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Once you get past the title, it's a cool game :D I really like the concept, but the audio seemed a bit off and distracting so maybe try some other tunes and see how it goes :)


I submitted an asset pack 3 days ago and received the published email, but neither the pack, nor my profile can be found through the search. I have read all documents relating to quality and indexing and cannot find an issue with my submission. I also made sure to mark my profile as a publisher.

I understand that a review process must occur as it is my first submission, but it has been over a day so I am wondering if I may have missed something :(

Thank you!

Loved this one! It's tough, and my skills were nowhere to be found, yet I still kept trying and trying  :D Good job!

It's not a bad game, but I don't think it fits the theme at all. Also, not being able to move when you start is very confusing.

A very cute game! I enjoyed walking around and discovering everything. Unfortunately the tile map shows on the road so it takes away from the graphics a bit :( The audio is great though!

Pretty cool game, the graphics are oddly alluring :D The only complaint for me is that the default level of the effects volume is very high compared to the music (I know that you can readjust them though so it's not even a proper complaint :D )

This was super fun and well made! I sucked so bad though and had to keep trying and trying :D 

Also, the music is awesome! Tell your friend he's going places with those skills!

Very cool game! I suck though and had to keep trying again and again and again :D

Great game, especially if you only built it in 2 days! I do agree with everyone else's recommendations though - some tutorial or controls visualization would help for sure :)

Cool game! The music really sets the mood and the jump scares are quite fun :)

Good job, very creepy! I bit unintuitive in the responsiveness of the controls in my opinion, but still a good one!

Sucks about the WebGL issue! Other than that, cool and fun concept, I enjoyed it all the way until is just started rewinding over and over again and I couldn't progress :/

Great concept and very nice graphics and audio! The movement was a bit weird for me initially so maybe add a little tutorial or graphic that explains the controls :)

Wow! It looks and feels really cool! Cool idea too!