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Clickteam Fusion2.5 (please send help the engine sucks but at this point i'm too far in to change)

I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to keep it, means a lot!

A really cool idea with some great music and dialogue. I think the whole only being able to collect purple crystals while on full health is great, rewarding as well as punishing the player for mistakes! My only two gripes is the lack of art on the walls of the levels and that you can travel from one side of the screen to the other isn't made obviously apparent. Overall; great job!

Thanks! It really means a lot! 

If only such a person existed... Great job!

A really cool little retro game! I really like the website search mechanic.

She died like she lived; screaming. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing! I may have made it a bit too hard lol.

Adorable graphics with some decent sound and great game mechanics! A tiny bit of music would go a long way though!

Thatcher would be proud.

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Nope, problem on my end, Fusion2.5 is really sucky that way.  There was really no way for me to test on different screens without another computer so the game may not work on some screens. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for trying to play my game.

A really cutesy game with some beautiful pixel art, great music and responsive controls (ironically). My only real criticism is that I don't know what to do besides moving the ship out of the way. Half way through the game it just caught on fire and I seemingly couldn't do anything to fix it. Still a good game though!


A great little game with cute graphics and a very creative take on the theme!

A very cool little combat system! Reminds me of the dice system from curious expedition. Well done!

A cool little Idea, feels like I'm a hacker in a C tier Hollywood movie! This minigame would work great in combination with other similarly difficult minigames. Good job!

You've got some very decent art with a interesting idea (switching between piloting and managing the ship), but (like you said) It needs quite a bit of work. If you decide to try to work on this after the Jam, I would recommend that you either decrease the speed of the ship, decrease the density of asteroids or increase the size of the map so that it's possible to manage the piloting and manage your ship. Still, good effort!

I like how this is the exact opposite of shoot to move.

I like the voice acting, . I ONLY play games for the voice acting, nothing else. Oh and the game was okay too I guess. Did I mention I liked the voice acting?

Thank you for your kind words stranger!

A exceptional game idea with great art that just needs a bit of polish to become a really great game. First and foremost, there's not tutorial, so it takes a minute to figure out what to do. Secondly, while I think sounds are supposed to be playing, only static plays. Finally, the text on the upgrades is too small to read, so I had to just guess what each upgrade did based on the icon. Regardless the game has a lot of potential, good job!

Thanks for playing! I didn't realise that the sound mixing would be so poor on a build version.

It's a great little super hot esque game with open ended puzzles that were challenging. My only real critique is with the crates, you can't see where you're pushing them and moving them in the line of sight of enemies without getting spotted is very finicky. Additionally, the gunshots played over each other when your fired repeatedly. Well done with your game!

Like most jam games (especially first ones, congrats btw), the core idea is pretty good but there are some minor problems.First and foremost is that the central mechanic (losing score when firing) isn't explained so I found myself dying a lot because I didn't know score depleted by firing.  Also increasing the character's jump would mean that falling into the spikes wouldn't be a instant game over. That said the game has some excellent juice when firing the gun, the sound the knock back, everything. The core idea is also quite good,  though I'm not entirely sure how it relates to the theme.

Dichotomy is a good little puzzle game with a surprising amount of content for one week! I really like the consistent pixel art style and the puzzles were decently hard. The one negative experience I've had is with the pushing controls, I didn't know that you actually had to hold down the space bar so I just spammed it. A quick tutorial would go a long way. Well done!

Thanks for the feedback kind stranger!

Thank you for your kind words!

A very neat little idea well executed. I couple of minor nitpicks: if you stand close you can just shoot the targets pointblank without shooting the poor guy, when shot the man take ages to get up, giving you too much time to shoot at the targets and I think that some recoil is nice, you may have overdone it. Still, a fun game with some great art and music, well done!

Thanks! I appreciate the great critique. Pausing or slowing down enemy movement would be a good move yes and while the player has 3 hit points I should probably buff that. I suck at art I know lel and I probably should have made the shooting sounds less sharp and increase the music. Was there anything in particular about the sound you found off? I used Clickteam Fusion2.5 to make the game, its a really janky engine but its the one I know. Its good for hacking out a prototype quickly but is worse than most other engines in almost every way. 

Great little game. A little feedback from getting the right or wrong shape would make it that smidge better.

Graphically it's pretty decent with some nice pixel art. I'm really disappointed with the lack of much depth mechanically or the lack of polish in the 1 minute of game play this game has (I got hit many times but only got dealt damage once) This game looks like it has a lot of potential but has largely failed to execute on any of it. A couple of days or so of polish would help drastically

This is a really fun little puzzle strategy game, a great take on the theme. You should 100% give this a  graphical upgrade, add audio and release it as a full game. Also while the crt monitor glitch effect is cool it gets quite annoying when trying to focus on what's going on.

No problem! You should definitely work on the game after the jam, could be a fun mobile time killer.

The Main issue I had was with the circle though I felt all the movement was a bit tanky. Perhaps increasing the overall speed while decreasing the time between the shape reaching it's maximum speed and it become to a stop.

A really good concept with some potential. The main issue I have with it is the very clunky and tanky controls, its very hard to move the shape easily.

A nice take on the theme! I enjoy the almost kirby style ability to absorb the power of enemies. The 2 things which I think might help this become a better game is some sort of score system as well as less agressive sound effects (It's hard to both enjoy the music and have the sound at a medium volume.) Overall: Well done!

Thanks haha. No I didn't, taking the whole 0 dollar game dev thing to it's extreme.

Needs a bit more polish. The camera often goes into the ground, the controls are vague and It's tedious to control the ship. It has some potential though!

A pretty decent bullethell game that has potential. Some minor configuration is needed to the bullet patterns to make them more fair and some feedback from attacking the enemy and being attacked by the enemy would help as well. Good job!