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You are an absolute inspiration in putting so much dedication into your work. Congrats on this achievement!

What a lovely little game!

Thanks for your kind words! I might contact you again, depending on how Steam Next Fest works out. And yes, please add it to your portfolio :)

This is the Steam page if you want to have a look:

I really like your music and I’m planning to use it in my current hobby project. I’m about to release a trailer using the song “The Tech Show” and I’d like to credit you at the end. Is “Music by Andrea Baroni” fine or do you prefer I’d use Cyberleaf Studio?

I loved the game. It starts so simple and gets challenging very quickly. I like the different types of enemies that you managed to bring into the game. Great job!

Quite fun and cute little game. Congrats!

Really fun game, congrats! I almost made it on the first run.

This is so simple yet extremely fun. I really like the slow-motion effect and this moment when the ball rolls very slowly towards the star. I have nothing bad to say about this game - it simply works and is a great example of a polished game for a jam. Great job!

Wow, it took me like forever to figure out the first level - but I did it! Others have already commented on some of the gameplay issues. Overall I think it’s a really nice concept and a fun little game. Great job!

The idea is certainly good but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get through the first round. Maybe I didn’t figure out the pattern of the rocks, so it might be on me :) But still nicely done for a jam entry.

Very fast-paced game and actually a nice distraction for a couple of minutes. I would add some power-ups or something to make it more interesting. Also I found that getting stuck below a platform lets you keep killing enemies quite easily. But overall nice job for a short jam.

The idea is amazing and it was very fun to play. The art style is very fitting to the theme. Overall one of the best games I tried from this jam.

Nice game and it feels so incredibly polished! The tutorial seemed a bit long but then the actual session had a nice balance and didn’t feel stretched out at all. I also loved the dramatic music at the end.

This is such a relaxing game. I played it even before the rating period started and I still think it’s one of the nicest games I played so far.

What a nice game! The artwork is amazing and it has some very innovative gameplay. Great job!

Very nice game with lovely music and a cute (although somewhat dark) atmosphere. The maze in the beginning was a bit too stretched out for my taste. But I think it’s still great.

Very interesting game. I like the idea and the rich story. It was extremely difficult however because I constantly got detected or fell off of things.

Fun game and actually a lot more challenging than I anticipated. Good job!

I love the epic music. It adds a lot of tension to the game. Overall very cool!

Great game with simple but effective mechanics. The camera movement feels a bit unresponsive sometimes, but I guess it makes it more challenging :)

Cutscenes can be skipped in the current version.

Thanks for playing :)

You are right, it definitely needs skippable cutscenes and an overall increased pace. I’m already improving things for my next game.

I finally used your assets in a game jam and they worked perfectly. Thanks again!

Check it out:

Your work is absolutely inspiring! All these updates lead to an enormous pack and the game prototypes we are able to create with it are endless. I can’t describe how much I anticipate the exterior pack. Thank you so much and take a well deserved rest!

Happy birthday!

This is truly amazing. I’m thinking about making a Godot asset that generates a random character with all the animations. This way we could populate e.g. an open-world with lots of NPCs.

Very well done! Short, sweet and a nice usage of limited pixel space.

Very cool game! I like these seemingly simple puzzle games.

This is incredibly well made. I really enjoyed exploring the island.

You deserve this; have a great vacation!

Thanks so much for updating this asset as well. Can you share any news on the exterior pack? (Please take your time and don’t rush it, I’m just incredibly eager to see it :-))

Well done on the clothing store theme! I’m very curious what the next update might bring :)

Nice spoiler :) And thanks for this behind-the-scenes look. I can imagine that finding suitable ways for distribution is very hard. So cool that you take the time to make the community happy :)

BTW: I can’t describe how much I’m looking forward to the exteriors stuff.

Wow, this is amazing! Having the aseprite files makes my workflow so much easier. Quick question out of curiosity: Is this how you usually work on a theme, having one aseprite files with multiple frames for each sprite?

As always, thanks so much for your work.

Very cool. I made it to 28 :)

As always, excellent work on this theme! I also like the idea of your home design.