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aye. it's weird.

no idea myself. though I do remember i put a question into the unity forum regarding this. I think some one said about not having a locked FPS or something like that. though I don't think I could find the question again, since it was about 8 years ago

but either way. it would be nice to have an option for controlling what is rendered better than other things.

but hey. thanks for looking the controllers up ;)

cheers for getting back so quickly

xbox controllers are weird. since the inputs change ever so slightly, with what button is placed where. i have a json file that contains controller data for my own game stuff.

personally i would have thought unity itself would of had something in place for this. but im not sure.

mouse/keyboard works. but there is lag between presses since the game itself is a bit slow. but they do work none-the-less

thanks again for a macOS version. really quite fantastic.

As this has been said, the controller is not working right. using a XboxOne Controller & whilst the analog stick does work. other buttons do not. except the dpad up which rotates the camera clockwise. other than those, everything else does not work

id also like to ask for options to allow people to say whether things are high res or not. even things like resolution. currently its quite choppy on my machine. so anything that could allow you to edit options would be great & to make things faster etc

looking forward to really diving into this as I bought it right away when I saw it, since it looks beautiful.

plus saw you are looking for a composer. if by chance you wanna chat about it. let me know, id be interested to chat & see if we could work together

PT++ community · Created a new topic lovely game

lovely game. well done to you both.

you should do a sequel when the twins are born. so you get to switch between all 4 of you ;)

decimate everything ;)

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OTO is a minimalist platformer, with puzzle mechanics

You need to get to the exit. Shame is, there are obstacles in the way. Difficult ones...

Its easy getting around OTO, just be careful what you run into & make sure you destroy everything before the exit opens

OTO was made during the #notGDC Jam 2019, the theme was minimalism

  • 31 Levels
  • 3 Music tracks. New track played each web page reload
  • Squishy sound effects
  • Randomised enemy speeds each time your player resets

Tools Used

  • Bespoke framework using Kha/Haxe
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Tiled Map Editor
  • Logic Pro X

Tested on Google Chrome & Safari with Xbox One controller & keyboard

that is level 17 & there is 31 levels. but costing starts at 0. so it goes up to 30 [technically]


im just about to push a minor update. it mainly thickens the lines for the spikes a bit more. I do feel as well when looking back with some fresh eyes, they need a slight thickening up ;)
originally I was trying to have those spikes be fully filled in with black. but the graphics were acting up for filled polygon shapes, so had to just deal with lined spikes instead.
ill be uploading the thickened line update in the next few minutes

as far as the music. it was just an added bonus. I knew that people may or may not reload & was just more a 'oh, there is something different playing'. I was & am still thinking of doing a selection of tracks, or a simple 'play next track' thing. but im saving much of that for when I do a bigger & more refined version of the game

the player collision is smaller than the actual width of the player. its about quarter of the width instead. so if you hit the corners of the squares you need to destroy, you will more than likely reset. this was a choice that took some time to think on whether I wanted that or not. to make it harder & more direct in what you need to do. in the end I wanted it in for this game jam. I do [personally] like that you need to be more careful. but thats just me ;)

as for the xbox controller. that is something im trying to figure out. its weird & have not found what it is yet. on my machine when doing runs of it, it works fine with no sticking movements. but when doing a play thru today on the itch page with html, I too did run into that problem. but I am looking into it. that may be a web thing or whatever. im not sure right now, but I am looking into it

there are many other things ive started to line up to create a more refined & bigger version. one that I will eventually sell as well. this version is purely for the game jam & kind of acts as a tester for what can/could come in the future. there are still plenty of things like movement I would like to sort out & refine much further. so instead of it being quite direct in movement, I do want to have some friction in. so you can do light taps etc & refine placement of the player. I already have some testers ready & working things out. but as said, this is just a game jam version. there will be these annoying things & since I worked alone on this, I had to make do with certain things for the given time scale.

but thank you for the points you have brought, its constructive criticism. so I do thank you for that. these are points I myself have thought on & am building upon to hone & make better in the future.

thanks & all the best

holding jump is the key.

Hope that clue doesn't give too much away 😋

Thank you very much. That was lovely to say😉

OTO is a minimalist platformer, with puzzle mechanics

You need to get to the exit. Shame is, there are obstacles in the way. Difficult ones...

Its easy getting around OTO, just be careful what you run into & make sure you destroy everything before the exit opens

OTO was made during the notGDC Jam 2019, the theme was minimalism

perfect, thats what I was hoping ;)

do you have basic tutorials for the suite of tools, make, tune, draw.

i bought this about 2 years ago, but have been busy & now there are all these new updates & tools. when i start it up it does not have any proper start up for loading projects or anything. plus the info is not clear in how to get projects started


cool spot. good to know thanks

I personally am a macOS user & haxe developer. if there is anything that I could help with to help make this happen, by all means get in touch ;)

all the best

just to ask, rather than make a new post, but will a macOS/linux version be available later on?

thanks. also cool to see more haxe games being made ;)

is there anyway to either change the keyboard controls or have a gamepad - im on macOS myself - but my keyboard is DVORAK set - so cant currently even play it

also gamepad support would make sense ;)


KhappyBalt community · Created a new topic WHERE WE ARE

so im happy that khappybalt is in the public. it really did not take long to do. maybe 2 full days.

now, its purely sorting the last few remaining things, such as the smooth transition of the spikes, a 'your last score' text & a few other things. ill more than likely code it out again, but making sure i dont have remaining & pointless code laying around.

once all that is done & more importantly, the kittens i rescued have been rehoused to a loving family, then ill get on & start making the game series. im looking forward too it. though what i may do is actually go to a studio space or something which will be much quieter & less distractions which would come thru the microphone. i want the series to be really good & informative as well as sounding nice.

thats it for now. ill just carry on with finishing khappybalt ;)

lewis lepton

aye it does work. and im on DVORAK layout ;)

it does look like its currently offline for a bit as the guide is also not talking about it at all. more editing on other editors. which is fine for now i guess

ok. so only after a few minutes of PV8 i really like it. much like pico8 & the tic-computer. but PV8 has some really weird button layouts that are just odd. more than likely its because of unity or something. but im gonna put a small list as to what i think PV8 button layout should be for the future.

if it doesnt happen that fine. but more as a thinking aspect of ease of use ;)

F1 - new
F2 - save
F3 - file picker folder
F4 - restart
F5 - setting tool
F6 - debug tool
F7 - script tool
F8 - display tool
F9 - sprite tool
F10 - tilemap tool
F11 - sound tool
F12 - music tool
ctrl-R - run game - press again to stop [maybe]
esc - stop game, returns you to edit screen, or where you were before

i could put loads of other things in, but these are the key features that would be easier to get to & quicker as well

ok. so last night i bought this ASAP - said i would ;)

but on trying this morning & and after getting help with getting out the pink screen of death, i cant seem to edit or look at script within PV8. i tried late last night but no dice

i assume this tab will be the scripter thing

but can not get into it at all to edit scripts etc. i can play things, just not edit right now. UNLESS, i have to use my own text editor than just load back in

the esc+1 is ok. bit weird since the reloading is on 4. wich is a bit far since nothing is in between.

i think it would be worth using the F keys on the top

ill give that a go. was pressing escape etc for ages, then trying different combos.

the ctrl-1 does work. on mac as well. though that is a weird combo ;)

i did double check and i did delete then reinstall it, and as soon as i go to create a new game, it goes right to the pink screen of death. cant do anything

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on starting PV8 on mac, at first it started fine but as soon as i started a new game, it instantly went to pink and cant get past it

just hangs & even after starting again, goes to the pink screen after the intro