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Take playing with your food to a whole new level with 'Drinks Not Included'; the banquet stack 'em up that'll leave you hungry for more!

Succulent hot chicken. crispy onion rings. Fresh sushi. All this and more is waiting to be stacked upon high!

To make this game even more delicious I would recommend having a means to measure your success. This could take the form of a tape measure next to your plate so that you can see how high your food architecture is and would allow you to compare your score to others to tower above the competition

Other than that I had so much fun with this little Itch Dot Io Indie. Sadly I ended up having a lot of floor food (curse these butterfingers!) but I had a wonderful relaxing time regardless <3


Is the hustle and bustle of modern life getting you down? Why not go on A Short Hike and watch your troubles melt away...?

There is no death. There is no stress. There is no fail state.

Simply walk, run, jump, climb, glide and swim your way through a luscious landscape as you become lost in the peaceful current of whimful exploration in this 'Night in the Woods x Celeste' beauty that seamlessly blends an endearing narrative with gorgeously smooth platforming.

There is nothing that I can truly say other than the fact that this is a game that should be experienced by all; and is more than deserving of any and all praise that it recieves.

In short look no further for perfect gaming than this stunning indie by @adamgryu with a @Markymark665 score that truly warms the soul.


Thank you lovely developers who left a hint or two regarding the last episode.

Prepare to have your minds blown...

Scientific experiments on an alien planet.

Toxic swamps.

Time travel.

What could possibly go wrong?

With a 'Sokoban' inspired puzzle system and a narrative focus 'Xenopulse' adds a timetravel twist that offers more questions than answers...

If you love polished sound and level design (with a spare evening because heck this game is difficult!) then this Itch Dot Io Indie is for you <3


AwooooOOOOooooOOOOoooooOO... ahem

Excuse me. What I meant to say was join me for today's Itch Dot Io indie as we give chase after werewolves in 'Hunters Moon'. Fear not. I don't bite.


With slick gameplay, an inspired original soundtrack, and retro aesthetic you'll wonder why you ever played any other endless runner.



Puzzles! Explosions! Coins! Gunpowder! Explosions! Fun!

In Shortfused you have a very short fuse and lots of golden coins. Pass the fuse over/around the coins to collect them. Simple.

Not simple.

With 10 lovingly crafted puzzle screens you may want to take a break if you get stuck before you explode with frustration...

Shortfused is among the puzzle game greats; as with all good puzzle games a simple mechanic is introduced with twists and tricks thrown into the mix to slowly ramp up the difficulty.

Add a high degree of polish and an evident love for game design and you'll be hard pressed to find a better puzzle game on Itch Dot Io.


Take N++, Super Meat Boy with a smattering of Celeste and make a stained glass window.

This game is exactly what you would get.

Stunning. Bright. And very, very fragile!

With a quirky narrative and smooth visceral platforming Glass has skyrocketed up my list of favourite platformers. Taking the best of all the aformentioned platforming titles this little demo show much promise.

I eagerly await the completion of this project and will most definitely do a complete run of it upon release!


Experience the adventures of a stumbly bumbly penguin called Ecki as they embark on an epic adventure of self discovery and falling over.

It's mostly falling over...

This Itch Dot Io Indie is as cute as it is massively challenging and its bloody heckin' cute!

Recommendations for future builds would be to incorporate gamepad support and also a timer (the former being for improved accessibility and the latter being for the truly insane speedrun nuts that are sure to gravitate to this beautifully difficult game)


Channel your inner hawk as you ollie, heelflip and grind your way through a vibrant tabletop landscape with an original track straight out of the 90's lo fi birb scene guiding every sweet trick!

With an incredibly intuitive control scheme and a glut of secrets I am incredibly excited what beautiful exotic bird this fledgling pre-alpha will hatch into <3


Explore newly formed oceans with nothing but the lost notes of fellow travellers to keep you company...

A quiet explorative experience by 'Awkward Silence Games; 'The Things We Lost in the Flood' mixes an unsettling tranquility and mesmerising ambient soundtrack with a quirky multiplayer mechanic to amplify the feeling of loneliness that you experience.

The pinnacle of this game for me was the feeling of seeing a bottle float from offscreen as it gently bobs along towards you with the rain falling down. With no-one around I desperately paddled towards it for a morsel of human interaction. An interaction that you can share back into the world. Or destroy forever.

That feeling of hope and hopelessness is expertly delivered; and is not a feeling I will quickly forget.


XCOM meets Scooby Doo in a most spooky Turn Based Strategy game of frights and scares!

With an emphasis on maneuvering around those pesky punks to scare them into a most horrifying state you'll be wondering why you'll be struggling to sleep when you hear something go bump in the night.

Truly the most fun I've had with an Itch Dot Io Indie to date it would be a most frightful mistake not to grab a torch and have a peek at this wonderful game!


Equal parts cute and terrifying 'Goodnight Meowmie' is a masterclass in evoking emotion at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Tasked with looking after the cutest kitty cat that you ever saw you'll find yourself journeying out of the safe warm confines of your room into a dark corridor.

But you'll find more than cat food out there in the dark...


Grab your torch, pitchfork and best vial of holy water as we journey through unhallowed lands on a witch hunt in 17th century England.

With top down side scrolling shooter action face off against dangerous demon dogs, wiley witches and ghoulish ghosts as you make decisions between what is right and what is easy in branching narrative choices.

Although in a very early demo state 'Hunters Path' shows much promise with a solid foundation of combat and a beautiful pixel art aesthetic.

In terms of development for future builds I would recommend a signature start screen with the name and logo of this wonderful game, voice acting for the narrative sections and a 17th century inspired musical backing track.

However if you're looking for a brutally hard side scrolling witch hunting experience then this is the Itch Dot Io Indie for you


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Be prepared to klung onto dear life as you grapple at breakneck speeds through a claustrophobic corridor to escape ravenous sick cells!'Klung' is a simple but difficult game that rewards timing and punishes impatience.

With fluid gameplay and a quick restart system encased within a permadeath endless runner you'll be making sure every grapple counts as you flee from hordes of sickened cells out to make you one of them.

It is in this simplicity that the genius of this fast paced feature lies as it boils down one traversal mechanic and perfects it.

With game jam winning entry 'Up Nest'* in havana24's portfolio and a surefire gem here we will definitely be following the future endeavours of this game developer


*'Up-Nest' by havana24, winner of #StencylJam18

With traversal mechanics reminiscent of the Dishonored Blink teleport and an Overwatch Tracer dash a speedwiggle is only the beginning!

Since getting into speedrunning Spelunky roguelite wiggles I'm always looking to expand the roster of games I can dash through <3

Platforming. Check. Quick restarts. Check. Fluid traversal mechanics that require some finesse to master. Check.

In essence the only thing that would improve this game for me in the world of speedrunning is a procedurally generated island map.

Otherwise playing Zephyr feels like you're speedrunning on cloud 9


Braaaaaains... Braaains? Brains!

Ahehm excuse me ^w^ What I meant to say was for this Itch Dot Io Indie we take a look at the endearing 2.5D puzzle-platformer Zom Nom where you spit swipe and nom your way through your adversaries and their delicious brains in an effort to prevent starvation D:

With beautiful detail and background jokes galore why not settle down and nom a brain or two as you shamble your way through this delightful game <3


This game which I nicknamed 'Starshine' on it's initial release via the Meditations Game Launcher is reminiscent of old school LCD games and a true joy to play.

With it's easy to play - hard to master nature you'll be battling with platforms to fulfill the child's dreams of playing amongst the stars <3


Swords, fire and explosions. There are many ways for a stunt-cat to lose their nine lives...

With a strong narrative focus and melodic crisp voice acting there is no better way to indulge your Hollywood noir fantasies.

If you're an admirer like I of narrative based platformers the likes of 'Night in the Woods' and 'Celeste' then you will most definitely fall in love with this Itch Dot Io Indie.


P.S Thank you so much for uploading the soundtrack for 'Lousy Life Lessons'. This is something I brought up in the video as something I would like very much due to the amazing composition <3

Much like the trains in 'My Very Own Train Station' There are many opportunities in life that we can take or let pass by.

This Itch Dot Io Indie has a beautiful introspective tone with the simplistic graphics juxtaposing the complex inner contemplation that the narrator undergoes.

Simply serene this game is a must play for those whom adore their branching interactive narratives <3


Zap Signal was a challenge to produce a Lets Play on.

When it comes to the Itch Dot Io Indies I'm used to using my squeaky rambly voice and a torrent of energy to entertain and communicate my musings.

But what if your voice is the only weapon in your arsenal to fight legions of mechs and monsters?

With a truly novel mechanic for an on rails shooter, 'Zap Signal' stands out for more reasons than the novelty of it's premise. With beautiful artistic stylings that thread throughout its every aspect and the fast paced gameplay that always makes you feel you're *slightly* losing control of the situation; you feel like you're being assaulted by tigers in sequin jackets.

It's beautiful but vicious.

In this humble players opinion this game should be winning awards for polish and art direction. It truly is that stunning.


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Lets contemplate the worth of human life as we enslave and sell our fellow man for personal gain...

This being the first slave ship simulator I don't really have a frame of reference to review this Itch Dot Io Indie. What I can say is that beneath this beautifully crafted and visually stunning experience is a dark undercurrent of grey morality and questionable choices. If you stop for a second and consider your actions then your brain may break.

But if you sit back, yo ho your way through exciting ship battles and turn your brain off during the quiet exploration you won't have to think about the fate of the poor forsaken souls you're selling for ship upgrades... 

On the bright side there's rainbow islands 🌈


Nothing is as relaxing as throwing a line into a pond and seeing what you catch. You could find gold, riches, trinkets of cosmic power!... or a wet sandwich.

An adorable little interactive experience this Itch Dot Io Indie is as charming as it is surprising <3 Why don't you pull up a chair and see what you find? After all...

Who knows what you'll find when  you fish fish?

Prepare to have your senses overwhelmed and your reflexes tested by 'Neon'; an endless runner which will have you dodging, weaving and smashing into cars when you least expect it!

I thoroughly enjoyed this Itch Dot Io indie! I came across a couple of bugs when reviewing the game but the rapid restarts allow you to quickly get back into the flow.

For me though there's no better way to spend a couple of hours than running hacking and slashing your way through this beautiful cyberpunk city landscape.


Dear Rebecca,

Feel free to advertise/edit/link/share the video in whatever way you see fit. My partner and I produce YouTube videos in our free time and in no way receive payment from advertising or sponsored videos. We simply love to share what we love. I just take getting the fun things we do out to people very seriously as if you don't put yourself out there people won't see the awesome new games you stumble across! 

I decide to feature games in the Itch Dot Io Indies series because indie development is ground zero for unique and interesting concepts that are brought to life due to the passion of a small team; and this is most definitely evident in Scrambled. Also by producing unguided Lets Plays we hope to contribute to the development process as we're aware a game isn't truly tested until it's been put into the hands of the players!

Thanks again!


My apologies if this came across as self-advertising and insincere.

I talk in this way as I legitimately have an extreme passion for the video games I cover. This extends to the video itself in that I'm an incredibly excitable person that rambles and squeaks and doesn't really have a filter.

As for talking like 'real people' there is no one defined definition of this. I could have said 'This game was fun. I enjoyed it.' But this wouldn't have conveyed how seriously I enjoyed this heckin' game!

Thank you for the feedback though I'm always happy to discuss my creative process and my extreme love for video gaming <3


Get ready to crack crack crack some SKULLS as you beat your way through hoards of bread lusted eggs looking to make you toast.

With rhythm based gameplay reminiscent of 'Crypt of the Necrodancer' and a surprisingly deep timing based combat system be bready to pull an all nighter with this Itch Dot Io Indie.


In a world consumed by frost and snow one little wolf will set out on an adventure to save the day.

Those looking for a top down 2D exploration experience look no further. With beautiful graphics and an undirected Oblivion style quest system this is most certainly one for those of the retro  gaming persuasion.


Carrots are love. Carrots are life.

Run, bun and bubble gun your way through a challenging platformer as you seek the ultimate reward. Delicious blue carrots.

With divine music and a high skill ceiling for the truly devoted runner be ready to spend many an hour with this delightful game as you go down the speedrunning rabbit hole...


You may not succeed on your first time. You may not succeed on your tenth time. However one thing is certain. Death is in the cards...

Difficult and unforgiving this rogue like card game will throw you into the dark depths of a dungeon; leaving you with nothing but your fists and wits to outsmart ghoulish beasts and deadly traps.

I absoulutely adore the rogue-like genre as this is one of the truest representations of classic 'Rogue' in it's difficulty and lack of tutorialisation. This game is most definitely not for the faint of heart or easily turnt around. I got very lost indeed! X3


There's something really special here in this little game <3

I hope you're able to find some useful feedback in my excited ramblings as I run and gun across the pirate deck!


A brilliant game that would fit right at home in an arcade cabinet. Easy to play and hard to master you'll find yourself dodging and weaving bullets to a crunchy soundtrack until the small hours of the morning...


I wasn't expecting much as I didn't see how this format might work but this rogue like - card game mashup is absolutely aces! <3


Itch dot Io Indies) Neon Abyss: The Digital Age of Rogue

As aforementioned in my previous comment you can now see me bumble around this amazing roguelike. It’s not without it’s teething problems but the fact that it’s in an early development build must be considered.

For clarification the gameplay featured in this video is from the freely available build. I do however want to ask how is the influencer version different from the freely accessible version? Also is there a current stream embargo on this game as I wish to share the gameplay via Twitch and share the fun i’ve been having 😸

To summarise my thoughts however I will simply state a quote from my video:

‘If Neon Abyss isn’t on your radar it should be. If you’re not playing the Neon Abyss demo, you should be’


It'll only be a day or two until you can watch me bumble around in your shifting labyrinth of a roguelite shooter but I just can't contain my need to let you know how good a job you've done with this. The feeling of finding gaming gems like this where the creators have obviously put in the time and have a passion for their project is exactly why I started doing indie gaming reviews and gameplay videos in the first place <3