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The Little Red LieView game page

A 2D horror side scroller.
Submitted by ralphyua (@milpitians), Rinkaku (@WalSkynner), Neena F.E., Claire Maker (@galantines), thecodewarrior, Kashti — 1 hour, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Amazing work guys :D


This is so awesome! You guys have completely smashed this! The atmosphere was great, the wolf was horrific, and that puzzle at the end was really hard to figure out! Nicely done!!


Hello, thanks for doing a video on our game. Glad you liked it!


Love the art style and game feel, the wolf is really scary… But unfortunately, I got stucked at the end after making the potion and die.


Glad you enjoyed the game!


I think a lot of people are getting confused when you mix the wrong potion and die. It brings you back to the time before you mixed the potion. However, when you go to the cave, the wolf will not appear again. The wolf is still inside the cave, though, and you can proceed with the game.



Very cool! Love the art and the atmosphere.


Amazing game , wonderful art and great story. Good job!


I liked this game, it was a lot of fun. 
First of all I really liked to roam around while dodging all the dangers. 

The Art is insane, and the creepy soundtrack always reminds of itself. IT was really scary the first time i got attacked by the wolf, and overall it would get scarier and scarier to hide from the wolf. It felt like he knows I am here, yet he does not attack for some reason. 

Only thing i did not like about it, is the 2 endings. I chose 1 ending, and then I could not go back (using continue) to see the other ending. I don't want to repeat the playthrough, because it was quite challenging and scary. Also I really liked minigames in the house. ALot of fun. 

Thank you for making this game, it is quite a masterpiece. Really appreciate it :). 


I think This game is worth trying. I will download it now, but it will take some times, because my internet is the best. Looking at the screenshots it makes me think of the Red Hood Girl Story. 
I think it will be as good as I think it is :D. 

I will be back with some feedback after playing. 


Really great game, love the concept and the art style, like Mathew said i also got a bit scared of the wolf haha. This is incredible for a 2 week game jam, your team did an amazing job.


Really nice game I love the art especially the wolf not gonna lie the first time he appeared right before my I got a little scared. I also love the puzzle and gathering aspect of the game overall really well done especially for the 2 weeks time limit. The only thing I could criticize is that the enemies get much less scary once you realize how you have to avoid them (with the wolf it's just waiting behind a tree until he's gone and for normal enemies it's crouching). Besides that tough amazing game and well done I especially love the inspiration of little red riding hood and the overall coloration of grayscale and red, makes the character and important things pop out directly.


Hi, glad you liked the game. We were trying to focus on the puzzle solving aspect of it but wanted to have a few enemies in there to give players just a little bit more of a challenge. And I agree, all of our artists did an amazing job on this game especially given the two week time frame.