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The Tutorial

a cute little platformer with happy music anD an innOcent little beaN on an advenTure.

buT looks can  be deceiving

Try to stay alive as you Run aboUt a cavernouS maze with nothing but your wiTs and some more than dubious advice from an unknown entity to guide you


With some of the smoothest platforming gameplay and the most hilarious dark humour that I've experienced since Spelunky and Portal respectively, 'The Tutorial' is an amazing Permadeath experience that will push not just your patience but your very physical being to its limits.


I discovered the game just yesterday, and enjoyed watching your video as much as I enjoyed playing (except I gave up for physical reasons far before you did, though at least now I know how to avoid a couple upcoming tricks). Your reactions to the tricky and spiky parts are just hilarious!

Just to say your comment and video are perfect and spot on. (Loving the secret message. Spot on too! Even goes for your own muscle memory after a while!)

And I wholly agree with the death counter, just to add to the delightful rage this game builds up.

(This is basically a wordy upvote, but I had to say it!!)

Thank you it means so much to hear that you enjoyed the video! ^w^ <3



Thanks for the hidden warning :D