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So I had to fix the script error (in v11) in order to get it to compile and run, but I was very impressed. A very nice board game, didn't feel like power point at all. Very nice job!

Very impressed with the 3d effect :)

Doesn't open for me on 2016 (file extension has changed error)

I also agree that is is really hard to find where you are going. Like you've already said adding some clues like marking on the walls would really help. Would love to try again after the update :)

Sorry, but this isn't for me. It came across as a series of <insert meme here> references most of the time without any meaningful context. If that's what you like, then you'll probably love this game, but yea; not for me. On a positive note I liked the pixel art style you began adding.

Nice UI, got my hopes up. Disappointed that there isn't really any content.

The second level is unfortunately broken. There is no hyperlink on the end shape.
Also, the 3rd level end will repeat the same (3rd) level unless you are on your last life.

Game design was good though, haven't seen switches in this type of game yet!
Graphics were simple but effective, you don't want wobbly shapes for this type of game.

Good job, would like to see the issues fixed.

Thanks earthworm sally! Very happy to hear you enjoyed it :)
Out of interest, did you manage to finish the game?

Cheers Rhys X2M, your testing went above and beyond. Really appreciate it!

Cheers! Thank you for the generous feedback. We're glad you gave it another go, and enjoyed it; even if point-and-click games aren't your cup of tea :)

Sorry, we tried (in vein) to work around the bugs in PPT 2010, but in the end we had to prioritise finishing/polishing the actual gameplay.
If you ever end up grabbing a free trial of the newer PPT versions we'd love to hear your thoughts :)

This is fun, works great and looks good too. As @Roofkat has already said, this is a very clever way of using PowerPoint's basic inbuilt functionality to make a game. It's going to work on every version too!

I could only find the 'invalid' ending. I assume there is a way to disobey, but I couldn't find it, and having to replay from the start to try each time made me give up; The design was simple but effective, that was good; I also liked the idea for the circle acting as a timer, as well as serving as a intermediate goal for the player to reach before they can continue.

I thought I was choosing the right doors but I get "nowhere to run" every time. Either I'm missing something or that's supposed to happen? I'll try this again later.

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This looks great, but unfortunately I couldn't type the lines of code (using PPT 2016) and thus could not progress further.
After opening directly in PPT and enabling content it worked great. Good story, really nice graphics; Enjoyed the overall look and feel of the experience. I have to say I got stuck on one code entry because I kept reading "unit" as "uint", but I much preferred these sections over the mouse maze puzzles. I especially liked the sound and OS design. Good job there too :)
Only thing I saw that didn't work was the 'roll credits' button. It seems to be missing a link to the credits slide.

This game was excellent. Yeah, it's a mouse maze game; and initially I thought "ugh, another one"... but it was really nicely polished. Gameplay elements were introduced one by one; everything was designed well, and it worked great. It was nice and difficult in parts (which I like), and I especially enjoyed the boss fight. I felt much more like I was playing a mobile game , more than a PowerPoint. Great job!

Unfortunately I couldn't get this to work (version 16.0, Build 12228.20364, 64-bit).  I couldn't debug the issue due to read only mode being enabled.

Art style was fantastic. Loved the sound design. Puzzles were... very hard? I wasn't sure if I was on the rights lines, or if the puzzles were just not working as intended on my version of ppt.

I really enjoyed this though. I would have played more levels if they existed :)

Graphics were great. Loading screens made me laugh.
Only issue I had was when I failed the last game, it would instantly fail me again when clicking the retry button.

Gameplay is solid, but I found it a bit simple. Theme and graphics are definitely retro, but I would have liked to see a little bit more of the 'hacking' theme. Solid game, does what it set out to do. Good job!

Simple looking, but fun puzzle game; Puzzles are well made and progress in difficulty. The theme is spot on, I just wish it had some audio. Good job!

Gameplay is very simple but kind of addictive; the whole thing is very well done and feels polished. Worth getting your phone/emulator out to play it! This is staying installed on my phone :)

I found it hard to tell what objects did the first time I encountered them. I enjoyed the gravity mechanic and the theme is good. I would have liked to hear some more sound effects, maybe the hum of the lasers? just to give it some more atmosphere when moving around.

Took me a while to figure out I could press down on the rectangle blocks, but other than that I loved everything about this game. Fantastic job!