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the jumpscares everytime i get bitten! lmao

lack of juice i'd say, but cool concept in its simplicity ♥ i'd play more if i was'nt so scared 

great charadesigns! good job on the game :)

merci ! contents que ça t'ait plu :) des polish sont prévus pour encourager la rejouabilité !

merci ben !

merci beaucoup !

merci Matote ! contents de t'avoir fait passer un bon moment !

merci copine ! <3
on corrigera sans doute ces petits couacs qui restent

merci copain <3

merci bien ! à vot' service  !

merci ! nos devs ont beaucoup bossé les physiques du jeu pour vous offrir le meilleur des flows ! >:)

beau potentiel effectivement :) je suis contente de voir un jeu de rythme en game jam ! un petit mood à la crypt of the necrodancer :catjam:

Bravo ! Très chouette sujet, résultat prometteur ♥ Pensez à vous créditer quelque part, c'est super ce que vous avez fait :)

solide ! bien joué les potes ! :D

oh my!! such good compliments, we're honoured!
we're so glad you enjoyed the experience that much
love on you ♥


hehe thank you! :)

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ♥ ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞ ♥  ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

oh that's so cute! our ghost is adorable i feel so much for them ♥

all the puns made me laugh ahahah, great job!

thank you a lot for your comment ♥

 we knew we were lacking  crucial feedbacks but got overwhelmed by the time ahah...
now that we are rested and have all your experiences back, we see clearer how to improve the game :) the health bar is indeed a bright idea i'll look into it

PS : love your avatar omg

well played! i'm happy to see some people got the gameplay and enjoyed it! :) we knew it was an issue but were a bit short on time

so poetic ♥ i love the concept! good job :D

that dragon is gorgeous, too (that's absolutely why i let them reach back to me, it's true i swear)

wow! that's the biggest compliment i could get ♥ thank you a lot

i can't find any social links of you? did you do the art on your submission Blossom? :) I love it, it's beautiful and poetic!

let me cry with you
thank you!

hey! there you are :) really nice game, good job!

can't beat either mode tho >:( must keep playing

cool appropriation of the theme! i always wanted to play the boss instead of a smol hero

good job yall :)

that pitch is adorable ♥ and your cute little guy embrace the mood, well done!

big thanks! me and the team are glad you enjoyed it all! ♪(´▽`)

ha, yes! got it :) thanks
big guy is so cute hehe

now you make us blush  ♪(´▽`)
we definitely want to add the missing sound design and we thought about improving the clarity of some parts of the gameplay... we'll think about it ;)

woooow! thank you! :D ♥
we're so glad you enjoyed it that much

really strong concept! fun, challenging, catchy!

you really nailed it! (o゜▽゜)o☆

lovely game ♥ loved it! the art and music are so cool and soothing

i did a ton of photos, would be fun to be able to download them hehe

quick question : is there a way to meet Boss? what happened to them, i'm worried! Q-Q

really nice game! no need to repeat the other comments, there's only one main downside and you're already aware of it
 i'll just compliment you again on the global aesthetics, environment, UI system and characters made by your community ♥
congrats! :D

thank you a lot! i indeed got inspiration from Kandisky, Eric Satie and all that XXth century vibe, you got it right! :) 

Truth is, we even followed Kandinsky's definitions of colours where he describes yellow as an eccentric movement, blue a concentric movement, red a movement in itself and black an eternal silence and nothingness. Insane!

I often document a lot when i'm choosing an artistic direction, it seems to make things really coherent and i love it :p

Post-processing and some engine animations were made by our dev Mahjoub and it really polished it all. He nailed it and the game really stepped up!

Akarius likes composing sad themed music and chose to play with that contrast. We thought our abstract ambiance could let us do that way :) And after all, it is a boss fight for our character's life!!

thank you again for the feedback (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

Thank you for your comment! :)

Our writers were invested on the credibility and researched a lot on the subject

I, for the graphic art (the illustrations part) focused on a soothing ambiance and search for what a child psychiatrist would use to calm Ethan and lead him to trust in her place. Plus, the stickers made by Vorpaline are fun to play with, and it was an important key of our gameplay.

I'm glad all this seemed credible to you!

About difficulties of comprehension, we think it could be due to problems we had with dialogue integrations. Sorry about that :(

Thank you again ♥

Thank you for your comment! :)

I agree with you, the gameplay should have been a bit more challenging and less literal. For the first few days we struggled to dwell on just one idea, and when we did we kind of stopped changing the global concept. It wasn't an easy theme! We were afraid to get lost in too many ideas

I think your last idea was our initial intention too! But it got lost in the jam's fever :(

Thank you again for your comment ♥

merciiii ♥ 

Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire :D
Tes retours sont très pertinents, on les aura en tête lorsqu'on retournera bosser dessus
Je retravaillerai les graphismes et leur mise en page pour essayer de rendre tout ça plus clair

Il y a peut-être un moyen d'être notifié lors de la publication des prochains builds ? A la prochaine peut-être :)