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Lewis Lepton

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Created a new topic WHERE WE ARE

so im happy that khappybalt is in the public. it really did not take long to do. maybe 2 full days.

now, its purely sorting the last few remaining things, such as the smooth transition of the spikes, a 'your last score' text & a few other things. ill more than likely code it out again, but making sure i dont have remaining & pointless code laying around.

once all that is done & more importantly, the kittens i rescued have been rehoused to a loving family, then ill get on & start making the game series. im looking forward too it. though what i may do is actually go to a studio space or something which will be much quieter & less distractions which would come thru the microphone. i want the series to be really good & informative as well as sounding nice.

thats it for now. ill just carry on with finishing khappybalt ;)

lewis lepton

some odd things have happened of late that has affected getting FODBOLD out. which is annoying. since i was very close to doing a new build & putting it up.
problems arisen with controllers. so i have 2 choices.
go back to the gamepad controls i had previous. or hope that updates to the framework i use, get fixed with the newer releases. which hopefully will be in the next few days.

think ill hold on for a little bit & get whatever info i can. but might start just to look at certain things that could help so it doesnt happen again. i am using a library for the gamepads. it makes it easier for multiple ones to be plugged in. but recent updates have affected quite a few things in the library.

will see. not the end of the world

there has been some really good progressions done. really happy with what has been done.
controls are working great, plus have started to fit in a proper animation GOAL score thing.
do have some random music running but its only a few seconds long & gets boring.

so really want to get this done soon so i can upload a brand new version.

this version will just be controllers needed. mainly because i feel thats the way it should be played. im not going to put in the extra modes yet. i just want to get this basic re-done version up & ready to play. then can work out the other things

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currently doing the controls. looking to make sure as many of the main controllers are compatible & even looking at USB NES & SNES ones [since i have them lying around]
i do, once its an actual application, is to have a 'choose your controller' option. or an auto detect. but still early days

for the xbox/ps4 controllers. i want to use the right analog for rotation. but then change to button use for the non-analog ones.

also. want to have a speed change for when only slightly using the analog to using it at its maximum position

update: will not be doing NES/SNES controllers due to an expansion of what players could/can do. we need right analog for spinning but an extra controller for a power up & really the NES wont be able  to achieve that, so may as well take out the SNES one to boot. keep to newer ones with analog controls & enough buttons

Created a new topic FODBOLD dev notes
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i was thinking to make a dev blog on my site. BUT, think its better to have it actually on the game. makes sense really.

FODBOLD is in a fantastic state now. i had planned to get it up a few days ago, but then wanted to have things a bit more modular. mainly as i want to expand this further & in the state it was in was really made for 1 play type. which is boring.
annoyingly this has proved a bit troublesome & has sent a release back until i can get these bugs out.

but the next update should [hopefully. [i hate saying that word]] bring in a public playable version which will be good for 2 players. though i am aiming to do upto 4.

MAIN THINGS IM WORKING ON - ill update with new points of what im doing/plan to do

  • game timer - will just be first set to a 3/4 minute. but later on want to have settings
  • fix this annoying bug that displaces things. but will mean things can be more modular for better gameplay & building of the game itself
  • controller support works, but want to make it better & upto 4 players
  • work on proper 2 to 4 player modes with a better selection
  • effects. its more animation for when scoring. but this is in the back burner until i get the bugs done - half done but making progression on this
  • few little things such as menus, options, stages & modes
  • also powerups or someway to do fun things with multiple players & the ball
  • music
  • sound effects - have a few. just really the posts
  • varied 'GOAL' transitions/effects

currently been working on a complete rebuild. much better, looks way better & handles so much better.

im aiming to get it up in the next few weeks. but want to get upto 4 players capable of playing, plus to color each player/team if need be. but post updates on my twitter

currently doing some big tests on the new look, collisions. etc. actually everything has been changed. feels a hell of a lot better.

before i post up the big change. im gonna get multiple controllers working, upto 4 players. will be local play. but want to get all the really odd bugs & certain things perfect before posting anything up. which im hoping for saturday, maybe sunday. but if not, soon anyway ;)

lastly. i want to do a 'choose your color' for players. just so people dont stick with what i have put in for testing

anyhow. its feeling so much better than the original ;)

Created a new topic FODBOLD is back on the pitch

quite annoyed at myself for not getting back on the horse with this game as i was really enjoying making it. but now im gonna back back on & start all over again.

in a lot of ways i was working on a physics system. but really what i was using was fine & was just being a cock about it.

so. gonna work on this a lot more. since 1, better coding skills & layout now. 2, its a fun premise

aye it does work. and im on DVORAK layout ;)

it does look like its currently offline for a bit as the guide is also not talking about it at all. more editing on other editors. which is fine for now i guess

ok. so only after a few minutes of PV8 i really like it. much like pico8 & the tic-computer. but PV8 has some really weird button layouts that are just odd. more than likely its because of unity or something. but im gonna put a small list as to what i think PV8 button layout should be for the future.

if it doesnt happen that fine. but more as a thinking aspect of ease of use ;)

F1 - new
F2 - save
F3 - file picker folder
F4 - restart
F5 - setting tool
F6 - debug tool
F7 - script tool
F8 - display tool
F9 - sprite tool
F10 - tilemap tool
F11 - sound tool
F12 - music tool
ctrl-R - run game - press again to stop [maybe]
esc - stop game, returns you to edit screen, or where you were before

i could put loads of other things in, but these are the key features that would be easier to get to & quicker as well

ok. so last night i bought this ASAP - said i would ;)

but on trying this morning & and after getting help with getting out the pink screen of death, i cant seem to edit or look at script within PV8. i tried late last night but no dice

i assume this tab will be the scripter thing

but can not get into it at all to edit scripts etc. i can play things, just not edit right now. UNLESS, i have to use my own text editor than just load back in

the esc+1 is ok. bit weird since the reloading is on 4. wich is a bit far since nothing is in between.

i think it would be worth using the F keys on the top

ill give that a go. was pressing escape etc for ages, then trying different combos.

the ctrl-1 does work. on mac as well. though that is a weird combo ;)

i did double check and i did delete then reinstall it, and as soon as i go to create a new game, it goes right to the pink screen of death. cant do anything

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on starting PV8 on mac, at first it started fine but as soon as i started a new game, it instantly went to pink and cant get past it

just hangs & even after starting again, goes to the pink screen after the intro

hey man,

just this second i am working on the color thing. it will make it much easier ;)

also just doing the position reset for players.

the player bouncing thing i will look further into

many thanks for the reply and suggestions. really helps develop this further