes, the leaf effects, the dynamic pathing stuff, amazing. Great music choice as well, very evocative. 

I get similar vibes as the haikus in Ghost of Tsushima, though this is more interactive.

Controls feel good and actually made me quite nervous while playing, I ended up doing a lot of very careful thrust management to clear obstacles. It took me a bunch of tries to even get out 2nd area but I managed to get a bit further along to this gap which killed me haha

Wow haha this is a very polished jam game. 

I really like the animations on the beer mugs, especially when they first fall down onto the game board, and the use of particles to show the bubbles in the timer/combo meter. 

Cool game!

Played a few levels, pretty cool little dungeon crawler. 

Great mini map implementation and I liked the billboard sprite health bars. It ran really well in html5 as well. 

My best time is 3:33. I just get stuck on that last level haha

Finished it! (88 deaths haha)

A very polished game for a jam with a bunch of positives:

  • Lots of great use of particle effects, I especially liked the background (very moody).
  • Mechanics felt good, I felt like I had good control over the character.
  • Music was great.
  • The lighting around the character was cool. In general just a lot of great visual juice. 

As others have said it's got quite the difficulty curve and I got stuck right around the "How did you get up here?" section but I managed to get through. That being said, progression is challenging to get right in a jam. 

Awesome entry!

Thanks :D

My game has a bunch of CC0 and CC Attribution assets in it (Wall textures, fonts, sounds, etc). I had originally planned to replace these but I ran out of time. 

I assume that doesn't disqualify my game as long as I provide proper attribution? 

Yeap :)

This is my favorite entry. Really polished. I finished all the levels (Then it looped back to the start and I finished them again haha). 

I loved lemmings as a kid and this gives me the same vibe, would love a larger version of this game with more obstacles and stuff. 

Great job!

I got all 3 endings! Nice entry. Definitely got a bit hectic when I was on the opposite side of the level as the newest enemy haha

A full realized puzzle mechanic is a pretty impressive thing to bang out in 3 hours. I also really like the level of polish; unobtrusive audio, clean visuals and even a really nice fill effect upon completion of the level.  Great work. 

Wow. Very complete and polished vision for a short game jam. Great entry. Fun too! I completed all the stages :D

Thanks for playing my game :)

Yea it's a pretty niche game (Which was a mistake in retrospect), air strafing is such a weird niche esoteric game mechanic. If you wannna see what a full run looks like, check out this clip I made early on in the jam:

Love the audio. Taking the time do record your own sounds was a nice touch. 

Almost like a reverse tower defense game, cool idea! Great art as well.

Oh wow, this concept is awesome. Even at easy it's a bit fast for me, but the core gameplay loop is fun as heck. What a great entry, good job!

Ahh sorry about that. It's a bug because the html5 version was a bit of an after thought and so the game logic tries to quit the application haha

I'm waiting till the judging period is over before I upload a fixed version :)

Oh yea Godot is sick. I used to use LibGDX (and flixel-gdx) almost exclusively but once I finally sat down and learned how to use an engine like Godot I was able to prototype and build jam games so much faster.

Thanks :D 

Thanks :D

haha thanks. The art for my team was done by a young family member who's also stuck in quarantine and bored. I think she did a fantastic job of the characters.

Oh my god. This is basically the same idea I had for my entry but like 1000000000x better executed.  Allowing the characters to stand on each others heads is clutch. I think the fact that the two entities interact to finish the level is more impactful than just hitting a mcguffin switch to allow the other character to finish which is common in this style of game. I think this is what separates Trine and unravel from other 'Multi-character platfomers' and you nailed it.

fantastic entry, great job.

Also I have to say after intentionally choosing the negative option with the apples, the animation on the text for the bad effect is awesome.

Production is great, especially like the art. The concept is super interesting as well, thematically. Great job on this entry for sure.

I think the first time I played I ran into one of the bugs by being a big to keen on the keyboard, but it worked better the next time when I was a bit more careful with my inputs:

As a side note: For this years 7drl I made a game where anytime a player got to new highest floor in the dungeon, the global seed (which the game client requested from an web service) was changed, meaning every player shared procgen dungeons but could also change it for everyone else. I feel like there is an amazing experience hidden somewhere in smashing this concept and my concept together where everyone has agency to alter a shared world both physically and thematically/tonally.

The control scheme in this entry is really effective. I'm a fan of games I can play while watching netflix, and I think an expanded version of this ala isaac or gundeon would be a banger. I did find a bug when I died though and somehow escape the bounds of your main menu camera :o :o :P XD

I'm not sure I understand the mechanics behind the meters, but the actual gameplay was polished and worked well. It was satisfying to cut stuff (Mechanically), and the core concept of splitting the food to try and please everyone and make it go around was not only thematically appropriate but also an interesting gameplay challenge. 

This is one of my fav entries. I actually really like the camera, very evocative of ps1/n64 platformers.

Cool! I like that you can shoot diagonally if you time it right. Would be cool to see this scaled up with more textures and stuff into a full game, seems like it would be fun. 

That intro! haha amazing. Cool entry.

Love the music and the vibe

Similar issues as others. I'm guessing the better you do the more clues you have to solve the hangman puzzle? Interesting idea for sure.

Quick start to the game, i lost a person as soon as i started and then died soon after. What i saw of the game looked cool and like something that you could play over and over again, especially with a restart button.