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For today's Itch Dot Io Indie we go back to the Chalkboard and do a write up on how simplicity is key.

Simply put Chalkboard is the very essence of stellar indie gaming. Upon introducing a novel mechanic layers of difficulty are slowly added with more and more being asked of the player to consider as they travel through a peaceful yet eerie landscape.

If I were to criticise this Itch Dot Io indie it would have to be that the puzzle complexity does not fully utilise the depth afforded to it by the chalk interaction. As although the chalk drawing mechanic is a simple one there are many directions in which the chalk could be used to navigate the environment (with one boat level in particular standing out as an example of this).

However it must be noted that this is a prototype and so I will be keeping a close eye on this project as it moves forward <3

As an aside 'Chalkboard' would make for a brilliant Nintendo Indie title on the Switch were it to get an expanded stage of development as the utilisation of the Switch touch screen would make for a very tactile experience


Thank you so much for playing <3