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Thanks for the feedback! Full screen was intentionally disabled, as I had made everything for one resolution (1024x768), and there wasn't enough time to make everything scale properly. 

Thank you so much!

We are so happy to hear you enjoyed our game! Thanks for the nice comment!

Haha, we hope it was a good suprise! And thank you for the feedback!

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for the feedback, it means a lot!

Thank you so much! And yes, playing so much Fallout has definitely affected the way we make our games :D

Thank you so much!

Yeah, it sounds like something went wrong. But thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!


Thank you!

Ah, the good old Start-Quit swap. Pixel art sprites should be imported with point (no filter) to remove the blur and make it sharp. Regardless, the graphics were quite nice, and the "opposite everything" was an interesting take on the theme.

Will play your game now! Check out mine too:

The switching mechanic was used really well, in different kinds of puzzles, and was really fun to play with. One of the most innovative level designs that I have seen in this jam. Here are a few things that can be improved: importing pixel art sprites with point (no filter) filter to remove the blurry look, exporting to web (HTML5) is also really easy from Unity, and it will make your game accessible to everyone.  Good luck in future game jams!

Playing your game now! Check out mine too:

Even though the graphics were simple, the stretching and squashing of player when jumping made it really satisfying to play!

Even though the graphics were simple, the stretching and squashing of player when jumping made it really satisfying to play!

Will check out your game! Try my game too:

You found a debug feature that I forgot to remove at the end

A nice twist on the theme. Had to try multiple times before beating it, as the AI was quite good at avoiding "hotspots". A nice concept, but really lacks polish (and audio). Still I really enjoyed it!

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at EnemyAI.OnCollisionEnter2D (UnityEngine.Collision2D collision) [0x00081] in D:\Desktop\GameJam\gamejam\GameJamTeam\Assets\Scripts\Enemy\EnemyAI.cs:122

Thanks for the feedback!

You did a really good job for your first game jam! The game was simple, but that's how your first games should be. Keep learning and join other game jams too! They force to work on your game and challenge yourself!

A nice balance between puzzle and combat sections, and the puzzles were quite varied. The graphics were simple, but effective when combined with the light effects. There was a weird glitch with the door graphics (doors appearing on top of player when they shouldn't), but that is just a minor visual bug. A really well-made game! The only frustration was melee combat, probably because the player can only attack in 2 directions, but I still enjoyed the game! I hope my honest feedback is valuable to you!