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Lucas Teles

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we aren’t, It was just a game jam project

Pretty fun!

This game is kinda unique

The models are very well made

Love the art style and the game vibes!

Nice work!

Cool game, simple and effective! I like it

Very nice game, fun roguelike!

Love the art style

The models are pretty cool!

The music is too repetitive and the sound fx is a bit over shrill.

Wow! very cool idea! And challenging!

Love de blood splash effects! Well done!

The worm animation is very good! Love the levels, music, and feel

Nice work!

Nice inset dungeon!

Very cool shoot sfx 😁

Very cool!

It is an amazing idea! love it!

Cool aesthetic! nice work!

Sad not to have an AI to play against

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love the colors!

Cool prototype! would love to see how you would approach more levels have time to polish better the environment

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Nice work!

For me, the first level was really challenging.

I think the game could be better with faster shooting and pathfinding in the enemies. The enemies easily get stuck in walls while changing. BUT, exploring this behavior is kind of a puzzle, I don’t know if it was intentional

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The game is great! Love how the puzzles are made.

Definitely, I would like to play more levels!

Well done!

Love the graphic, super cute art!

This is really amazing, I don’t know how you did it! lol

My no-death time

Thanks for playing!

Very fun game! I love the graphics and how the mechanics work

Very cute and fun! love the idea!

So smooth!

nice work!

Simple and fun.

I feel like the bug movement control could be different to improve fast player skills.

Really cool aesthetic and atmosphere, nice work

Very fun mechanic, this game is really polished and fun, congratulations!


Very addictive and fun, nice work!

Thanks for playing,

I really appreciate your review

Wow, this is bad lol

I fixed it!

Very fun game, i liked the style, and camera work

I think just the camera should have more smooth movement when follow the character

Love the art style and game feel, the wolf is really scary… But unfortunately, I got stucked at the end after making the potion and die.

Very clever game mechanic, love it