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A Short Hike

a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain · By adamgryu

The Perfect Remedy to the Duldrums of Life

A topic by Loki Nighton created Jul 31, 2019 Views: 164 Replies: 1
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Is the hustle and bustle of modern life getting you down? Why not go on A Short Hike and watch your troubles melt away...?

There is no death. There is no stress. There is no fail state.

Simply walk, run, jump, climb, glide and swim your way through a luscious landscape as you become lost in the peaceful current of whimful exploration in this 'Night in the Woods x Celeste' beauty that seamlessly blends an endearing narrative with gorgeously smooth platforming.

There is nothing that I can truly say other than the fact that this is a game that should be experienced by all; and is more than deserving of any and all praise that it recieves.

In short look no further for perfect gaming than this stunning indie by @adamgryu with a @Markymark665 score that truly warms the soul.



thanks so much for the glowing review :D