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Those Pinapples OMG! Chef Santangelo has his work cut out for him


Yeah I guess I just wanted to test out this perspective in low-rez. Thanks for playing!

Thanks. I made this kind of rushed and had to learn blender only in a few hours.

I really liked this game plot concept. It can really be expanded on to be even better than this version (this one was still awesome, ngl). Really good for a low-rez game jam

Nice Game. A little hard to get used to the controls, and the 3-bar-block on the bottom was a bit unclear. Overall, good game!

Thanks for the input, your games pretty good too

Good Story Line. Made me continue playing it despite only being able to mine rocks. Good for a 7 day game jam and test of skills

Loved this. Similar to my game. Great job

Lol "Fascists Win"? I had no idea I was fighting them

I feel bad that such a well made game does not have more ratings. This game is ready to be professionally distributed with a couple more touch-ups no BS. I would make it so there is a mode even easier than easy, cause I couldn't even beat easy mode after trying twice. I think there at least needs to be a playable mode before more strict time come into play. Awesome game, 5 stars

Great Idea and twist of the theme. It quit at the start of chapter 6 and crashed tho

Had potential if developed more. I loved the theme idea

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Literally the first game I gave 5 stars. So funny and dumb. I want reece to play this


Thanks, it’s appreciated, I’ll play ur game ASAP 

of course! I do the same thing

If you have submitted game but it is not working properly then that's fine,  usually the jam let's you change files and stuff of a submission after the deadline.

If you haven't submitted then I don't think you will be able to submit at all


Thanks, yeah the mouse was a bit weird. It was hard to make it better cause once there were too many sprites I had to make it designated into one spot. Thanks for the feedback

Definatly the most fun game so far. I loved how you need to orbit the ships quickly in order to survive in the later lvls. This is the first game that I am actually saving on computer after Jam.

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This is the most janky, fast pased, fun game I have ever played. Wow, just amazing. Only drawback was that the camera screen could have been bigger. Other than that, holy cow. Also nice storyline

This is one of the best games I have ever seen! I feel like you got some inspiration from Baba is You, a game where you move blocks to create code to control game mechanics. I honestly think this will get into the top 20 for game jam. Amazing Job!

Really interesting Idea. I also liked the zoom in animation whe u die. I was so bad that I couldn't keep going cause of those damn elephants, but it was a good game. For a game made in 2 days it showed a lot of potential!

I don't want to rate it because it made me install this engine and I couldn't cause my computer has insane security. If there is a solution to this I'll play it ASAP

Awesome! Thank you so much!

Interesting game. I liked how u couldn't just type every word in the game to win. Only problems were that the cat navigation took forever and it was a but impossible. But it was a great game idea and learning tool for a game made in 2 days!

Nice game. I feel like you got some inspriration from the shuriken game last year where they slowed down time to make it easier to kick them. Great game!

Simple and fun. If you had more time I bet it would have more lvls and etc, but because of the time constraint I guess it was difficult to explore a lot of different idea. Good job

Very interesting idea and very original too. It's a bit difficult to get the hang of the controls, but overall this is a nice, solid game.

Please don't have the unity download called School Shooter

Not going to rate cause I couldn't play it. This thing asked me all of these permissions to download it and since my laptop has windows police etc it wouldn't even let me open it. I would play it if there was an easy way to play it

F#$%ing amazing. Loved it so much. Only drawback was that grappling onto the things was inconsistent

I don't even know how you made so many lvls. Really fun game. I had to force myself to stop playing. This would be a great speed run game

Very fun, although I couldn;t find a way to jump while I was on a block. Great concept tho. Blew my mind on lvl 2 when I realised I could jump ontop of blocks to connect them

Has lots of potential

Really great game! I didn't expect to see this kind of puzzle content but it was a welcome challenge.

Only drawback (and maybe this is just my stupidity) is that I could not beat lvl 3. I was on the web version, and literally tried everything for 30 minutes: droping glass into drawer, droping glass onto floor, jumping on roomba, picking up glass, giving bird to roomba, cheating the scale with glitches, etc. 

Thank you so much!