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I discovered the game just yesterday, and enjoyed watching your video as much as I enjoyed playing (except I gave up for physical reasons far before you did, though at least now I know how to avoid a couple upcoming tricks). Your reactions to the tricky and spiky parts are just hilarious!

Just to say your comment and video are perfect and spot on. (Loving the secret message. Spot on too! Even goes for your own muscle memory after a while!)

And I wholly agree with the death counter, just to add to the delightful rage this game builds up.

(This is basically a wordy upvote, but I had to say it!!)

This game is amazing, diverse in so many ways, with an attention to detail and a very well developed world that makes this game really immersive. There is a strong plot, a whole environment, and fully fledged characters with backgrounds that tie into the plot.

This game doesn't just have potential. It had potential, multiplied it, and is now blowing our minds with it.

The 'gallery' where you can see which sex scenes you have unlocked is a really interesting idea (as is the link to the wiki that provides help in unlocking more of those scenes), and adds further to the replayability of the game, which the multiple choices already increase!

To anyone still hesitating: give it a try! Just don't plan to do anything in the next few hours, time will fly faster than any starship once you start playing!