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In trying it again today, it downloads with the right name and the hash of the file is the same... 

I have a horrible feeling I accidentally clicked on my copy of Astounding Tales - thus changing the name the downloading file would be called - before creating the new directory for these files.

Sorry for the scare!

Is having the 'Marvelous Children of Inang-Uri.pdf' file actually download as 'Astounding Tales.pdf' deliberate?

So much of momatoes' work is outrageously gorgeous!

The real question is 'why isn't it here??'

I thought I would miss the old critter look, but these are lovely, thank you.

Thanks for doing this. I am yet another bundle-buyer who can't see a link, but but especially if these cost you money, I am fine without a Steam key.

It makes me slightly sad that you can't download old versions from here - I've got the set from 1.04, but you've now got me wanting the earlier ones just to be even more impressed by how this has evolved.

Fab, thank you.

Ah ha! Thanks.

The page at is great - could it be added to the program as a window, in the same way as the preview is displayed?

I find I am using this more and more (thank you!) and would now find being able to create a new file from a template very useful.

Deepdwn knows I do not have any: "No templates created" and offers a "Create one now" button, but when I press it, nothing apparently happens. No new file appears, and the current file does not become a template.

0.38.0 on Linux (appimage)

Stunning update. 

What's the version numbering scheme? This feels more than a slight update to 1.162 which is what calling it 1.665 implies :)

Thank you again.

(1 edit)

No problem - thank you for your Christmas-time tech support!

Trying on a third PC, it does it for me on WIndows too - I change the language, exit the program, run it again and it's back to US English.

Before moving and starting without one:

  "accent_color": "#d9556a",
  "project-directories": [
  "theme": "dark",
  "ignore_version": "0.33.0",
  "spellcheck_languages": [
  "powermode": false,
  "active_filters": [],
  "expanded_section": [
  "expanded_folders": [
  "active_file": "/home/ian/"

After doing that and changing a few (different) things:

  "project-directories": [
  ],  "expanded_folders": [
  "spellcheck_languages": [
  "theme": "auto",
  "power_shake_amount": 0,
  "active_file": "/home/ian/",
  "active_filters": []

.. and on restarting, it's back to using US English although the en-GB remains in settings.json!

(Waits for someone to finish using the other PC in the room.)

It's painfully slow on low spec PCs, isn't it? None of the CPU cores is especially busy, there's plenty of spare RAM, so I'm guessing it would really like to avoid Intel integrated graphics...

Similar but different: if I delete US English and have UK English, what's in the settings.json file is both, and restarting results in it being US English only.

My PC is Linux MATE 21.1 (based on Ubuntu 22.04) with 'a reasonable for 2018' Ryzen and Nvidia graphics card. The other one is Ubuntu MATE 22.04, with

a i3-5005U and its integrated graphics.

Is there a way to get some verbose logging?

I haven’t tried changing every setting, but I haven’t noticed anything else not being sticky (no screenquakes!) 

Yes, this is with Deepdwn-0.37.0.AppImage, downloaded on the 23rd.

And they 're both zero length files that get updated with each run:

$ ls -lha .config/Deepdwn/logs/
total 8.0K
drwxrwxr-x  2 ian ian 4.0K Dec 26 09:55 .
drwx------ 12 ian ian 4.0K Dec 26 09:56 ..
-rw-rw-r--  1 ian ian    0 Dec 26 09:55 error.log
-rw-rw-r--  1 ian ian    0 Dec 25 23:38 last_error.log

(restarts Deepdwn)

$ls -lha .config/Deepdwn/logs/

total 8.0K
drwxrwxr-x  2 ian ian 4.0K Dec 26 09:58 .
drwx------ 12 ian ian 4.0K Dec 26 09:58 ..
-rw-rw-r--  1 ian ian    0 Dec 26 09:58 error.log
-rw-rw-r--  1 ian ian    0 Dec 26 09:55 last_error.log

They're both zero length files.

If I change to French (France), and delete the English option, it thinks almost everything is misspelt :) If I exit and restart, it does indeed revert to US English, even though 

  "spellcheck_languages": [

is in settings.json.

Yes, it spellchecks UK English when asked.

$ls -lha ~/.config/Deepdwn/settings.json
-rw-rw-r-- 1 ian ian 521 Dec 25 13:01 /home/ian/.config/Deepdwn/settings.json

.. so yes.

If I look inside, I can see

  "spellcheck_languages": [

If I close the program and reopen, that's still there, but Tools/Preferences/Spellcheck languages only shows US English (and all my nice UK English documents show spelling errors!) As I say, other settings seem to be remembered successfully.

UK English.

I'm using the appimage Linux version and every time I run it and start a new document, it wants to use US English to spellcheck.

Given that it remembers that I don't like the 'earthquake' of power mode, it would be nice if there was a way to get it to remember a different default language.

That ability to remember I've turned it off does mean that I'm not asking for screenshake to be set to zero as a default, but I am surprised that it isn't. Do other people like it?

That showcase video is great at showing both what is so fascinating about this program and - if you have had at as long as some of us - how the program itself has improved. 


Gasp. Giggle. Shift. Stomp.

Thanks - lots to think about in it. 

Enjoyed Spring Falls so much I bought it after having got it in two of the big bundles.

The ideal would be to fix the problem by having us rejoin the EU (get the Netherlands to restart the Anglo-Dutch wars and invade, that sort of thing...) but in the meantime altering the physical CD production description to say 'EU' rather than 'Europe' would be good.

The UK is in Europe. Thanks to a bunch of stupid and ignorant politicians, we're currently not members of the EU, but that's different...


Does having a high nutrition value for fruit really breed more carnivores, or just ensure that they survive because they have more fat herbivores to eat?

I can see that some of the other settings are different between the first two tanks: does this end up generating say carnivores that don't succeed in the third tank because the reproduction settings are different there?

While I am commenting, thanks for being part of one of the abortion rights bundles...

As ever, enormous thanks for this.

What I am missing is some indication of what 'turn' it is.



I can take critters from old versions not being 100% guaranteed compatible with new ones, because the updates have been so interesting.


A few purchases here do get the buyer a Steam key - it's up to the developer whether or not they think the extra cost is worth it in terms of additional sales.

Degica's VNM? I haven't seen anything about dropping Linux support, but then I haven't seen any updates from them in a while.

That would be great - let's see if it does work.

Oooh! Do you get a Steam key if you buy it here? They make it so easy to run games on Linux via Proton.

I haven't got a quarter the way through reading this yet, but I have to say that it is one of the most stunningly designed rule books I have ever seen.

It does now - thanks - but it really isn't that long ago that it didn't.

Within the past year, I think I've ended up rebuying at least three things I had already bought in one of the big bundles because at that point. it didn't.

It's not something I can buy at the moment, but YES YES YES!