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Port it to android, spruce up the graphics and give it some varied SFX and you've got yourself a hit hyper casual game on your hands!

Glad you liked it!

Probably the game which had the most to say in the Jam but likewise had the most trouble saying it.

All art has to compromise between the author's artistic intent and the ability to be understood by an audience. I think you might have leaned a bit too much to the former.

The connection to both Kara Walker and "The Contract says" is obvious but the overarching meaning of the game is still a bit muddy to me.

I also found myself falling of ledges a couple of times with nothing to stop me or reset the game.

This has potential! It really does! Just needs a bit of polish to improve the gameplay and clarify the message.

9/10, not enough map.

A wonderful little game which does exactly what it sets out to do.

The translation of Mondrian's paintings works really well and makes the entire game just minimalisticly pleasing. SFX and music choice are likewise good!

My only real gripe is the gameplay. It's really fun and works well, but I think it might be just that bit more challenging if you had to collect all of the yellow squares to go to the next level, or if there was a reward for doing so.

A really fun game! Well done!

Nope! :D

Thank you kindly! There was quite a bit of jank this time around xp

Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon

(Thank you <3)

Thank you kindly!

Zorpon community · Created a new topic Bugs!

Bugs bugs bugs, bound to be. 

If you see any post them here (preferably with a screenshot if possible!) and I'll fix them ASAP!

Zorpon community · Created a new topic Feedback
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Zorpon is my first full release so I'm eager to update the game to make it better and improve it as much as I can! The single best way I can do that is through hearing what you have to say about the game!

I highly value all and any feedback. I will read every single comment and try to respond to as many as possible.

Please feel free to be as harsh and unforgiving as possible!

Also if some people could write some  nice things about the game that would really help my fragile little ego recover after reading through all the though love <3

A intriguing and quite effective take on the theme!

It's quite rare to see highly personal games, let alone ones made for game jams so I certainly must applaud you for being willing to pour out your life's story for the sake of art!

Conceptually, I think the idea of looking at our ego and our role in the community within different age groups as we grow up to be a pretty compelling one! Our understanding of the individual and the community certainly changes over time.  My one critique with the execution of this idea is that your evaluation of your own ideas of the individual and the community is more autobiographical than actually analytical, save for the final scene. That said It's a personal preference more than anything else.

I was surprised by the quality and volume of art you made for the Jam! Making 4 unique characters and 4 backgrounds is no easy feat! Likewise the music was good though it was a tad generic.

An impressive game with a lot to say, well done!

A initially confusing if fun experience!

Graphically the game has a very fun aesthetic which is kept consistently high quality throughout the experience. The Music and sound effects are likewise fun and fit very well together.

My main critique is that you guys have a pretty poor explanation and marketing of your game.

From your page, I get absolutely no impression of what the game looks like or how it plays, you haven't included any screen shots and your description is very short.

 You have a controls section in the game but you don't actually have a explanation of how to play the game. It took me 3 tries to know that I was supposed to stand in the circle.

What makes it even sadder is that you guys have a really fun game! With some polish and extra mechanics I would genuinely love to play this with some friends (after the pandemic of course!) but you have to be able to market and explain it properly.

Make a nicer page, add some more instructions and add some more mechanics and you would have a great local multiplayer game!

Torus indeed! Not much to say gameplay wise, more of a fun little thing to tinker with than anything else.

The Best Torus simulator on the market

9/10 IGN

(Too much water)

Hilarious, it's clear that you're a great writer!

All the art is very cute and stylish and the characterization of the aliens is spot on, only helped your fellow alien's adorable little squishable face.

I also quite enjoyed the twist at the end, it was all for naught!

My only critique is that it's very hard to try to guess what the interviewer wants you to say (probably intentionally so!), some slightly more clear-cut answers wouldn't go awry.

You've done exactly what you've set out to do in this little experience, well done!

Even though this is still very clearly a WIP, you've got a foundation for a neat little game here!

I don't think you need me to tell you this but the art is gorgeous, the 3d assets are likewise clean. You have a really good UI to boot which is no easy feat in a Jam!

It was somewhat hard to grasp the concept of the game without being able to advance days but I think I got the gist of a sort of city builder puzzle game with special abilities. I really like the way that you have to sort of sacrifice a tile and make it useless by placing a building which gives you a special ability, it's a very interesting trade off!

The one thing I'm having trouble imagining is the end goal of the game. Perhaps it could be a level based affair? Where you have to meet certain requirements with unique maps to win (e.g have 3 house and 2 warehouses with X hapiness)

If you guys do stick with the game, I wish you all the best!

Game Jams are the absolute best way to become more experienced so you're on the right track. Good luck in your journey!

A simply excellent game!

Conceptually the idea of actually recreating a painting through gameplay is extremely cool and the core gameplay loop of joining up similar shape and creating lines as a byproduct is likewise great. What I like about this the most is that you're almost creating the painting by accident, the piece is created as a side effect, not direct cause of you playing the game.

That said, ultimately I think that the final result ends up quite differently to Amendment # 8 by the end of it. Adding a slight transparency to the paint and darkening the letters with each layer of paint would help  it pop out more like the original instead of just looking like a Pollock painting. At least you won't need to change much for your actual planned Pollock painting down the line!

I love the fact that you can keep your painting once your done with it as well as the simplicity of just saving it to where you want instead of having to dig up some screenshot folder like in most games. Some of the extra features seemed a bit unnecessary. A pause functionality is always good but I don't see the point in speeding up the game if it just makes it borderline unplayable.

The Art and UI is very clean and pleasing but a better in game tutorial would be highly appreciated.

You've done a outstanding job at this, very well done! Can't wait for a full release!

A cute little experience!

The wholesome neighbor talk was definitely a highpoint of the game, I was surprised by how many unique lines each individual neighbor had to fit with their unique personality.

The 3d graphics were also pretty cute! Would have appreciated some more environmental detail such as the odd trash can or fire extinguisher on the street. I could take or leave the blurry effect around the player, looked a tad weird.

The point and click movement system worked perfectly well but quite honestly I would have preferred bog standard 8 way movement. The thought put into making sure the player was always visible with the option of switching the camera angle was highly appreciated though it probably would have been simpler to limit where the player is allowed to go and pick up the trash.

Triggering dialogue seemed very inconsistent with no indication markers, after a while some houses would have new dialogue while others wouldn't, meaning I would have to waste time checking all the houses to see if they had anything new to say.

I also ultimately couldn't find all the trash (but I think we can chalk that up to my pro gamer skills)

Overall I quite liked it! You made what you set out to make, no more, no less!

Starting off, you guys have absolutely nailed the classic point and click adventure aesthetic with a great art style to boot! The mix between the pixel art background and the set pieces flow very well together! Though I get the feeling that the owl sprite is probably a WIP

Loved the music! It really fits with the almost whimsical cartoony aspect of the game. I could imagine it being played in a 80s animated cartoon about talking animals. 

I got the sense of a unique personality from the characters, major props to the writer! The cute animated face portraits really helped to cement this. Some bbcode rich text effects (e.g a wave affect on the text when the goat complains and moans) would help you add a extra layer of personality to what the characters are saying (a bit like the massive text the goat has).

In some sense you were perhaps a little too faithful to classic point and clicks because half of the time I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. After I went to find food for the goat, when I clicked the hay or the trash, I got no indication that it was the food the goat wanted. Including a technical text along the lines of "You'd never eat this but you know somebody who would" after the initial description would help make what you're doing a lot clearer. 

The inclusion of the feeding machine as a red herring just adds to this confusion as I spent a lot of time trying to find a way to get it to work. That said perhaps it's meant as a alternate route in a future update rather than a outright red herring.

Very small nitpick, but running doesn't actually make you faster.

Overall a really cool game with outstanding art and writing for a jam game! It will be very cool to see where you take this!

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Might have been something on my end, had to reinstall chrome.

Fundamentally it's a very cool take on space invaders or even missile command in 3D, running around trying to stop enemies reaching the ground in 3D sound very fun!

That said I definitely think that the controls need some work. It might work better on mobile when using the touch device but using the mouse is quite hard. Locking the mouse in place and allowing you to click to shoot would go a long way.

No sound! Even a couple of bleeps and bloops when hitting the enemy can make the game seem more reactive to the player.    More sound!

Would love some sort of score system to try to beat each run or to have a limited amount of lives.

A really cool idea which needs just that tiny extra bit of polish to become good, well done!

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Your game looks great but I'm afraid It doesn't work on browser! Try to slap together a downloadable windows version if you can't get the Web build to work.

Jag är säker att du kan fixa det, good luck!

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Praise the Capybara!

A really cool idea with a great idea behind it which needed just that tiny bit of extra polish

The few sound effects in the game were a good indication of when you lose stamina though a couple of more miscellaneous environmental sounds would be appreciated (e.g the sound of traffic and the turn of the bicycle)

The bicycle is quite difficult to control. If you hold shift when you run out of stamina, you completely stop which slows you down a lot. Would love it if the bike had more heft to it, being harder to stop and slowing down instead of stopping almost straight away. I also found myself colliding of invisible objects occasionally A,S and D don't actually effect the movement of the bike so I failed on my first attempt because of the controls.

It was great that you included a controls screen at the main menu, but the text was tiny and didn't really give me a good idea of what I was doing. Perhaps a in game tutorial would be better? Including some floating text in the beginning of the race to explain what is what.

I really enjoyed the game and your passion for the topic was very apparent! Great stuff!

Clickteam Fusion2.5 but I really wouldn't recommend it for anything bigger or more complex. Currently transitioning to Godot. Thank you for playing!

Would have loved to add a bit of music but I just didn't have enough space for it. 100% agree with you on the checkpoint and very nice catch on the scanlines! Thank you for playing!

8/10. Great game, not enough BEAR

A lovely little game with a humor that's right up my alley.

We would have loved to but there were a few things which stopped us, first and foremost the time constraint of the Jam and the massive amount of time needed to have entirely watercolor art.  Secondly our artist had never done animation watercolor before (it would have been an absolute pain to pull off. Finally Pixel art let us modify and adapt the art as needed technically while redoing water color art would have been very difficult. Thank you for your comment!

The 8-bit artstyle was fantastically simple and elegant! The main mechanic was also very cool but It wasn't completely obvious initially. Well done!

A wacky combination of Wind Waker, Banjo and Kazooie and a short hike. I love it

Such a great game! The controls feel great and its a very unique idea! I'd love a full version.

The hand drawn graphics are awesome!

If sunless seas was a Lovecraftian horror game. Great stuff!

He's not as cute as our Rupert but this  bear is PAWSABLE. Great game!

Never thought I'd see a "Your Mom" joke in this jam. Love how the music stops with the response!

Glad you enjoyed it thank you!

Ah I see! Well done regardless.

Thank you!

The game's art and its Art Deco aesthetic is absolutely tremendous and very well polished! The sound design was likewise excellent. It amazes me how you guys managed to create a established world in only 5 or so scenes and a couple of sentences, something which the clear characterization  of the antagonist superbly.  I have two criticisms. One is that although the tutorial tells you how to move, it doesn't tell us that the rope between the two bombs block the incoming objects. The second is that the gameplay is just frankly a bit too short. I think I spent more time in the intro than the actual game itself. Introducing the different types of  enemies and obstacles more slowly would have better paced out the experience. Excellent game! I hope to see more like this in the future.