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Thanks for the feedback, always a pleasure to hear that someone enjoyed to played one of my game, and felt the intention behind 💖
Feel free to check my other games, maybe you'll enjoy it too 🤩

Thanks! It was kinda cool to develop 🔥

Hello, what does not work for you ?

Le concept du jeu plat est grave chouette, bravo :3

It's so cool to hear people playing this game directly on mobile ❤️ I definitly think we could do more layouts, but it's not so easy to find innovative gamemplay twist from it.

It was a great game, it's positively kinky but the whole is so much more. Your main mechanic is very original, the level are diverse and very fun to play in, graphics and sound greatly convey the positive mood of the game. I love the fact that despite this "funny/kinky" gameplay, you talk way more about intimacy and triggering theme; combining the two (like in life you will tell me), that's was great ! Congrats 💖

Great submission with very orginal art,
Congrats 😀

Really coherent submission, you should definitly accelerate a bit the rythm of the game.

Congrats for your submission 😀

Definitly a great submission (even if it was a bit laggy on my computer)
The game design is very clever and original, you should definitly add some background music to spice things up !

Well done 😀

Thanks for your feedbacks, do not despair wit some replay you'll be able to do it 😀

Thanks for the feedbacks, glad you enjoyed your play 😀

Yep that's it,
Tweening effect would have been so much complicated I think.

Super nice idea of topic.

So my experience of the Jam. First thing first, I was super excited to participate in this Jam.
After last year and the release of my biggest project so far, I was struggling starting a new project, experimenting with different ideas, different engine (hello Godot); so this jam occasion was really an opportunity for me to just let it go, focus on a one week project, finish it, release it and have a lot of feedbacks and ultimatly have fun.

I began the jam, trying to plan as much as can within the limited time I got (which is already more than many jammers). I fixed 20 hours .
Obviously that was total bullshit 🤣 I spend nearly 45 hours on it (yes I took notes).
Even if I largely go beyond my prevision, I think I had quite an healthy Jam overall, I didn't work on Sunday neither on Tuesday, and sleep 8 hours/day (🖕 crunch).

What I struggle the most within the first days was dealing with bugs.
Indeed with a 🎲 based game you couldn't afford to let some bugs which could ruin all the experience.
Unfortunatly even if I was experienced with GDevelop some of the features I wanted to develop where unecessary complicated to reproduce inside GDevelop (developer in real life, I now exactly what things I wanted and how to implement it but not in the specific context of Gdevelop).
Finaly after several days of trying and experimenting, I finaly got it working (I was on the verge on being demoralized and quit the jam 🙃)

These difficulties away, the jam last final stretch was quite happy, with a friend of mine doing the adaptative music, and my loved ones actually enjoying the game.

Once submitted I was quite happy with the result.
I don't think I'll win something but I don't think it was the point overall.

I really enjoyed making this jam and testing all the other games !

Congrats everyone, 
Take care 💖

Are you talking about the animation for the activation of a module ?
For this one I juste recreate the frames in photoshop, creating a little rectangle inside the module, then made it bigger etc etc until it reach the border of the module (I did the same process of animation by hand for my previous game 😀)

Thanks for your feedback, I'm definitly thinking on how to integrate nicely a "tutorial".
Feel free to check my progress on twitter 😉

Really well polished game !
The crafting was a bit too long for me but this put aside I enjoyed my played.

Congrats for your submission 😀

The idea is really cool but it definitly need a clearer tutorial, I restarted the game three time before I understood that I needed to click on the red thing.
Congrats for your submission, you definitly have something valuable here 😀

Really cool relaxing game, maybe consider adding interaction between different elements (rain make plants grow for example).
Congrats for your submission 😀

Congrats for you submission the art is really original and the gameplay is quite fun even if it's a bit tough😀

Really nice and clever submission, you definitly have something valuable here congrats 😀

Is there a link to the jam theme ?

This is an original submission.
I think you may consider turning jumping on bullet a bit easier as it's a bit hard now, to perfectly coordinate to jump on it. I noticed that sometimes, the game didn't restart after a fall.
Congrats for the submission 😀

Thanks a lot for the play and the feedback, I definitly think this game has a really good fun/strategic potential.
So nice to see that you enjoyed it 😀

Nice to see that you succeeded at rebuilding your spaceship 😀

That's a very nice first submission, you definitly be proud of it.
The dog is so cute 💖

I don't have much words for what is happening in your country, hope you'll be safe and that the situation quickly goes back to peace.

Your game is quite fun, maybe making the player a bit less slippery could be a good idea though.

Congrats for your submission 😀

Really well polished submission congrats 😀
It's a bit of a shame though, that words are uncorrelated with the universe.

Congrats nevertheless !

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Thanks for the details feedback,
I'll definitly take that into account (and I already did it in the post jam version of the game. If you want to know more, check this :
To give you an answer on how to play, your objective is to : Get 60 🎲 for 🤖 and 60 ⚙️ for 🚀

For that you'll need to use your ⚡🎲 to directly convert into ⚙️ OR depending of the value on the 🎲 to activate special power/rules.
To give you an example, here below a capture of the left module :

- The first rule transform your "🎲 value" + 2 into ⚙️ for the 🤖.
- The second one will give you supplementary 🎲 to play with, each turn; if you succeed to give 7⚡ points (for eg : One 🎲 with value 4 + one 🎲 with value 3)

- The third one auto aliment the current module, which mean it will not need 🎲 anymore to function (to activate this rule/power, you need to give it a specific 🎲 value, here a 4).

Does this kind of explanation enough do you think ?

Great concept, you should definitly add an ambiance sound.
Congrats for you submission 😀

Once you figured out how to play, the concept is quite funny.
You should consider refining it, as it has potential.
Congrats for you submission 😀

Once you figured out how to play it's really fun 😀
But you should definitly work on balancing it, because for now, once you figured out how to win, there is just no way too loose (for ex : you just have to protect the nest with one dragon 100% and with other minions to focus on attacking castle. If you succeed at least one you'll have enough gold to buy other minions to increase even more your chance of success and you could buy food).
Congrats !

Congrats for your submission, you should definitly add more levels to it 😀

Well polished submission congrats 😀

DAMN you art style is gorgeous and so inspiring 🤩
It has been several month (years ?) during which I had this idea of associated old painting/image with a game, especially using but I don't get much out of it.
You definitly nourrish my thoughts on how it can be done !

Concerning your game, you may consider increasing the speed of wood cutting, as it's quite long.

Congrats for this innovant submission 😀

Done and enjoyed 😀

Your submission is really good 😀
I love the robot animation, it's really add to the immersion.
I think with some music and graphic polish it could really be a good game !
Maybe consider changing platform using the mouse wheel, I think it could be more intuitive.
And it could be a good idea to limit the number of platform the player could create to kinda limit the player and make more interesting puzzles.

Feel free to check this video about making a puzzle games, it greatly helps me :

Congrats for your submission !

Thanks for the feedback 😀
What aspect of the game took you time to understand ?

Yep the beginning is a bit hard but once you figured out the mechanics, it's way easier and funnier.
Thanks for the feedback 😀

Thanks for the feedbacks, according to you what are the important point to highligh in the tutorial ?

People that try my game, like it so far, maybe you too 😉
I already plan on adjusting some of the aspect of my game after the jam.

If you want to help me in this aventure, feel free to try my game and leave a feedback 💖

PS: For those interested, I already began the rework of my game 🦾,
you can learn more here :

PS2 : I already tested 57 games, If I don't tested your game yet, feel free to tell me in the comment down below and I'll try to test games as much as I can.

Thanks a lot 💖