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While the above replies are technically correct, I would advise to be more strict.

What are you asking here is basically: "can I post illegal content here?"

Stop for a minute and think. Like… seriously? Do you realise what this implies? You can be sued, you can go to court, you can have to pay HUGE fines and even go to prison… all this for what? Nothing to gain at all.

There are thousands of free assets out there. If you use free assets you will have a legit project that you can freely upload anywhere, maybe build upon it or whatever… why on Earth would anyone use illegal content instead, dooming the project itself from day 1?

I'd like to publish something "as a Company", instead of "as an individual".

I assume that the way to do it is just to logout, create a new completely separate account for the Company, and do it from there?

Or is there a better way to handle this that I'm missing?

It would be great if this paid version could also run "unassisted" as a script, with some option and even a random seed specified by you.

That way, we could integrate it in other projects without having to generate cities by hand…