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Nice idea, nice twist, nice design, I'm liking this.

Totally wasn't obvious at first that you couldn't jump until you got the boots 🤣

For me the torch is automatic as soon as you get it, it simply lights up the nearby area.

If you were thinking to use it to set things on fire, you'll have to use the bomb instead.

So I played a few pretentious games, they weren't fun.

Then I noticed this and thought "hey the graphics looks like it's made in paint, I bet this will be better then the others".

And it was.

Not perfect by all means, mind, but still I had good fun for more then 20 minutes so yeah, gg.

Yeah, sometimes I did, but after a failed Kickstarter I kinda stopped… a few games are still online though, you're welcome to have a look in my profile! And if you need codes to register or play for free just ask!

Wow, thanks for the port, I've just bought it and played it a bit and it's really awesome!

I'm glad you developed this, because I've been thinking for years of something like that, but I was too lazy to code it myself :D

Any chance for a macOS port? :O

Oh, nice to see you here!

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Hi leafo, I have a question.

I'd really like to submit my game, as I do support this cause, but here it is hosted as a link and playable as a free demo.

I'd like to add a code that would allow users to play it as a pro for 2 seasons.

Can this be done somehow?

For simplicity's sake, it can even be a single code for everyone, it doesn't really matter.


Update: in order to make things simpler, I've added it anyway to this thread. If it won't be able to add a code to the bundle, I'll just give the code away for free for a while, and if someone else uses it too no problem.

The ducks are super cute! <3

The rest can be improved, I'll leave you a few suggestions hoping you don't mind:

  • the controls aren't great, and in a runner they should be perfect: you should die because you did something wrong, not because you knew what to do but the control is quirky
  • the gameover screen appears suddenly immediately after you die. I'd rather wait a bit, or it feels stressful. At least, it does for me.
  • there are MANY runners in the world, and competing with them might be an arduous task… what about doing something different? Like, having ducks strolling around as calmly or as fast as they want, for no real other reason than they're ducks and they can do it? Like, you know, a lightweight duck simulator.

Looks cool but a bit confusing: I don't know much of neural networks, but I thought they were based on iterations and trial and error.

Last time I've seen them (elsewhere), they tried to complete a level, died, tried again, died, tried again, etc.

Here I don't know what I'm seeing instead :D although I'm pretty sure someone who does know neural networks will understand it.

That being said, I have an unrelated small piece of advice: adjust the layers so that the player is on top, the bots below, and the yellow agents below the bots.

This is quite awesome!

There's a small bug: if you toggle the title several times, the notes start wandering around. Toggling the notes again restores them to their correct position : )

I'll gladly try them then, gg!

The style is definitely interesting, like a crossover between World Rally and Pro‑Am.

I see a couple of problems, if you don't mind:

  • the controls are… weird. Acceleration starts way too slow, turning is strange, friction is strange… if this is intentional that's ok! But in that case I'd reskin it, because if you show cars, players will expect them to behave in a more natural way, or in a more arcade way, and this is neither. If they see something completely different, that could be ok.
  • once AI cars have an accident, they are permanently stuck there and do not try to get back on course.

Still, an interesting start!

I suggest you stick to a commonly used license: doing so will protect better both you and who uses it.

Try here:

If it's just for learning, you could learn a lot about C++ and the low level stuff… using the Allegro libraries.

It's hardcore stuff, but great as a learning tool. If you are into that sort of thing.

Otherwise, as others have suggested, just get an engine such as Unity (though it's C#) or Unreal.

You can create your game page without uploading the game itself, and you can start creating new devlog posts right away, even if there are no downloads available.

However, if I understand correctly, if there are no downloads, your posts won't appear in the public list.

Since I was also interested in finding out whether this section might or might not be useful, I've analysed the threads on the first page.

  • I've only opened those who had at least 1 reply, for a total of 10 posts out of 20.
  • Of those 10, 7 actually contained only posts by the original author itself.
  • Of the only 3 posts left, 0 of them contained more than very few replies by others.

Make of this what you like.

Any chance for a Mac build?

I never suggested defaulting to a permissive license.

I just suggested to force them to pick a license, any license, including the possibility of uploading their own customised personal license.

Just force them to acknowledge that there must be *A* license, otherwise they could just not upload anything, because it would be worthless anyway.

Currently the default theme has a white background, and the dark theme has a black background.

IMHO, they aren't two stellar choices: they both have an extremely high contrast which hurts the eyes when you try to read, it's not relaxing at all.

The best colours I've found so fare are either black text on light gray background, or light gray text on dark gray background. The exact shades may vary.

I understand the urge to have a white background anyway "just because google does so", and I won't complain, but could you please at least adjust the one for the dark theme?

I believe everyone would feel better then, even if they don't realise it at first.

A possible solution could be to force the user to pick a license, including the possibility to pick "his own (attached  or linked)" or "CC0".

While the above replies are technically correct, I would advise to be more strict.

What are you asking here is basically: "can I post illegal content here?"

Stop for a minute and think. Like… seriously? Do you realise what this implies? You can be sued, you can go to court, you can have to pay HUGE fines and even go to prison… all this for what? Nothing to gain at all.

There are thousands of free assets out there. If you use free assets you will have a legit project that you can freely upload anywhere, maybe build upon it or whatever… why on Earth would anyone use illegal content instead, dooming the project itself from day 1?

I'd like to publish something "as a Company", instead of "as an individual".

I assume that the way to do it is just to logout, create a new completely separate account for the Company, and do it from there?

Or is there a better way to handle this that I'm missing?

It would be great if this paid version could also run "unassisted" as a script, with some option and even a random seed specified by you.

That way, we could integrate it in other projects without having to generate cities by hand…