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brilliant game and very cute

awesome game, you can really get cruising!

Great art!

Awesome art style and great feeling movement!

Great job! Loved that I could transform into a cat. The healing crystal did not work for me though. Great music and art.

Great job, art looks fantastic.

Genius game!

Thank you :D

Thanks :D

I'm honored! I really wanted to do more scenes :'D

Thank you!

Thanks so much!

Impressive graphics and physics!

Probably spent the most time on this game. Addictive, has that just-one-more-time feel. I got stuck when I had to jump over the saw after the two disappearing blocks, it has to be pixel perfect. Super punishing but great fun!

Fun mechanic! Good level design too.

Good job finishing! Cute animations!

Nice animation! Good concept, quickly got out of hand for me :D

I beat it! Level 12 was a bender. Loved the concept!

Nicely done! That got out of hand for me quick aha :D

Very impressive, I love the way the asteroids move around!

Nice job!

I wish I could have made more levels! :D Thank you!

Thank you!

That's playing in 3D! Thanks :D

Thank you! Really wish I could have done more levels :')

Oh no! Aha :D Thank you for playing!

Thanks :D

Thank you! :D

Art was exactly the reason I couldn't make more levels - I wish I could have. Thank you for playing! :D

Thank you for playing! :D

Love how the clouds came towards me!

Fantastic pixel art! Game was hard too.

Good attempt! Congrats on submitting.

Got a 13 high score! Very cute and responsive, love the sound design.

I finished! Great pixel art and I did have some scares :-D

Congrats on finishing! :-D

Great job on the pixel art :-D

This got even more fun when I realized my character could go through the sides as well :-D

Good job with the design and the look of the phone!

Probably my favorite game so far! Very inventive use of the theme and made me think. Great puzzle game.